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  1. It Works.. Thank you so much for these.. Godbless
  2. Hi guys,, what i want is something similar with these options when you click the Pvp Warper NPC.
  3. As the Title Say, I want a pvp warper where the players can control the announcement if someone enter the pvp room and have these options. - Enter Pvp Room - Broadcast if someone enter the pvp room. [ON/OFF] Kindly help please.. Thank you in advance.. Godbless
  4. Hello Guys.. I have a npc script of size changer & a item which a player can disguise as a monster.. I want to request a script which i can restrict those changes on a specific maps. Ex: Size Changer NPC in maintown. if the player decided to change his/her size once he warp into specific maps which i will restrict the size command the player will automatically return to its original size. Ex: Disguise Item. I have a disguise item which i apply it to my server. I want to restrict that item and cannot be worn by players in specific maps.. and also if the players disguise in maintown once he/she warps to specific maps which i will restrict that item disguise will be disabled automatically and that item cant be worn on that map. Sorry for my bad explaination but i hope you get it. Thanks a lot in advance..
  5. Good day to all..Just wanna ask if Kamishi's Paid Palletes with a 699 Dye Color supports the new jRO Sprites.? I tried it having the 3rd job sprites as costume in my pre-renewal server but it seems the dye color for the 3rd job sprites are limited up to 553, and when i go beyond that dye colors it becomes black. But it's working fine in dye color up to 699 for 1st and 2nd job sprites.. Does anyone knows how to solve my problem? Thank you in advance and have a bless day.
  6. Thank You so much.. I'll check and test each of those script and maybe just make some modification to suit my needs.. Thank you.
  7. Sorry i posted it to a wrong section.. PLease kindly move my post to Request section.. My bad sorry again..
  8. Hi rathena. As the title mentioned. I would like to request for a enchant NPC which can enchant additional stats like STR+1 to STR+3, AGI+1 to AGI+3 and so on for Costume Like Upper,Mid,Lower, Shadow Armors, Shadow Shield and Shadow Garment/Costume garment using Stats Stones. If its possible i want to request a NPC Enchanter for each part.. Thank you so much in advance..
  9. HI to all. just want to ask, how can i change the channel delay message "You're talking to fast!" to "You cannot send a message to this channel for another (channel message cooldown) = showing the remaining time in seconds before you you can send a message again in specific channel.. Thanks in advance..
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