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  1. DeletedUser

    Dressroom Addon

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone This is an very easy and simple addon for your server. All you need todo is to download the dressroom.rar to make it work. Put both files from the dressroom.rar in your npc/custom/ folder and edit your scripts_custom.conf to load both files, it should look like this: npc: npc/custom/stylist.txt npc: npc/custom/dressroom.txt After you've done this, players of the 3rd cls. should be able to use the Dress Room and change their appearence to the jRO ones as long as your client is up to date or you've downloaded the Dresspack from Rytech: Regards Masao


  2. DeletedUser

    UnityRO ~ Stronger together!

    Hello rAthena Community, I'd like to present to you guys my new Ragnarök Online P-Server project called UnityRO ~ Stronger together, our Server is build up to give you the best and most exciting expierience you can have after reaching the maximum level on our server, being always busy doing quests, dungeons or raids, and never come to get bored just sitting in the maintown doing nothing. UnityRO got a custom dungeon which needs the experience of highly trained players / groups to survive in there to be able to get some of the rarest items on our server which are also needed for various quests to get some extra good looking gear! We also got some fun Quests todo to customize your character with some unique headgears, a little fishing script and many automated events along with the many events our [Event GM's] provide and much more of course. UnityRO does make hourly backups of our Database so if an emergency should happen, we can roll back to an state where you have an minimum loss of your progress done ingame. UnityRO is especially based on an principle for players to still be busy after reaching the maximum level so there will be nearly no boredom happening to you, this is especially reflected by our servers rates, quests and challenging MvP's! UnityRO offers probably everything needed for every Highrate player who loves Ragnarök, a nice Community, a challange and some good old PvP and WoE action! Here are all the Server details listed in detail again: Base Exp: 650x Job EXP: 650x MvP Exp: 650x Quest EXP: 1300x Normal Drops: 250x MvP Eq. Drop: 250x Normal Cards: 1% Mvp & Miniboss Cards: 1% MvP random respawn time: 5 Min. . Max Base lvl: 255 Max Job lvl: 60 Max Stats: 200 Max Stats Baby: 230 Max Aspd: 194 Double Exe.: Yes Instant Cast: 180 Dex Renewal Client: Yes Custom Quest: Yes Vote for Points, Donations & Cashshop: Yes (No Pay2Win) Reseter: Yes Healer: Yes Warper: Town, Fields, Dungeon, WoE Mini Games: Yes MvP Arena: No Buff NPC: Yes Battleground: Yes Instances: All up to episode 16.1 Main Town: Prontera Main Language: English , German Custom Dungeon: Yes Custom Headgears: Yes Custom Wings: Yes Custom Aura: No Job Changer: Yes PvP & GvG Arena: Yes Shop Map: Yes Style & Dressroom NPC: Yes Item Mall: No Freebies: Yes Server Features: 29 Hairstyles 263 Hairs Colors 553 Clothes colors Many headgears from kRO, jRO, twRO, bRO and other official servers available. @commands for players: @go @rates @uptime @showdelay @mi @ii @whodrops @refresh @time @die @petrename @party @storage @mail @duel / invite / leave / accept / reject @main @jailtime @hominfo @noks @showexp @showzeny @autoloot @alootid: Possible to loot up to 5 different Items. @at / autotrade @changegm: Guild Leader Change @changeleader: Party Leader Change @partyoption @whereis @feelreset UnityRO Homepage: UnityRO ~ Stronger together! We hope to see you soon on our server! Regards Masao - UnityRO Admin Innos - UnityRO Co-Admin
  3. DeletedUser

    New Izlude Town

  4. maaaamaaaaaaassaaooooooo~kun!!!!!! <3____<3

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      Herru Seizure~San x3

  5. MaaaaaMaaaaSaaaooo-Kun! <3 :*

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      Seeeeeizuuuure-San <3 ;)

  6. DeletedUser

    New Izlude Town

    Version 1.0


    Hi everyone, this is an little Patch File for those of you who use an updated kRO RE Client which already contains the new Izlude Town Map which is now used on kRO as the new Tutorial Map! Because of this, the Izlude Town Map has been remodelled by Gravity and the NPC and Warp Locations have also been changed to match that new Map, however we on rAthena currently can't support the new Map officialy until we've found an Solution to properly split Pre-RE and RE Content with the rAthena Emulator. So I made this File for those People who can't or won't wait until that happens and wants to use it for their Servers which as I said have the new Izlude Town Map. I'll also add an updated map_cache for those of you who need it ^^ Map Cache: