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  1. Check your GM group level it might have anywarp on Group.conf
  3. This might help. You just need to modify it.
  4. We still didn't get your whole script to check on it.
  5. https://github.com/nevelis/rAthena/blob/master/npc/pre-re/jobs/novice/novice.txt
  6. Basically you need to make the item as costume on your item_db. That's what Poring King is telling you.
  7. By default Pre-Re now has disabled the delay on SP regen after casting Asura. I think this will require src modification now if you'll want to change it.
  8. Do you have a bigger image of this? I can't see it thoroughly. It looks like a white valkyrie helm with hockey mask.
  9. What do you mean change script color? Is it the NPC message? If so, mes "[ ^FF0000 Color Test ^000000 ]";
  10. OVH and Vultr are one of the best. Better stay away from RO hostings.
  11. You can check on the script I made. Very easy to customize. https://rathena.org/board/topic/125739-utility-fishslicemakertxt/
  12. Then enable textures. Disable flatmap.
  13. Ronald

    news about functor

    He is always busy but definitely he'll reach you soon. Just be patient Brother.
  14. Do SQL query when your server is offline.
  15. Based on my research its FLEE + 5, AGI + 1. Feel free to test.
  16. You may use AnnieRuru's PvP script w/ Dota sounds.
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