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  1. Received the final logo design today. The quality of the logo comes out as I expected and the design is creative. Love it !
  2. @crazyarashi Wouldn't you mind show me how to merge this pull to the server please?
  3. @AnacondaqqFor some reasons, mine is not working. I switched to 20160620 as @Haziel suggested and it's working fine now. :)
  4. Without encryption, the client runs really smooth and I have no errors. But After I encrypted the GRF, the Ragexe (generated with cps.dll using the same encryption key used for the GRF) is unable to read it. It doesn't read any of the files in the GRF at all. I will post somes pictures when I get home.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a question about Encrypting GRF files. I'm updating my client from 2015 to 2018 and used GRF Editor to encrypt my GRFs. After that I generated a new Ragexe & cps.dll to read the encrypted GRF files However, the Ragexe is unable to read the GRFs. I'm currently using client 20180530bRagexeRe. Do you have any solution problem? (I have no problem with this when using client 2015)
  6. Hi @haziel I encrypted the GRF files and generated the ragexe with a dll file. But when I ran the ragexe, it is unable to ready GRF files. Could you show me how to fix it? I'm using client 20180530bRagexeRe
  7. Hi @crazyarashi Here is my Git Hash version of my server 58eadcda159eaeb3c47e2f97ae71c013dfb88c4d .
  8. Thanks for letting me know that it's the server side problem. I just downloaded and install the newest rAthena 3 days ago and using 20151104aRagex to connect to the server. I will post the hash version when I get home tonight. Based on your experience, what would be the possible causes for this problem?
  9. @crazyarashi that is exactly what i have in my skill_db. 2448,9,6,1,5,0x2,1:1:1:1:2,5,1,yes,0,0,0,magic,0,0x0, SO_POISON_BUSTER,Poison Buster However, when I tested the skill it didn't work. What client version are you using ?
  10. Hi everyone, I'm using the latest Rathena and client 20151104aRagex. Current this skill Poison Buster doesn't work as it's supposed to do. Monsters were poisoned but when they busted there was no splash damage at all. Is it because of the client I used ? Do I need to make any changes to make it work? Please advise. Thank you
  11. Hi everyone, I have a need to track what items players buy from Cash Shop store and Cash Shop NPC so that I can manage the cash shop more effectively. However the Picklog and Cash log don't provide me with that detail. Could you help me with a script that track what players buy from the Cash Shop please? Thank you
  12. I also installed the Olrox's prontera summer theme to my server. However, only part of the theme showed up and my map is looking like this. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?
  13. it should be the link to this file PaymentNotifyRequest.php located in FluxCP/blob/master/lib/Flux/PaymentNotifyRequest.php For example your website is www.example.com and FluxCP is your root folder then it should be https://www.example.com/blob/master/lib/Flux/PaymentNotifyRequest.php
  14. @CydhThey can still accumulate the coins and then purchasing the items for their main character.
  15. Hi everyone, I download this map from Doubrius download However there is a file missing. This message below always shows When ever I got on this map the. Resource File Loading fail event\ÀϺ»_õÇÏÀÏÇ°.rsm model\event\ÀϺ»_õÇÏÀÏÇ°.rsm Does any one know where I can get this file? Thank you