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  1. Brahms

    Channel Controller

    Its because everytime a player logs in, they automatically joined a channel. I just want it to be like these same in the image below where they can manage fully each channel players wanted to see announcing in there screens..
  2. Brahms

    Soul Destroyer formula help

    I think EDP has nothing to do in Soul Destroyer skill.. Correct me if im wrong..
  3. Brahms

    Channel Controller

    Hi rathena. As the title said, i want to request a channel system controller npc where players can turn on/off channels. Thank you so much. Have a bless day everyone. Thanks.
  4. Brahms

    Quests, Games: Aranea Quest

    Do you have videos for demo?
  5. Brahms

    Need support in stat point caculation..

    nvm this one.. Kindly delete this post. sorry.. Thanks & Regards..
  6. Hello everyone. just wanted to ask for support regarding statpoint calculations..Default formula is, for every 1 dex i put, you only gained 1 attack. I wanted to adjust it to this.. Example: Reset both skill & stats for sniper. with a max lvl 500/120 my server max stats is 450. (Dex + Stats Bonus) = Physical Attack Dex 1+14 = 46+0 Attack Dex 16+14 = 73+0 Attack Dex 26+14 = 92+0 Attack Dex 36+14 = 113+0 Attack Dex 46+14 = 136+0 Attack Dex 56+14 = 161+0 Attack Dex 66+14 = 188+0 Attack Dex 76+14 = 217+0 Attack Dex 86+14 = 248+0 Attack And so on.... I wanted to adjust the bonus attack for every 10 dex i put in stats. but i don't know where to adjust it.. Can someone please help me? I've been reading and searching the whole night for some topic to solve my problem, but it seems i can't find the answer... Im running a pre renewal by the way with a max baselevel of 500/120 and max stats of 450.. Please help.. Thank in advance & regards..
  7. Brahms

    How are status points calculated?

    Bump! having some problem with this also. Need stats points formula that supports max based level 500/120..
  8. Interested for this..
  9. Brahms

    Need help for some sniper/hunter skills

    Bump!. Can someone help me? sorry for posting it in the wrong section. Thanks & Regards.
  10. Hi. Good day rathena. Just want to ask for help for some sniper and hunter skills. Phantasmic Arrow - Can pierce the effect of Pnuema with a 50% damage penalty. Falcon Assault - Can pierce the effect of Pnuema with a 50% damage penalty. Kindly help me for these modifications. Thank you so much in advance. Godbless.
  11. Brahms

    MobDB.txt Edittor

    Any new version for this file? im having a .net error everytime i try to edit mob.. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.
  12. Brahms

    Falcon Change Custom Skills

    Good day rathena, as the title said, can i request for a custom skills 'Falcon Change'. this skill is very similar to 'Cart Change' but instead of changing different cart sprites, a player have a option to change his/her falcon sprites. hope someone can help me.. Thank you so much. Godbless all.
  13. Thank you so much bro. It works. Godbless
  14. Good day rathena, As the title said, I just want to request a script to an item to give a 10% discount on a certain shop.. This will help a lot for my upcoming project.. Thank you so much and godbless to all of you.
  15. Thank you so much bro. I will test these. If theres any problem can i contact you for support? .. Sorry to bother you. Thanks again.