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bootstrap-zero 1.0.0

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About This File

This is a tiny FluxCP theme for rAthena, inherited from the pre-integrated "bootstrap" theme by Akkarinage.
[ Installation ] 
Download the .zip or .rar file, then extract it to your `[FluxCP's root] > themes`.
Since the "bootstrap" theme is inherited from the default theme, this theme also requires the default.
So, your `ThemeName` in `config/application.php` should be something like this:
'ThemeName' => array('bootstrap-zero', 'default', 'bootstrap')

Not like this: 'ThemeName' => array('bootstrap-zero')

[ Configuration ]
You can adjust the Jumbotron's content in: `[theme's root] > parts > jumbotron.php`.


I know this theme is still small, don't know if I will develop it further or not.
My goal is to share, so that it doesn't go to waste on my computer, and hopefully can be used by the community.

This theme is provided as is. Use as you wish at your own risk.

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