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  1. Gorder

    AndRO for Athena

    is there anyway that we can prohibit players to access the APK and make changes or at least hide the clientinfo.xml?
  2. Nice ! is it a different theme than the other demo?
  3. @iAmGnome Yup 1 login, 2 char, 2 map. I just notice that I don't see the shop cart either.
  4. Hi iAmGnome I checked the demo but it doesn't support multi servers login. The login page doesn't give me the option to chose what server I want to log in. It's the same for the register page. It doesn't ask me what server I want to register. Will they appears after we setup multiple server on fluxcp ?
  5. Gorder

    Need help with Failed to connect to Paypal server

    I found the error. I replaced ipnpb.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr with ipnpb.paypal.com in the application.php and it's working fine now.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm using the most current fluxcp version. Everything is working fine for me except the donation part. Below is the my paypal configuration in the application.php file. I tried a test donation and it went through. However, the dummy account doesn't receive any credit. I checked the paypallog and learned that there is a failed connection to paypal server. I tried to resend the ipn a couple times from paypal and still have the same result. Could you help me resolving issue please? Thank you Configuration 'PayPalIpnUrl' => 'ipnpb.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr',// The URL for PayPal's IPN responses (www.paypal.com for live and www.sandbox.paypal.com for testing) 'PayPalBusinessEmail' => '[email protected]', // Enter the e-mail under which you have registered your business account. 'PayPalReceiverEmails' => array( // These are the receiver e-mail addresses who are allowed to receive payment. //'[email protected]', // -- This array may be empty if you only use one e-mail //'[email protected]' // -- because your Business Email is also checked. ), 'PaypalHackNotify' => true, I received this error after the donation was submitted. [2018-02-13 06:25:43] Received notification from (notify.paypal.com) [2018-02-13 06:25:43] Query string: cmd=_notify-validate&discount=0.00&insurance_ etc..... [2018-02-13 06:25:43] Establishing connection to PayPal server at ipnpb.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr:443... [2018-02-13 06:25:43] Failed to connect to PayPal server: [0] php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No such host is known. [2018-02-13 06:25:43] Transaction invalid, aborting.
  7. Gorder

    Fluxbb forum's Link problem

    Hi everyone, I'm using the current version of Fluxcp and Fluxbb. Fluxbb was setup as an addon. After integrated into Fluxcp, the link to Fluxbb Forum was automatically added at the bottom of the menu. However, when I clicked on it, it gave me the error below. Could you guide me how to fix this problem please? Recoverable fatal error: Object of class Flux_Config could not be converted to string myserver.com/fluxcp/addons/fluxbb/themes/default/fluxbb/index.php on line 44 Note: i replaced my domain name with a dummy one (myserver.com) Steps that I took. 1.Cloned and Installed Fluxcp 2. Downloaded Fluxbb from (https://fluxbb.org/downloads/) and placed it inside Fluxcp folder (fluxcp/fluxbb) 3. Installed fluxbb using this guide (https://gitlab.com/carloquilala/fluxbb/wikis/how-to-install) 4. Making changes to appropriate files using the guide above 5.Clicked on Fluxbb forum link and got the error. Note: The forum link at the top (Between Home and News) is an external link that I enabled in FluxCP/config/application.php for testing purpose. Below is the picture of showing the link at the bottom of the menu where I clicked.