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  1. http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/#2018
  2. will this still work with latest rathena? seem old. lol. very. anyways, yea, lmk. tyty
  3. maybe you compressed your grf wrong? multiple folder will cause this error
  4. yes it is normal. since you've set your server to pre-re. all renewal, (should be all) stuff. portal, items, monster should be gone. altho maps still exist, normal players wont have access to it. if you wanna remove the map completely, you can edit your mapindex.txt inside db folder. just comment them out. "//brasilis"
  5. Come join us!! Retro-gaming.co 05.01.2015

  6. Downloaded a data folder that's been customized? Using a client from another private server? I'd try with a clean kRO.
  7. check client files.. data/sprites/npc
  8. hey, where's the fun if its that easy eh?lol
  9. Keep the latest rev cuz they have bug fixes and improvements. Checkout azuraskyy's post. Like I said, you'll have to do these things manually. I'm doing pre-re. But I'm keeping some re features. Limiting my highest job to 2nd job. No tran. So it's kind of a lot of work cuz rathena only,like I said, Rathena only let you set using re/pre configs. The rest is you. Best way is Google the episode you want to set your server to. And go through your list 1 by 1. Goodluck!!
  10. The only thing you can do is whether read renewal or pre. Everything else you will have to do manually.
  11. There are some on the download section here.
  12. i'd try putting "web" folder inside your client, then on the url config of patcher, use "/web/" or "web/" i dont think you'd need xampp or warp cuz it just needs to access the "plist.txt"
  13. i agree. but GREAT STUFF nonetheless. hopefully you'll release to the public oh and the wings, i see the fold, not just swing, but maybe more "fold" effect? idk if i'm making myself clear.
  14. truflip1011

    Kankuro Mask

    ty for this. check it out in use. when you get the chance @ retro-gaming.co
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