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  1. Vali


    Any chance to get a patch that allow read books with langtypes different than 1? ~Vali
  2. Buena idea lo del subdominio dentro de rathena. Si puedo ayudaros en algo solo decidme.
  3. Because are not checked by a developer. If a developer check it and is sure that is fixed/outdated will close it.
  4. I had the same problem when I launched my server heh Nice to hear that it helped. Vali~
  5. Try the next, In the data.ini swap the data.grf and the rdata.grf. Mine is in the next way: 2=rdata.grf 3=data.grf Vali~
  6. Great work nanakiwurtz, this is really great.
  7. This is also happening to me.
  8. +1 Interested in this.
  9. Vali


    I want to suggest this atcommand to allow the unload of all the NPCs from one specific file, in the same way there is @loadnpc <path_to_file> should be @delnpc <path_to_file>. This will be so helpful to reload an specific file without unload the NPCs one by one. What do you think about this?
  10. Hi, I changed the column rename to 1 to allow the rename of a character, but it's not appearing the button of change name in the character select screen. Anyone know if this is a bug or that feature is removed? Thank you, Vali~
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