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  1. yes, Maybe atleast add 2 more buttons(register,website) then add rss feed above, Thanks! hoping for your assistance on this!
  2. requesting a thor patcher coded like below, very simple GUI Maybe atleast add 2 more buttons(register,website) then add rss feed above,
  3. May I request for Brian's VIP rental, It's already dead link,
  4. I am requesting a script that will stuck up, for example I use headgear with {},{sc_start SC_EXPBOOST,-1,50; sc_start SC_ITEMBOOST,-1,150;},{sc_end SC_EXPBOOST; sc_end SC_ITEMBOOST;} When I also use field manual, It will stuck up, if headgear has increase exp by 50% then when i use field manual with 50% also, total should be 100%, Thanks!
  5. glemor123

    Pvp room

    here prontera,146,83,5 script PVP Warper 966,{ mes "You will be warp to our PVP Room"; next; mes "Are you sure you want to be warped to our PVP Room?"; menu "YES bring it on",yes,"NO im weak",no; yes: announce "PVP ROOM: "+strcharinfo(0)+" Entered the PVP ROOM!",bc,0xFF6060; warp "pvp_y_8-1",0,0; close; no: close; OnInit: while( 1 ){ delwaitingroom; waitingroom "PVP Room ("+getmapusers("pvp_y_8-1")+")",0; sleep 1000; } end; }
  6. palitan mo lang sa server files mo, off mo lang renewal settings,
  7. got things working :), main problem now is the interface it seems it got stuck with that kind of interface, I did try to wait it out hoping that it will fix it self unfortunately not, can anyone help me?
  8. Hello I'm currently looking for a script that changes all of them server item prices either to increase or decrease, it's like a real life situation where in gas price increase sometimes decrease, maybe we can set the increase percentage or decrease percentage on the script, also we can set the day that it will take effect
  9. Should I ignore that error sir? then just turn of debug,
  10. I'm currently experiencing the problem below, maybe someone can help me?
  11. Please disregard, I was able to code my own to address my request, thank!
  12. Can you go to other map, then try to walk again,
  13. Can you try using fresh server files without further server modification, then let us see how it works!