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OnPCLootEvent 1.5.1

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About This File

New NPC Label

  • OnPCLootEvent:

This label triggers when a player picks up an item from the ground in a map marked with the 'lootevent' mapflag. This works with @autoloot and @alootid, this does not work for items given by script. When in a party with shared loot, only the player who looted the item from the ground will trigger this label. The information of the item picked up will be stored in an array called '@looted_data', check the script_commands.txt for the order of the data stored.

Usage Sample: lootevent_sample.txt

What's New in Version 1.5.1   See changelog


Updated to be compatible with the latest revision. Haven't tested yet but it should work, leave a message if you get any errors.

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