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  1. Thank you very much for this. Sadly there are a lot of models still wrong. Here are some examples ba_bath - they shouldn't be at ground Looks like there are some textures missing on ba_maison The whole house on ba_maison has to be moved to south so it fit the plateau. I think the lower part of the stais need to move to the east. These stones are strange.
  2. Awesome! Is there any chance to convert rsw 2.2 to rsw 2.1 with rsm1 models so we can load the in old clients?
  3. Gravity added new formats with 17.2 today ? .rsw Format got version 2.2 adding 1 byte in the header // Read header. fp = new BinaryReader(data); header = fp.readBinaryString(4); version = fp.readByte() + fp.readByte()/10; if (header != 'GRSW') { throw new Error('RSW::load() - Invalid header "' + header + '", must be "GRSW"'); } if (version >= 2.2) { unknown = fp.readByte(); } // Read sub files. this.files.ini = fp.readBinaryString(40); this.files.gnd = fp.readBinaryString(40); this.files.gat = fp.readBinaryString(40); And it seems like they added a new model format which is used in those maps. waterpond_s_01.rsm2 Hopefully there will be a map converter for this.
  4. Receiving an error on registering. 遊戲電郵用於角色刪除及密碼修改. 安全密碼用於聯絡GM找回賬號. 註冊成功後會顯示遊戲帳號及密碼,請牢記. 電郵格式不正確|Wrong Email format
  5. Hey, could you fix some problems with the list? Some item names got removed letters. 1519 Chai 1520 Chain_ 1521 Chain__ 1901 Violi 1902 Violin_ A lot of those.
  6. Is the wsProxy needed for a website version?
  7. Haveing the same issues with getting under the world while moving sometimes.
  8. Is the windows client version also in source control? Would be nice if you could share it and tell how to start it
  9. I want to use this for my aegis server. Sadly it seems to be not compatbile with the websockets. You got the desktop client version ready with tcp instead of websockets? /edit: nvm, was somehow a bug with gender (11 instead of 1).
  10. I am looking for someone who may help me modifiing a specific client. The client has some features disabled. - Character creation - Character deletion - Navigation button - Battlequeue button - Party finder button - Simple cash shop button The Buttons are visible, but seems to be disabled, you can't click them.
  11. Changed (6598) 요르문간드의 늑골 거대한 뱀 "요르문간드"의 늑골. 믿을 수 없을 정도의 강도와 크기를 자랑한다. 무게 : 21000 ====== auto-parsed ====== Weight : 1000 I know, just wanted to know what it is used for. New godlike items? Or why is it's weight that heavy? Seems not to be default trash loot.
  12. What's the Jormungar_Rib for? 1000 weight is a lot for a normal item.
  13. How about making it configurable like AEGIS did? levelPenalty.lua -- 이파일은 lua 문법에 따라 작성해야 합니다. -- 레벨차에 의한 페널티를 설정하는 파일입니다. -- 타겟-플레이어 레벨 입니다. -- 레벨차에 의한 경험치 페널티를 설정합니다. Exp={--일반 [16]=40; [15]=115; [14]=120; [13]=125; [12]=130; [11]=135; [10]=140; [9]=135; [8]=130; [7]=125; [6]=120; [5]=115; [4]=110; [3]=105; [0]=100; [-1]=100; [-6]=95; [-11]=90; [-16]=85; [-21]=60; [-26]=35; [-31]=10; }; MvpExp={--보스형 [0]=100; }; -- 레벨차에 의한 아이템드롭률 패널티를 설정합니다. ItemDrop={--일반 [16]=50; [13]=60; [10]=70; [7]=80; [4]=90; [0]=100; [-4]=90; [-7]=80; [-10]=70; [-13]=60; [-16]=50; }; MvpItemDrop={--보스형 [0]=100; };
  14. Hm, ok, I'll wait with Homun S script then. AEGIS is using one more function that is not reflected by that script. CheckHomunLevel -> returns the homun level CheckHomunMutation -> 0 if not evolved, 1 if evolved, 2 if Homun S CheckHomunCall -> I think this returns if Call Homunculus is skilled SetReadyMutationHomun -> This removes your current homunculus and you will get an Strange Embry (http://www.divine-pride.net/item/6415) MutationHomun ID -> this actually gives you the new Homunculus. Not sure why they are using the SetReadyMutationHomun.
  15. Thank you very much. I am not looking to run them in rAthena, but in Aegis. But if you guys already got the scripts it's easier to convert them for aegis than capture them on iRO
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