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Theme - TH1 1.0.7

10.00 USD · Renewal Term: 10.00 USD/4 months

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About This File

Built with Bootstrap 5 for ease of data view and manipulation, this theme is light-weight with extra features!


There are a multitude of config options in the config file that you can change to easily modify this theme. However, there are no wacky extra configs that essentially duplicate the code from /config/application.php like some "designers" do - there's no need and they shouldn't do it.


Item & Monster Image - Ready

All the item and monster images (like the images displayed on the db pages) will show automatically as they're served from II's image repository, updated once per week. There is code in the config file that explains how to display specific images for items and mobs elsewhere on the site.


Character Sprites - Ready

This theme uses II's chargen that is regularly updated to display character images. It's used primarily on the Server Info page where the number of each class is listed, with a selection of random hats. Refresh the page to force the chars to swap hats!


Updated Facebook Page Plugin

Most themes still use the now deprecated Page Like code. For ease of customisation, this theme uses the shiny new Page Plugin with various options in the theme's config file. You will need to create a Facebook App to use this plugin and can be disabled via the config file.



There are two carousel sliders in this theme:

  • Firstly, in the Right Sidebar to display offers. Easily customised in the config file.
  • Secondly, the screenshots box on the homepage that expands to display the image in a modal. These can also be customised in the theme config.

Upload as many as you like!


Top 3 Killed MVPs

This is also using the hosted chargen to display MVP images on-the-fly so you don't have to do anything! You can easily edit the number if you want to display more.


World Boss Sidebar Box

If you've installed my World Boss code, the remaining kills will be displayed in a Sidebar Box. It's a small snippet to display the number so you can easily customise this box however you like! It can also easily be disabled via the config file.


Footer Social Icons

These icons will only display if you insert the links into the config file. You can also copy/paste (and swap the names) to easily create your own footer icons!



You are not allowed to redistribute this theme or any files associated with it. They are for your use only.


Price Structure

Now to explain the price. This theme costs $10 to download and install, and you can download all updates for the first 4 months.

4 months after purchasing, the rAthena forums will issue an invoice for a renewal charge of $10. You do not have to pay the extra $10 if you don't want to! If you choose not to renew, you will no longer be able to download new fresh updates.

The renewal charge simply allows you re-download the file and it's updates after 4 months have elapsed. I will be actively developing new features for this theme (like Facebook Login in the next release, and integration with roBrowser) and other features that you can only download if you have an active subscription to this theme. If you chose not to renew, and then in 7 months time a really cool feature is added to this theme, you will have to settle the renewal invoice before you can download updates.

Hope that clears up how the pricing structure works!

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Updated Bootstrap version in description

What's New in Version 1.0.7   See changelog


## Version 1.0.7
*Released 2/6/2023*


* Resolved table issues by auto loading the Bootstrap table design over the top of FluxCP's default css.
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