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  1. im sorry for bumping this old topic. i have the same problem. anyone know how to fix it? is it client side or server side?
  2. my client crashes after warping on this map. used 2018 kro client
  3. how to enable fly wing? in this goldroom? i already remove the no_teleport
  4. sorry for bumping this topic. any idea how to make it work if the player uses bubble gum?
  5. please update for new version of emulator (c++)
  6. sorry for bumping. is there any other method instead of @fakename? like using official title system
  7. this is hercules item db. is that supported?
  8. hi, someone resolve this issue on vending no_msg?
  9. done adding my custom weapon, i can spawn it in inventory and i can see the sprite when onstand. but if onattack the sprite is gone </3 sry for my bad english XD eh i solve i add it on weapontable.lub
  10. is this compatible with 2013Ragexe clients?
  11. i do the same i can see sprites in game but when i do attack the weapon is gone
  12. how? how did u solve? i have the same problem, weapon view is not correctly rendered. when i attaack doesnt show the weapon sprite then when im on idle position i can see the sprite
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