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  1. anyone can help me with this script? if i trade card all my items on my inventory shows up i want only cards on my inventory will be show prontera,155,178,5 script Card Trader 421,{ mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "Hi, "+strcharinfo(0)+"!"; mes "What can I do for you?"; next; switch(select(" > Information: > Trade in cards: > Point shop (^0055FF"+getd(.Points$)+"^000000): > Leave")) { case 1: mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "Do you find that you've got"; mes "useless cards lying around?"; mes "I'll be glad to take them off"; mes "your hands!"; next; mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "I'll give you ^0055FF"+.Points[0]+" Point"+((.Points[0] == 1)?"":"s")+"^000000 for normal card each"; mes "card you give me, and"; mes "^0055FF"+.Points[1]+" Points^000000 for MVP cards."; mes "You can trade those points"; mes "for items later on."; mes "How does that sound?"; emotion ET_MONEY; close; case 2: mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "Select the cards you"; mes "want to trade in."; if (.Level) { mes " "; mes "They must be dropped"; mes "by monsters of level"; mes .Level+" and above."; } deletearray @sold_nameid[0],getarraysize(@sold_nameid); callshop "card_shop",2; npcshopattach "card_shop"; end; case 3: mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "You have ^0055FF"+getd(.Points$)+"^000000 Point"+((getd(.Points$) == 1)?".":"s."); callshop "card_shop",1; npcshopattach "card_shop"; end; case 4: mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "*yawn*"; mes "See you later!"; emotion ET_SLEEPY; close; } OnSellItem: mes "Cards to sell:"; mes "-----------------------------------"; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(@sold_nameid); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if (@sold_nameid[[email protected]] > 4000 && @sold_nameid[[email protected]] < 4700) { if (.Level) { query_sql("SELECT `LV` FROM `mob_db` WHERE `DropCardid` = "[email protected]_nameid[[email protected]],[email protected]); if ([email protected] < .Level) { dispbottom getitemname(@sold_nameid[[email protected]])+" is under the minimum level."; continue; } } set [email protected]_id[getarraysize([email protected]_id)], @sold_nameid[[email protected]]; set [email protected]_amt[getarraysize([email protected]_amt)], @sold_quantity[[email protected]]; set [email protected], compare(.MVP$,""[email protected]_nameid[[email protected]]); mes (([email protected])?" ^FF0000":" ^777777")[email protected]_quantity[[email protected]]+"x "+getitemname(@sold_nameid[[email protected]])+"^000000"; set [email protected]_total, [email protected]_total+(@sold_quantity[[email protected]]*(([email protected])?.Points[1]:.Points[0])); } deletearray @sold_nameid[0], getarraysize(@sold_nameid); deletearray @sold_quantity[0], getarraysize(@sold_quantity); if ([email protected]_id) { mes " ^777777(none)^000000"; emotion ET_SWEAT; close; } mes " "; mes "---------- Total: ^0055FF"[email protected]_total+" pt.^000000 -------"; next; if(select(" > ^0055FFComplete trade...^000000: > ^777777Cancel^000000") == 2) { mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "Oh, okay..."; emotion ET_SCRATCH; close; } for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]_id); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) delitem [email protected]_id[[email protected]],[email protected]_amt[[email protected]]; setd .Points$, getd(.Points$)[email protected]_total; mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "All done!"; emotion ET_DELIGHT; close; OnBuyItem: for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(@bought_nameid); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.Shop); set [email protected],[email protected]+2) if (@bought_nameid[[email protected]] == .Shop[[email protected]]) { set [email protected], [email protected]+(.Shop[[email protected]+1]*@bought_quantity[[email protected]]); break; } if ([email protected] > getd(.Points$)) { mes "[Card Trader]"; mes "You don't have enough Points."; emotion ET_HUK; } else { mes "Items purchased:"; mes "-----------------------------------"; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(@bought_nameid); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { getitem @bought_nameid[[email protected]], @bought_quantity[[email protected]]; mes " ^777777"[email protected]_quantity[[email protected]]+"x "+getitemname(@bought_nameid[[email protected]])+"^000000"; } mes " "; mes "---------- Total: ^0055FF"[email protected]+" pt.^000000 -------"; setd .Points$, getd(.Points$)[email protected]; emotion ET_MONEY; } deletearray @bought_nameid[0], getarraysize(@bought_nameid); deletearray @bought_quantity[0], getarraysize(@bought_quantity); close; OnInit: //waitingroom "Card Trader",0; set .Level,0; // Minimum monster level to trade corresponding cards. set .Points$,"#Card_Points"; // Variable to store points. setarray .Shop[0], // Card Shop items: <ID>,<point cost> 616,3,20099,100; setarray .Points[0],1,0; // Points per <normal card>,<MVP card> set .MVP$, // List of MVP cards. "4123,4302,4236,4134,4121,4425,4376,4132,4131,4144,4137,4148,4324,4305,4146,4142,4352,4143,4330,4263,4374,4372"+ "4147,4168,4386,4276,4135,4342,4318,4128,4408,4430,4145,4441,4407,4403,4399"; npcshopdelitem "card_shop",909; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.Shop); set [email protected],[email protected]+2) npcshopadditem "card_shop",.Shop[[email protected]],.Shop[[email protected]+1]; end; } - shop card_shop -1,909:-1
  2. do you have a link or files to fix this? fix i already fix the problem thanks
  3. i'm sorry to bring this up again is there any guide how to fix this problem?
  4. make sure you follow this guide and use Acsii.
  5. Myth

    about halter

    yup i already set it up
  6. Myth

    R> Hourly Points

    thanks for your answer ill try it later ^_^
  7. use dynamic quest shop by Euphy's //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Euphy's Quest Shop //===== By: ================================================== //= Euphy //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.6b //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena SVN r16862+ //===== Description: ========================================= //= A dynamic quest shop based on Lunar's, with easier config. //= Includes support for multiple shops & cashpoints. //= Item Preview script by ToastOfDoom. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 Initial script. //= 1.2 Added category support. //= 1.3 More options and fixes. //= 1.4 Added debug settings. //= 1.5 Replaced categories with shop IDs. //= 1.6 Added support for purchasing stackables. //= 1.6a Added support for previewing costumes and robes. //= 1.6b Added 'disable_items' command. //============================================================
  8. i have 3rd job suit and a adv stylist when i change may cloth color from 5 to 500 and equip 3rd job suit, halter i got pallete error i already have updated palletes but when i equip both 3rd job suit and halter i always got pallete error ex: cloth color #366 + 3rd job suit it works fine but when i equip halter i got pallete error on #366.pal
  9. Myth

    Bombring Event!

    i will try it and how about the other issue when there is only 1 player the event will stop because it never stop it still summoning
  10. try to use woe guardians
  11. what woe setter did you use?
  12. what's wrong with this script every time someone died the prize giver always unhide and the event is still on going. - script Bombring -1,{ OnInit: set .eventstarted, 1; set $bombring_reward,7179; bindatcmd "enablebombring","Bombring::OnGMStart"; bindatcmd "disablebombring","Bombring::OnGMStop"; hideonnpc "The Baaam#qz"; hideonnpc "The Baaam#prt"; end; OnGMStart: if (getgroupid() < 99){ dispbottom "You are not eligible for this command.", RED; end; } set .eventstarted, 1; OnEventStart: initnpctimer; hideonnpc "The Baaam#qz"; hideoffnpc "The Baaam#prt"; set .x, 5; OnTimer0000: if (.eventstarted == 2) end; announce "The Baaam: The bombring event has started!",bc_all; announce "The Baaam: Prize will be 1 POD!",bc_all; announce "The Baaam: Come to prontera and talk to me to join!",bc_all; announce "The Baaam: "+.x+" minutes remaining before it starts!",bc_all; set .x, .x - 1; end; OnTimer60000: OnTimer120000: OnTimer180000: OnTimer240000: if (.eventstarted == 2) end; announce "The Baaam: "+.x+" minutes remaining before the bombring event starts!",bc_all; set .x, .x - 1; end; OnTimer290000: if (.eventstarted == 2) end; announce "The Baaam: 10 seconds before the bombring event starts!",bc_all; end; OnTimer300000: if (.eventstarted == 2) end; set .totalplayers, getmapusers ("quiz_02"); announce "The Baaam: "+.totalplayers+" players joined!",bc_all; announce "The Baaam: The bombring even has started! Ciao!",bc_all; hideonnpc "The Baaam#prt"; stopnpctimer; callsub OnEventStart1; end; OnEventStart1: set .totalplayers, getmapusers ("quiz_02"); mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: Okay listen up, this is how it works.",bc_all; sleep 2000; mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: Bombrings will run rampant in this area.",bc_all; sleep 2000; mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: and all of them will go booooooom!",bc_all; sleep 2000; mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: all you have to do is avoid them and stay alive :P",bc_all; sleep 2000; mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: This will run for 30 seconds for 5 total rounds.",bc_all; sleep 2000; mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: Sooooooooooo, ready or not here they come!!!", bc_all; for (set .round,1;.round <= 5;set .round, .round + 1) { set .totalplayers, getmapusers ("quiz_02"); callsub OnBombringSummon; sleep 10000; } if (.round > 5 && getmapusers("quiz_02") > 0){ hideoffnpc "The Baaam#qz"; mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: Wooooow! That's rare! People won! :D",bc_all; } end; OnBombringSummon: mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: Round "+.round+"!!",bc_all; set .eventstarted, 2; initnpctimer; while (.eventstarted == 2) { if ( (3 * .totalplayers) <= 60) areamonster "quiz_02",48,334,71,357,"Run for you life!",1904,3 * .totalplayers; else areamonster "quiz_02",48,334,71,357,"Run for you life!",1904,60; if(.round == 1) { sleep 4000; } else if (.round == 2) { sleep 3000; } else if (.round == 3) { sleep 2000; } else if (.round == 4) { sleep 1500; } else if (.round == 5) { sleep 1000; } } if (.eventstarted == 2) mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: Round "+.round+" has finished!!",bc_all; if (.round < 5) mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: Next round in 10 seconds.",bc_all; return; OnTimer31000: if (.eventstarted == 1) end; else set .eventstarted, 1; killmonsterall "quiz_02"; cleanmap "quiz_02"; stopnpctimer; end; OnPCDieEvent: if (strcharinfo(3) == "quiz_02") { mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: "+strcharinfo(0)+" has been blown up!!",bc_all; warp "prontera",156,191; if (getmapusers("quiz_02") > 1) { stopnpctimer; set .eventstarted, 1; killmonsterall "quiz_02"; cleanmap "quiz_02"; hideoffnpc "The Baaam#qz"; mapannounce "quiz_02","The Baaam: Alright! We have a winner!!",bc_all; } } end; OnGMStop: set .eventstarted, 1; killmonsterall "quiz_02"; cleanmap "quiz_02"; announce "The Baaam: The bombring event has been stop!",bc_all; hideonnpc "The Baaam#qz"; hideonnpc "The Baaam#prt"; end; } quiz_02,59,345,5 script The Baaam#qz 856,{ mes "[The Baaam]"; mes "Ha! You were really good back there!"; mes "Here's a token for entertaining me."; next; mes "You have received ^00FF00"+getitemname($bombring_reward)+"^000000!"; getitem $bombring_reward,1; next; mes "[The Baaam]"; mes "Now get out of here before I make you explode!"; next; atcommand "@go 0"; hideonnpc "The Baaam#qz"; end; } prontera,155,178,5 script The Baaam#prt 879,{ mes "[The Baaam]"; mes "Hi! Wanna join the Bombring event?"; Switch(Select("Yes!:What is it about?:Nah, not interested.")) { case 1: mes "[The Baaam]"; mes "Alright! Get ready!"; next; sc_end SC_ALL; atcommand strcharinfo(0)+":@option 0 0 0"; warp "quiz_02",59,345; break; case 2: mes "[The Baaam]"; mes "Well all you have to do is stay alive."; mes "That is by dodging exploding ^00FF00Bombrings^000000!"; next; mes "[The Baaam]"; mes "If you win, you will get:"; mes "1x ^00FF00"+getitemname($bombring_reward)+"^000000!"; close; break; case 3: mes "[The Baaam]"; mes "Alright, see you around!"; close; break; } end; OnInit: hideonnpc "The Baaam#prt"; } quiz_02 mapflag nobranch quiz_02 mapflag nomemo quiz_02 mapflag nopenalty quiz_02 mapflag nosave SavePoint quiz_02 mapflag noskill quiz_02 mapflag noteleport quiz_02 mapflag nowarpto quiz_02 mapflag restricted 3 thanks in advance mates ^_^
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