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  1. v00m3r

    Harmonize Skill

    hmm i think you can try put double quote the skill on your skilldb.txt to disable the skill
  2. Color : Black, bLue, White Name : Guilty Ragnarok Online Size : 420x60 Anime : Sura boy/girl Animation: Shining Guilty Ragnarok Online
  3. v00m3r

    @go crash

    editing help.txt wont solved your problem.. and editing or deleting @go is on src folder..
  4. check your pet.lua line 60.. then post it here.. or i think it has no comma but im not sure..
  5. what client date you use? make sure your client date is same on your mmo.h.. and uncheck read data folder first and uncheck read lua before lub
  6. why not disable all commands on the map?? use a mapflag.. EXAMPLE:map<tab>mapflag<tab>nocommand<tab>gmlvl here prontera<tab>mapflag<tab>nocommand<tab>90 Means Below GM LEVEL 90 will not be able to use command on the map prontera.
  7. your lua files date is same as your client?
  8. v00m3r

    Ctrl + V

    me is this one: actually mine is printscreen.. just now.. ^^
  9. --just rename it to .lub or you can find tools there to convert it to lua
  10. clientinfo na ngayon.. wlaa ng sclient.. make sure yung luafiles mo eh.. directory d2 na luafiles514/luafiles. data.ini mo? make sure na unang read yung custom grf mo.. tska tama cia.. make sure yung read data folder first eh nakadisable.. kung ayaw padin follow sir judas thread. and also yung read lua before lub disable dapat. http://rathena.org/board/topic/65579-judas-client-side-area/ kung ano date client mo make sure eh yung lua mo gnun din date or pataas
  11. - sir your right. i think there is no wrong. ive seen this morning. the npc work fine.. my players dont have anything or experience something wrong.. i dont know why when i was the one i cant get the correct answer. :S
  12. what if 10 times of autoevent of the script still no one joins?
  13. on diffing your client.. did you check read lua before lub? what extension are you using? .lua or .lub? what client date are you using? read data folder first: false <- make sure your files are in the grf..
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