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  1. Hi guys, I found the problem in the commit https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/2494 the code to refine with the item Blessing was not added... I could also see that they solved ( https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/2499 ) the problem but they did it in a 2017 emulator and when I want to add that solution I get a error in small fraction of the code.... And this happens because I'm using an emulator this year 2019. some charitable soul could help me solve this problem please: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/2499#issuecomment-464862431 some expert pls? we will share the final solution for all....
  2. where I can see all the information about the use of the blackmisth blessing??
  3. @KeyMaster @Cydh @Lemongrass It is normal that you can not refine with one Blacksmith Blessing when the weapon is in updgrade +8?
  4. Hello guys , Do any of you have a reliable guide to add the refining system of renewall to rathena?
  5. @Normynator I needed to compiler. @hendra814 Thanks Brother, I do not want to use visual occupies a lot of space. I managed to solve the issue 1.- Add only the packages required for MYSQL 2.- Install MariaDB(Mysql) 3.- Now I can compile the emulator in SQL 4.- For the requirements and Packages follow the guide of Debian HERE
  6. can someone tell me the correct way to install MySQL in cygwin? The problem is that I'm using windows 32 bits and I need to compile the emulator in cygwin... Note: I do not have installed the visual basic, because it takes up a lot of hard disk space...
  7. Well, I had previously done the search, and I did not find the tutorial... can you show me a tutorial please? I do not know what packages the Cygwin needs for work with the emulator. (Compiler and Start)
  8. Good morning guys ... Can someone guide me to install and configure the Cygwin correctly to compiler the emulator? I am use windows 10 of 32 bits.
  9. @Anacondaqq Friend, will you have this application for 32-bit systems?.... Doesn't work on windows 32 bits...
  10. Hi guys, pls can me someone help me solve this error?
  11. how to edit the maximum weight limit for all jobs to carry things ?
  12. Extraordinary! Please, you could share your diff list for this exe. @conan513
  13. Hi guys, Some of you have the Event Tarot, or other tarot event similary??? Pls help!.. Some charitable soul..
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