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  1. bump! ----------- on my second test this problem only pallete of trans class (high class) 1st class / 3rd class is fine
  2. original topic form here : http://hercules.ws/board/topic/281-very-old-problem-about-official-pallete-and-langtype/ Hello everyone. I have been wait for long time about this problem. after the 2010-08-10RagexeRE Client does not support diff/hex about option Use_Official_Clothes_Palettes_All_Langtypes anymore i wanna bring them back. bcuz the Official Pallete is pretty cool for me check this screenshot any idea? help? Thank You!
  3. hello yommy, so you can tech me, how to use iRO client on rAthena server? bcuz iRO sakexe is very useful more than ragexere (kro) thx
  4. Hey Pneuma? are you come form japanese?
  5. i attachments the battlefieldinfo.lua in english translate (google tools) for you need to be new-verb for easy understand battlefieldinfo.txt
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