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  1. i dont recomend it also, just incase some ass wanted to DDOS you, youll be in trouble in your network provider. i might be wrong.
  2. Hi noob question. how exactly do you rebirth? everytime i talk to the npc it alays says that "You must be rebirth max level/max job level. i have max base/job level.. hmmm
  3. make sure your port is open, nka host din saken using our wifi
  4. hello, can somebody help me recolor these item to different kind of element Fire - Red Water - Blue Wind - Yellow Earth - Brown Poison - Violet Holy - Light / White Shadow - Dark / Black i dont know what else to use for these ones... Ghost - Undead - Neutral - Items doesnt need to recolor 3 of the items inside the files... 1 rune is ok for me, if its too much work... thank you!
  5. Im seeing a different number of ClasNum in itemInfo, especially in costume items. what is it? nevermind i got it !
  6. im using 2013-08-07aRagexe, did you manage to fix it? bump?
  7. uhm do you know where the scripts of these npcs?
  8. Hey guys does anybody knows what are these NPC's? there's a lot in sec_in02,
  9. yep saw that one already.. thats where i actually got the idea.
  10. hmm im planning to use it to my custom items, (recolored Hg's) ex. Valk Helms, 200001, Black Valk Helm 200002, White Valk Helm 200003, Red Valk Helm Bapho Helm 200004, Cyan Bapho Helm 200005, Yellow Bapho Helm 200006, Red Bapho Helm mes. Hi, im npc i can recolor some specifc headgears for you mes. which one would you like me to do. (menu: top, middle, bottom,) then check if that equipped can be recolored (if yes) mes. this i can do mes. these are the colors i can do for that headgear [if for example player had a Bapho Helm instead of Valk Helm, the color on menu will show is (Cyan, Yellow, Red) ] (menu: black, white, red,) mes. ok for this color i need this stuff (open window of the required items) ex. red dye, yellow dye (if you have all the items) mes. great lets to this, (some visual casting effect) mes. tada! there you go! (if you dont) mes. get back here when you have all the items i need. (if no) mes. sorry i cant do this one.
  11. Hi guys, is it just me or this script doesnt give mail rewards after woe? Link im doing this right, right? // Combine values as needed (e.g. 1|8 = 1+8 = 9). set .Options, 1|2; // Rewards per castle. // -- when given directly: <itemID>,<amount>{,<itemID>,<amount>,...} // -- via mail (option 2): <itemID>,<amount>,<Zeny> setarray .Reward[0],14001,1,1000000;
  12. Hi can i request. An npc that can change your headgears color, (using recolor sprites) -npc will check if the item can be recolored -will have a menu for choosing what color is available (because not every custom headgear have the same color with others) -after choosing what color, a required items menu will show. (like in a quest npc?) -will need to pay the npc TIA!
  13. thanks for replying. yes i thought i port forwarded already, i already set up all the ports on my router ( i even added the ports on my windows firewall. but when i check if its open, its still closed... ive been searching whole day now for solution, and im really getting frustrated now.. port 6121 and 6900 are open now. but 5121 doesnt opent T_T
  14. hi guys im trying to online my server using my network... when using local ip (127.0.0 etc) its working fine... but after changing it to my ip address im getting this error. im i missing something? 17 views? no comment or help..? well this sucks
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