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  1. I want to have Automated 3v3 PVP Event with Automated Prizes Thanks in advance....
  2. I need a script that needs to convert Any 3x Card to 1 Point
  3. Based on the title itself, I want to have a Guild Package NPC that when the Member leaves it will go to guildstorage...
  4. Nope It doesn't work, and there is no gvg_noparty mapflag i already deleted it...
  5. None sir When the two players is not on the GVG maps (WoE, KoE etc. etc.) It can cast Devotion and it works throughly, but if the two players is in GVG, same players are 99 they cannot cast devotion ... Edited ...
  6. Why is it in my server Devotion does not work on GVG maps Skill has failed
  7. Ohhhh, Thanks I'll gonna test it ^_^
  8. I want to have NPC that can give item but the player must be online 15days for ex: I played 1 hour and i logout, when i login this gametime will be onwards until i got 15days worth of hours and it will give some Goodie item Thanks in advanced.
  9. Do this have the Map?
  10. Is this possible to remove this UI tabs? in my equipped items?
  11. I would like to ask regarding this one, how to add maps? || strcharinfo(3) != "prontera" to? || strcharinfo(3) != "pvp_y_5-2" || strcharinfo(3) != "pvp_y_5-3")???
  12. #ifdef VIP_ENABLE #define MIN_STORAGE 500 // Default number of storage slots. #define MIN_CHARS 9 // Default number of characters per account. #define MAX_CHAR_VIP 3 // This must be less than MAX_CHARS #define MAX_CHAR_BILLING 3 // This must be less than MAX_CHARS #endif this is the code, when i change MIN_CHARS to 12 the error occurs, I am using Packetversion of 20180620 so it should be maximum of 15 characters Thanks in advance. for the help
  13. atcommand "@jump"; will not be like @warp cause it has a "coordinates" when you @jump
  14. Hmmm I don't understand ... My Item description is 35000,Unli Fly Wing,Unli Fly Wing,11...........{ warp "strcharinfo(3)",0,0; },{},{} then I want this item to put it on Noteleport mapflag
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