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  1. Feilor

    FluxCP Theme: FluxCP Theme: Brynhild Blue

    does it come with psd to translate images?
  2. I tried to use this, but it isn't working, when we try to use your diff, the compiler give error with function npc_event_export_2 was not declared in this scope, after add it in npc.hpp the compiler give the same error in function npc_timerevent_export
  3. Feilor

    equipment tab functions

    Looks like the admin of the forum prefer to warn people than help them, but to those want to know i found it on pc.c the function is bool pc_equipitem(struct map_session_data *sd,short n,int req_pos)
  4. Feilor

    Doram race from Brute change to Demi-Human

    in player.conf you has an option to change it: // Adjust the summoner class' special traits. // 0: Summoners behave like other classes. // 1: Summoners belong to brute race instead of demi-human // 2: Summoners are small size instead of medium // 3: Both of the above (official value) summoner_trait: 3 Just set it to 1 or 2
  5. Feilor

    equipment tab functions

    Does someone know where is the functions that control when an equipment is moved from inventory to equipment tab? I tried to find it but nothing until now...
  6. pra pegar o login, vc precisa usar query sql
  7. Feilor

    [SHOWCASE] PVP MMR System (complete)

    let me know when it happen
  8. Feilor

    [SHOWCASE] PVP MMR System (complete)

    do you plan to release it? If yes, will be free or paid? xD
  9. Feilor

    [SHOWCASE] PVP MMR System (complete)

    Nice work! This is a good idea to have in server, makes people be more seriously in the server, since they will have to get nice equipments to go up in ranking
  10. Feilor

    Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Hey Alayne, will you send the files from Yggdrasil Project?
  11. I will take a look on it, thank you! @edit @petrecci I fixed it in version 1.0.1, just uploaded it, need to wait staff aproves and you can download it
  12. Feilor

    Disable /w

    This isn't the correct place hehe you need to remove where has the list with all commands, but anyway I found on client but I want to remove from server as well, just to be sure it's out
  13. Feilor

    Disable /w

    Looks like we can't disable it with NEMO anymore... At least I tried with some lastest hexeds and couldn't, does anyone know which packets or where is the function that return the information to hexeds?
  14. View File Sky Fortress weapons enchantmet Since rA hasn't the possibility to make a easy way to the weapon comes enchanted, this NPC gives the power to the player enchant their Vicious Weapons with 3 sets of differents properties: Slot 1 Weapon Element (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Poison, Holy, or Shadow) Damage/Magic Damage to enemy's Element +1% ~ 20% Healing Power 20% Weapon unaffected by Size Penalty Weapon cannot be broken in battle Slot 2 Damage/Magic Damage to enemy's Race +1% ~ 20% Bypass DEF/MDEF of enemy's Race by 1% ~ 30% Bypass DEF/MDEF of Normal enemies by 16% ~ 25% Damage to Boss monsters +20% Slot 3 Stat +1 ~ 10 ATK +4 ~ 47 MATK +4 ~ 50 CRIT +10 ~ 19 Critical Damage +1% ~ 20% ASPD +1% ~ 5% Variable Cast Time -1% ~ 20% Cast Delay -5% ~ 20% Skill SP Cost -5% Ranged Damage +13 ~ 20% WARNINGS Need support or want to contact me? Onlye here in rA; This scripts work is only granted in rA, the use in another emulators is your responsibility or if you want assist on it, I will charge. LICENSE You ARE NOT allowed to redistribute this script in any way; All rights to this scripts are mine; Chargeback scams are not tolerated if any of them happens the script will be removed from this store; Terms above may be changed or adjusted without prior notification. Submitter Feilor Submitted 01/22/2018 Category Utilities Video Content Author Feilor  
  15. Feilor

    download section.

    i love how you treats people, maybe you think that are a god divine, i didn't harassing any staff member, unless to get the information that paid files need to be accepted by you. Maybe you need to think more before answer people, I just asked a simple question and looks like you got offended.