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  1. how to fix stat points like this ? 72 stat point for 1 stat. anyone could help me ?
  2. I am using very very latest Kro kRO_FullClient_20200409 defines_pre.hpp 2015-11-04aRagexe.exe
  3. I've download the latest KRO, and update it . But when I make a new launcher by NEMO, it wont launch. The ragnarok.exe just launch in 3 or 5 second and then closed by itself. ( I see on task manager its closed immediately) I've put the clientinfo.xml and sclientinfo.xml on the data folder, I've edit client info on data.grf . Anybody know why ?
  4. Sir do you know why is my exe launcher always stopped when i want to use my char ?
  5. I am sorry, its already connect but I cant make new pin. erorr always appear like this hahahaha
  6. the rAthena server that I make, but when I click it, its failed to connect server again.
  7. what do you mean ? I am using latest KRO --" I am sorry I didn't get it
  8. what should I do with that 2 file sir ? I have it on my rathena.. I am so sorry too many asking. I really newbie at make private server
  9. I am so sorry but I don't know how to check packetvar, can you please tell me how ?
  10. theres connection come in but like this
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