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  1. This is beautifully simple. By far one of the best budget deals you can get for your server. Excellent work Aki! Is there any chance for a live preview of this? So we can really explore the feel of it?
  2. I was wondering how i add an Item link to the iteminfo.lua? Thanks in advanced
  3. Hey community! There are a few features from renewal that i would like to enable for pre-re. Most of them i can figure out but one im stuck on: Private airship and use of silvervine fruit. Is this possible to enable for pre - renewal?
  4. I have a few questions regarding the achievement system: 1. Is there a maximum number of individual achievements? Is it limited to what is provided by default? 2. Is there a maximum number for achievement points given and total? My third questions will have to go to the client section. Actually i'm not sure, but maybe all of this could be in client questions. If this is in the wrong section, I analogize in advanced! Thanks everyone!
  5. Has anyone released a full database with all the dropped equipment to have 0~4 random options??
  6. Can someone help me fix these errors. The npc wont even work. Also is there a way to remove the Devil square? I already have my own custom one running.
  7. Thanks uploading and testing it now!
  8. Hey everyone, I would like to enable the silvervine fruit fast travel system in pre renewal but have no idea how... Where would i go to enable this? Thanks in a advanced
  9. Anyone have a full working script for Eden NPC "Grandma Boxter" ? Its not listed in the RA master Thanks in advanced everyone!
  10. Wont this also change all items that blacksmith produce as well? I mean anything that has a name signed on it? Is there a way to do this without changing all the signed items?
  11. Im looking to change into just saying "Costume" or "[C]". If anyone is able to help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Yupp Found it! Thanks a bunch
  13. Looking for a shadow equipment refiner. A few specifications if possible: Have 2-3 different refining services - normal refine // Enhanced % chance // downgrade when failed attempt. each of the services uses different item similar to: Oridecon > Enriched Oridecon > HD Oridecon. Should have a zeny cost. If there is something already created out there that is similar i may be able to settle with that! Post them up Thanks in advanced guys and gals
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