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  1. Ai4rei's post in Do older clients have better performance? was marked as the answer   
    To some degree this applies:
    Newer clients suffer from memory fragmentation and thread leaks. The increasing use of Lua also hampered the performance (as opposed to hardcoded tables). The compiler has also been changed many times in the last few years, which also has some impact on performance (different processors take advantage of different optimizations). For some time clients have been encrypted with Themida, which is not healthy for performance applications.
    At last the obvious reason: newer clients have more features, icons and other magic that have to be processed per frame.
  2. Ai4rei's post in Disassemble/Decompile Client support was marked as the answer   
    ...to get a general idea. For starters learn some basic Intel Assembly instructions for x86 processors and a general PE EXE layout.
  3. Ai4rei's post in About removing doram in character creation was marked as the answer   
    F:FF770C8BCFFF7708E843C21500 R:906A008BCF906A00E843C21500 >^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ < This is instead of the last one. It should remove the selection frames from both humans and doram.
    If that works out, you can just put the select frame on the window background ( 유저인터페이스\make_character\bg_create_character.bmp / À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\make_character\bg_create_character.bmp ) so that it looks as if there was a selection.
  4. Ai4rei's post in Editing the Warp Portal sprite was marked as the answer   
    data\texture\effect\ring_yellow.tga This is what the ground rings are made of.
    data\sprite\이팩트\particle1.act data\sprite\이팩트\particle1.spr 이팩트 = ÀÌÆÑÆ® in case your GRF program/Windows cannot display korean. These are the dots swirling above the rings.
    Depends on whether you mean the NPC (CRagEffect::Warp) or the Skill (CRagEffect::WarpZone, CRagEffect::WarpZone2).
    Either way it is a special-effect hard-coded in the client, so the editing is limited to changing the color/texture (unless you want to rewrite significant portions of the effect code).
  5. Ai4rei's post in Setup.exe Bug was marked as the answer   
    Please post a screenshot of the Display tab in dxdiag (run via Win+R).
    Scratch that, telling from the icons you use a Windows 8 incompatible OpenSetup version. Update to the latest.
  6. Ai4rei's post in 2012-06-18aRagexeRE Icon Issue was marked as the answer   
    Lack of skill timers in newest clients is lack of proper server-side support. Old packets default to zero total-duration, thus do not show the timer.
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