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Sader's Renewal Mode [PRE-RE Only] 2.0.1


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About This File

this mode is only for PRE-RE servers

support sql and txt base

you will find the config file in /rAthena/conf/battle/renewal.conf

renewal.conf sample

// Sader's renewal mode Configuration File
// Originally made by sader1992
// https://rathena.org/board/profile/30766-sader1992/
//== this mode will add the renewal databases in to pre renewal
//== without overrite the pre renewal databases
// Note 1: this mode is only for pre-renewal servers
// Note 2: this is not free so you don't have the right to share or sell it!
// Note 3: with rAthena only !
// Note 4: Sql Database is not supported only txt_db

//============Renewal Maps=============
renewal_map_cache: yes

//==========Renewal Monsters===========
renewal_mob_db: yes

//For the Monster skills the skills are add up not overwrite
//Enable this may give you error for the MAX_MOBSKILL
//to ignore the error you can increase the MAX_MOBSKILL in rathena/src/map/map.hpp file
//#define MAX_MOBSKILL 50		//Max 128, see mob skill_idx type if need this higher
renewal_mob_skill_db: no

//Quick option that will enable the following:
//mob_race2_db ,mob_random_db ,mob_branch
//mob_poring ,mob_boss
renewal_mob_db_full: yes

//Customized Monsters Setting
renewal_mob_random_db: no
renewal_mob_boss: no
renewal_mob_branch: no
renewal_mob_poring: no
renewal_mob_race2_db: no

//this may do a problem in pre-re - connected with item_randomopt_group
renewal_mob_drop: no

//===========Renewal Items=============
renewal_item_db: yes

renewal_item_combo_db: yes

//Quick option that will enable the following:
//item_stack ,item_group_db ,item_bluebox ,item_violetbox
//item_cardalbum ,item_giftbox ,item_misc ,item_package
//item_noequip ,item_trade  ,item_delay  ,item_buyingstore
renewal_item_db_full: yes

//Customized Items Setting
renewal_item_group_db: no
renewal_item_bluebox: no
renewal_item_buyingstore: no
renewal_item_cardalbum: no
renewal_item_delay: no
renewal_item_flag: no
renewal_item_giftbox: no
renewal_item_misc: no
renewal_item_noequip: no
renewal_item_package: no
renewal_item_randomopt_db: no
renewal_item_stack: no
renewal_item_trade: no
renewal_item_violetbox: no

//This may do a problem for pre-re - connected with mob_drop
renewal_item_randomopt_group: no

//===========Renewal Skills============

//Quick option that will enable the following:
//skill_db ,skill_castnodex_db ,skill_cast_db
//skill_nocast_db ,skill_require_db ,skill_unit_db
renewal_skill_db_full: yes

//Customized Skills Setting
renewal_skill_db: no
renewal_skill_castnodex_db: no
renewal_skill_cast_db: no
renewal_skill_nocast_db: no
renewal_skill_require_db: no
renewal_skill_unit_db: no
renewal_produce_db: no

//===========Renewal Quests============
renewal_quest_db: yes

//=========Renewal Homunculus==========
renewal_homunculus_db: yes
renewal_exp_homun: yes

How it Work ?

this mode will add all the missing items/monsters/quests/maps in pre-renewal from the renewal


if you without this mode @item a hat not on the pre-renewal the result would be @item failed

if you with this mode @item the above you will get the item from the renewal database

that work on all the setting in the renewal.conf file read it once you apply the mode


Installation :

see the video for installation!


if git apply didn't work with you because you did a lot of src edit in your server then you would need to apply it manually 

this file made on : Git Hash: a6a2c4301bcf295b1769411a9123fd6a39ba613f

Sader-s-Renewal-mode-V1_03-12-2018.patch made on : Git Hash: 40a4edc4f8fff75ba35b969882edabd17dd4c258

Sader-s-Renewal-mode-V2_with_sql_14-10-2019.patch made on Git Hash: 4806f66e9c12ebcbcd2fe2c0d13a7fb4a2942b8f

Sader-s-Renewal-mode-V2_with_sql_06-02-2020.patch made on Git Hash: 83da86c3016eebf8ef1b7111cffb0b6011f84dc6

Sader-Renewal-Mode-25-04-2020a.patch made on Git Hash: 05ebde0198380c100c92b7873c86ee93b811032d




License : 

by downloading this file you are agree on the following:

  • i will Back Up my server before using this file.
  • i will use this file for my own private server only , not for a group of servers .
  • i will never share this file with anyone .
  • i will never upload this file to public and i wont leave it on shared storage .
  • i will report any bugs or errors to sader1992 .
  • all the rights retain to sader1992 .
  • Charge-back scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena.

Terms above may be changed or adjusted without prior notification .


What's New in Version 2.0.1   See changelog


add support for 05ebde0198380c100c92b7873c86ee93b811032d


add patch to the last update 25 04 2020

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