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  1. -	script	ZenyZeroAll	-1,{
    //this is for sql query using npc
    OnPCLogoutEvent: //you can do the login event
    set .@pname$,strcharinfo(0);
    query_sql "SELECT `char_id`,`account_id`,`name` FROM `char` WHERE `name` = '"+escape_sql(.@pname$)+"'", .@char_id,.@account_id,.@name$;
    if (!.@account_id) { end; //this will never happen =P
    } else {
    query_sql "UPDATE `char` SET `zeny`=0 WHERE `name` = '"+escape_sql(.@pname$)+"'";
    //you can use the below code if you dont want the sql query
    //set zeny,zeny - 2000000000; //amount of zeny here

    try this

    You Script will cause the Zeny being Deleted EVERYTIME they logout...

    In fact it will never delete player's zeny... The server save player's info in SQL after the onPCLogOutEvent, so the sql value will be restore each time.

    @Toshiro's Script has solved this issue in Post #3

    UPDATE `char` SET `zeny`=0;

    Method :

    • [ Method 1 ] Just Shut Down the Server and Run the SQL Script.
    • [ Method 2 ] Kick all the Character Out and Run the Script. ( Not Suggested for this Method )

  2. You can try the previous Topic from eAthena Job-Based-Mount by Trojal

    SC_MISC_RIDE method

    Diff File : http://ro.trojal.net/mount_sc.diff

    Tested it with a usable item with the following script, equip_script, unequip_script:

    An Example for 30 Minutes Mount..

    sc_start SC_MISC_RIDE,18000000,0;

    Just a 30 minutes status change to mount if not mounted, or else end mount status. Note that this way there is no need to use a change to the SpeedRate, as that is part of the SC.

    Credits : Trojal

  3. LOL....even Master Ball failed to Catch Epoque haha~

    look like we are going to need to develop a new Pokeball to catch him


    and seem like everyone enjoy with this new board at least i feel the same...haha

  4. erm..i got some little suggestion for the CODE / Quote Wrap features...

    hope you can consider this also in the future after you have done the rest important stuffs in Forum ^^

    since from the past eA ( eAthena.ws ) there are alot users ( Include me ) alway posting the Script in CODE / CODEBOX Wrapping

    So, i was wondering could the Forum install a "Select All" Features ? which work to Copy all the Content inside a CODE / CODEBOX ?

    Here is a Picture so that i hope you all can understand what i am saying since my language is kinda poor..>.<

    The Select Button is used for Users to click on it and then all the Content in the CODEBOX will be copied just like what we do usually ( Highligh All and Copy ) but now it come to a more easier way...

  5. erm..i just feel weird in this..

    .@menu == "" ? .@menu = getitemname(.items[.@a]) + " Quest" : .@menu + getitemname(.items[.@a]) + " Quest";

    will it work also ?

    i mean usually it would be look like this ?

    set @Menu$,@Menu$ + getitemname( .ItemList[.@i] )+":";

    erm..i have posted 1 at eAthena last time on your requested topic. ( Topic Link )

    but not sure you have saw it or not..so i will post here for you again

    prontera,155,181,5	script	Sample	718,{
    mes "What Items you would like to have ?";
    set @Menu$,"";
    setarray .ItemList[0],19000,19001,19002,19003,19004,19005,19006,19007,19008,19009,19010,19011,19012,19013,19014,19015,19016,19017,19018,19019,19020,19021,19022,19023,19024,19025,19026,19027,19028,19029,19030,19031,19032,19033,19034,19035,190360;
    for( set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize( .ItemList ); set .@i,.@i + 1 ){
    set @Menu$,@Menu$ + getitemname( .ItemList[.@i] )+":";
    set .@i,select( @Menu$ )-1;
    mes "You need those items :";
    mes "[ "+countitem(7539)+" / 250 ] Poring Coin";
    mes "[ "+countitem(674)+" / 450 ] Mithril Coin";
    mes "[ "+countitem(4047)+" / 1 ] Ghostring Card";
    if( countitem(7539) < 250 || countitem(674) < 450 || !countitem(4047) )close;
    if( select("Exchange:Cancel") == 2 )close;
    delitem 7539,250;
    delitem 674,450;
    delitem 4047,1;
    getitem .ItemList[.@i],1;
    mes "gained 1 "+getitemname( .ItemList[.@i] );

    * Edit : Changed to using Code instead of Codebox to wrap code since Codebox didnt work temporary. *

  6. LOL...i just wonder there is another eA haha ~

    ( seldom watch on that Topic that discuss about eA Forum Update )

    anyway i love this IPBoard Default Skin more than the eA default Skin..>.<

    but somehow...i just saw only the SVN Log is actively Posting..>.<

    i though there is alot ppl posting in the Script Section before i joined...xD

    but then..after i joined...i just realised.. i am the 8th Member of this Forum !!!

    OMG!! haha ~

    Anyway, Hi too everybody here ^^

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