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Usable Enchant Item 1.1

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About This File

Description :

Players are able to click on the Enchant items to provide custom bonus to the selected equipment.

Varies of bonus could be done especially use together with a *getequippedon script command to provide a wide range of bonuses.

The current items and bonuses display in the video is just a sample for demo.

The origin of the idea come from Diablo and 張阿神.


Sample Usage:

callfunc("F_UsableEnchantItem", <delete_item_id>, <enchant_item_id>{, <card_index>});


Item Database :

Create a custom item for enchant

  - Id: 501
    AegisName: Red_Potion_Enchant_Usable
    Name: Red Potion
    Type: DelayConsume
    Buy: 10
    Weight: 70
    Script: |
      callfunc("F_UsableEnchantItem", 501, 909, 3);

Create a custom enchant item with special bonuses.

  - Id: 909
    AegisName: Jellopy_Enchant_Item
    Name: Jellopy
    Type: Etc
    Buy: 6
    Weight: 10
      BuyingStore: true
    Script: |
      .@eqp = getequippedon();
      if (.@eqp & EQP_ARMOR) { bonus bVit,100; }
      if (.@eqp & EQP_HEAD_TOP) { bonus bInt,100; } 
      if (.@eqp & EQP_SHOES) { bonus bAgi,100; }


Preview :

Edited by Emistry

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Update + enable specify which card slot to enchant.

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