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  1. Anyone knows how to remove the concurrent connection limit on centos 7? Thanks in advance.
  2. How to disable itemlink on 2015-10-29 client. Other players are abusing it by sending fake custom item links.
  3. So I found the problem. It was because of the patch from nemo patcher. I modified the F & R using the following below: I replaced it using this F: B8 DE BD C3 C1 F6 00 R: 'Message' Now my question is, with this changes I made should I be bother with an error that might happen because of the changes I made? Hopefully someone can confirm this.
  4. Hi All, I am looking for this strings in the client where it has missing letter "Messag" it should be "Message" I already looked around the msgstringtable.txt but I cant find it there. I am using 20151029a Client, I tried to change client but the missing character is still there. Anyone has experienced this kind of missing character? Please let me know I badly want to fix it
  5. I've been using RO hosting since day and sadly the host provider closed the service without notice so I am planning to start again but this time to using self managed servers. Can't decide between OVH and Digital Ocean and the location, below are my requirements. Kindly help me decide, your opinion is much appreciated. 1. Main market will be south east asia but I also wanna cater players from mid east and US. My previous host is located at California and did not received any complains with the latency. 2. Projected players will be 500 to 1k. Help me decide for the specs that will cater that number of players and future expansion. 3. I prefer windows for OS but I am willing to learn new from new OS like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian etc. which once should I choose. 4. VPS or Dedicated? Again, thanks for the response!
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