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  1. i thought so haha ^ ^", no one in the world is kind enough anymore unless they are paid @[email protected], its worth a try though, haha
  2. doesnt have to be exactly like twilight town from kingdom hearts since its a tad big, but something similar! with the nice afternoon effect and warm atmosphere ^ ^
  3. If there were a lot of automated events which run automatically every few hours i wouldnt ask, but i guess ill check eathena aswell.
  4. Hello! i just want to request a few automated events, as the title states ^ ^;
  5. hmm, im still kinda new with scripting and all.. how would the script look like say if i wanted to add it on the map... prontera, with goldroom,75,113,0,0 monster Barricade 2800,1,0,0,0 starting off the script?
  6. As the title states, how would i do that? i know how to disable skills.. how about homon?
  7. i just want to set it to a map so players/mobs cant go through it
  8. ohhh, what if i dont want it on a WoE castle?
  9. Well.. this is the script for it, if thats what your asking for goldroom,75,113,0,0 monster Barricade 2800,1,0,0,0
  10. I seem to be able to walk through barricades(item id 1905), is there a way i can stop people/mobs not able to walk through the barricades?
  11. Hello, i want an anti bot which only work on a specific map, probably just prompts them to type something after killing 40-50 mobs(random)! thanks~
  12. i see i see, but my mob_db is on mysql, i think that might be the reason why its not changing?
  13. mdef is 123 on mob_db, and im pretty sure i turned renewal setting off
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