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  1. Clear your IE cache and try again. Edit: Updated to 2.4.16, updates kRO patch information to reflect a change in the patch transfer protocol (HTTP). This update is needed to continue receiving new kRO patches whether you use the mirror server or not. Note, that the new patch server seems currently overloaded. The kRO mirror should have those files around Saturday/Sunday after the sync-toolchain has been updated.
  2. Do what it tells you, see opensetup.log for details (which is in the same folder).
  3. Minor issue: Do not provide rsu-*.ini, these are user settings.
  4. Refreshed to 1.9.3, fixes a potential buffer overflow and outdated URLs.
  5. Result: Not solved, possible graphics card driver incompatibility with DirectX7. Fallback to Windows 7.
  6. I would like take a look at it with TeamViewer. If that is fine with you, send me a TeamViewer ID+Password via PM.
  7. Please set the file properties like this and try again:
  8. That's why I ask for the log text. It should contain a hint, why no resolutions are being shown. Edit: Also, your opensetup is an old version, so the problem probably lies there. Get the latest version from
  9. @vijay30393 run opensetup by double-clicking without any compatibility settings enabled, then press SHIFT and click [Cancel]. Then paste the contents of the opensetup(.log) (a text file) here.
  10. So basically a RO Patcher Lite with Windows 7 Aero Theme?
  11. From your config, the userid should be the user name (it's passed as plaintext to the client) and the password should be mac=112233445566&key=password (also plaintext). Rather than encrypted it seems that your userid is just uninitialized buffer (junk bytes). Also it strikes me as odd, that your password is md5, even though your config says otherwise.
  12. Part of the issue is that the client was designed during the Win9x-era, where the GPUs weren't all that great with 3D rendering and CPUs were single-core (I still use this kind of system as main, so I can compare). Graphics are rendered by DirectX and all graphics card power makes difference in the game fluency (even an upgrade from a 8MB GPU to 32MB GPU is like two different worlds). But there are few factors in the modernization, that may be partly at fault, why the client chokes on newer systems: Back then your typical resolution was 640x480 or 800x600, or if you were very high-end you could play on a 1024x768(!) resolution. The code in use is increasingly inefficient with today's resolutions like FullHD or 4K (that also are no longer 4:3 / 3:2 ratio as was common back then, which causes screw ups on certain ultra wide resolutions). There is something, that is not rendered by DirectX and that is all text. Text is rendered by the GDI, the Windows raster graphics engine. While this engine was hardware-accelerated (just like DirectX) in Windows XP and older, since Vista the GDI is (mostly) software-based to allow hardware-accelerated DWM for 3D-effects in Windows UI (e.g. Aero). This is also why plain GDI applications run slower on Vista and newer than they did before on the same hardware. Under certain conditions text rendering by GDI can cause delays on Windows XP and newer due to some Unicode handling, that is absent on the Windows 9x platform. The client is a multi-threaded application, designed for single-core systems with the assumption that two threads will never run at the same time, so some synchronization between the threads can take out any advantages from multi-core systems, or dead-lock the client in the worst case. Also some update in the last few years introduces an unidentified thread-leak into the client, so there may be delays from contention between synchronized resources. Another issue introduced in the last years, mainly with the introduction of Lua and new features based on it, is increased RAM usage (not just the amount of memory consumed, but also the amount of memory blocks), mostly during startup. This incurs delays during allocation/freeing, not all that visible on powerful systems today, but on the older ones you notice a sudden increase from a 5 second start up time, to 2 minutes. Hope this helps your investigation somewhat.
  13. What path (like D:\Games\RO\...) do you two have the patcher in? So far I'm not able to reproduce this. Figured out, this happens due to broken files on one of the mirrors. Try again. Edit: Updated to 2.4.14, fixes incorrect handling of mirror failures introduced in last release. Updated to 2.4.15, adds support for GRF resets employed on sakray servers and fixes a bunch of various issues, among others, patch failures caused by non-standard file attributes on NT platforms.
  14. Out of memory, out of disk space, corrupted download (non-mirror downloads have no integrity check) or force majeure. Try again and see if it persists.
  15. RO Patcher Lite is for updating official RO data (such as kRO's data.grf and rdata.grf). Thor Patcher is for updating anything else (custom data). Help on how to use RO Patcher Lite can be found here.