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  1. Myth

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    because other's are waiting it too.
  2. Myth

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    for me OVH / Digital Ocean is the best vps hosting for ragnarok because all RO Hosting Company out there doesn't really provide the services worth the price.
  3. Myth

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    they support Singapore but they dont have any stock right now
  4. check mo lht ng section dto para malaman mo kung papano at anong kailangan mong gawin.
  5. para sa mga custom buttons eto ung code [Button:Name] Name or ID, must be unique for each and every button Default='images/button1.png' image of the button on normal state OnHover='images/button2.png' image of the button when mouse hovers it OnDown='images/button3.png' image of the button when the user click on it Left=80 X coordinate of the button (in pixels) Counted from the left of the background image. Top=406 Y coordinate of the button (in pixels) Counted from the left of the background image. Mode=1 Functions of the button Possible Mode values: 1 : Open URL 2 : Open File/Program 3 : Displays a Message Box 4 : Minimize window 5 : Close Patcher 6 : Makes this button as clone start button behavior Action='' Applies on modes 1-3
  6. i just send you message

  7. then? what will be the specific that i will edit
  8. where do i need to edit or fix that
  9. the flux is working fine there is only one problem. cant explain what is the problem with this because my other themes are ok thanks in advance see image
  10. pm me para maturuan kita