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  1. There is a Query to erase all my database, it is to do the famous Reset and I do not want them to keep anything they have in their accounts. Regards and thanks from now.
  2. Hello everyone, I am trying to register the Cydh RefineUI system, all the necessary modifications were made in the SRC and when compiling it generates errors. Hopefully someone can support me. Attachment https://github.com/cydh/rathena/pull/10 REGARDS RefineUICydh.txt
  3. Thank you very much, I worked correctly with the change
  4. Good night, I have the following problem with an Arenas npc, could someone support me? Leave catch.
  5. ZinteliZ

    Files .yml

    Good friends, here I am bothering you again. I am trying to install Custom Instances that I want to test, but I find that in my rAthena folder I do not have the files like for example: instance_db.txt there is only instance_db.yml the same happens with quest_db.txt and there is only quest_db.yml How is it that these files are configured since I see that the structures are very different. I hope you can support me, thank you very much in advance.
  6. Buenas amigos, acá estoy molestando de nuevo. Estoy tratando de instalar Instancias Customs que quiero probar, pero me encuentro que en mi carpeta rAthena no tengo los archivos como por ejemplo: instance_db.txt solo existe instance_db.yml lo mismo pasa con quest_db.txt y solo existe quest_db.yml Como es que se configuran esos archivos ya que veo que las estructuras son muy diferentes. Espero me puedan apoyar, de antemano muchas gracias.
  7. Good, I just acquired this NPC and when using it I generate BUG, it turns out that when completing a quest, it recognizes it as complete but does not delete it and continues to give you the reward as an exp and job loop, I hope you can help me. I leave catch Regards
  8. Hi, I just got this event and when I made my payment and download, I only got a .diff file. Is the information downloaded correct? If so, where do I get the installation instructions? REGARDS
  9. Hola a todos, esperando se encuentren bien, implemente este NPC Gramps_Weekly_TurnIn, me da errores o bug en el emulador y el detalle que al decirle que me de una quest, esta no me la entrega y termina la conversación como si ya me la hubiera dado, tengo los siguientes archivos, ojala alguien pueda apoyarme en decirme si me falta algo o que agregue mal. SALUDOS Gramps_Weekly_TurnIn.txt quest_db.txt questid2display.txt resnametable.txt
  10. Hola, Acabo de implementar la instancia de AstralTemple y al ingresar al mapa me envía el siguiente error adjunto. Asimismo, al seleccionar ingame, el tipo de dificultad de la instancia me dice que no fue aprobada y me envía el error en el emulador. Ojalá alguien pueda ayudarme. Saludos
  11. Hello, I just implemented the AstralTemple instance and when entering the map it sends me the following attached error. Likewise, when selecting ingame, the type of difficulty of the instance tells me that it was not approved and sends me the error in the emulator. Hopefully someone can help me. regards
  12. thank you very much friend @Gladius I was referring to the implementation of the REFINE UI
  13. Thank you very much... Do you have any guide or something to help me implement it?
  14. Good day. Someone has a tutorial to implement the REFINE UI system and also the necessary files for DATA. I hope it is not too much to ask, in advance thank you very much.
  15. OK, entonces no lo puedo usar, verdad? Es que lo vi en un servidor y trabaja muy bien ese sistema
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