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    #1 OnSecXX: doesn't exist, but this is redundant and unnecessary because OnMinuteXX already can fulfill what you looking for. #2 while(1) { // process what you want sleep 1000; } this attempt aren't actually recommended, people has been abusing how to use this trick for their convenience, without knowing the consequences. Whenever the script has done what its instructed to do, it should free up the resource, but this attempts doesn't free up the resource. #3 OnMinuteXX: due to user required to duplicate from 00 ~ 59th minutes, its become redundant work, but its exactly what you need. Fyi, it free up the resource once it done its part. #4 OnTimer60000: // process whatever you want here. OnInit: initnpctimer; end; more elegant, and less redundant work, doesn't required user to duplicate all the OnMinuteXX like attempt #3 did, and yes it also free up the resources once it done its part. Conclusion: you should pick between attempt #3 and #4. Personally, I would prefer #4.
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    @NarutoAfter casting Storm Gust while Land Protector is placed on the ground and another Land protector is cast (burning the first Land protector) the Storm gust should do damage after the second Land Protector is placed, but Storm Gust it’s not doing any damage. This is the issue. Does anyone have a fix for that?
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