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Atlantis Town 1.0

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About This File

The city of Atlantis. This town consists of the following areas and features:

1. Baron Square

  • For all of you LoL (League of Legends) players out there, I've imported the Christmas Version of Baron as the central piece of attraction in the square of Atlantis City. Baron is worshiped and governs the city.

2. Atlantis Palace

  • Atlantis comes equipped with a royal palace which houses the elite that controls the city such as the queen, king, and other royal members. It is located directly North of Atlantis positioned in the middle-top of the map.

3. Court Yard Flower Meadow

  • Directly South of Atlantis is a small courtyard containing several underwater plants and flowers to serve as a great place to socialize or house NPCs.

4. Houses

  • There are several buildings West of Atlantis. They are there to serve as a local inn, tool shop, weapon/armor shop, magic shop, etc.

5. Exit Points

  • Atlantis has several exit areas. The exit West of the City was originally designed to connect to an underwater field. You can use this for w/e you want. The exit located at the very bottom right of the map (South-East) shows a cave entrance. You can use this to connect to an underground pathway to some destination or w/e you want. Finally, there is an exit at the middle-right of the city. You will notice there is a nice flowery pathway leading towards it complete with statues and pillars. This can be used to connect to a sacred area or anything else you can come up with.

6. Waterfall Enclosure

  • The entire city is surrounded by waterfalls producing the idea that the water is being controlled, preventing it from drowning the city. Whats controlling the water are specific pillars at different corners around the map which have magic powers of some sort..

The package provided is already packed as a GRF and ready to be added to your server. You will notice that I attached the .EXTRA file to the GRF. With this file you will be able to have a mapper edit the map without losing the currently assigned lightmaps. Therefore, feel free to edit the map but credits are still owed to me.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • -> Contains Baron model and model texture
  • -> Contains map files (.GAT,.RSW,.GND,.EXTRA)
  • .EXTRA file is for those who wish to make changes to the map without losing lightmap control.
  • -> Minimap BMP
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