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  1. i think s1lykos have the job sprite+ codes for the darkRO custom jobs
  2. waiting also tried to search on the forum but i found nothing
  3. hello what is the last client supported of AndRO? because im using 2018 client + gepard 3.0 i am wondering if this will work
  4. any recommended clean data folder to use with this exe?
  5. check the data resources something is missing on the files also use the latest RE System And Resources
  6. its fine just copy paste it to the right folder
  7. if you are using VPS just put and if home connection naman open your port para makapasok ka using wan ip
  8. ako wala pang harmony . harmonize lang good to see all the oldiest here any way about your problem mr thread starter i prefer to use virtual box and download centos 6 or higher but if you dont know how to use linux then use windows and learn how to compile there are a lot of guide's here how to compile server using windows
  9. hi the andro keeps stopping after the GRF caching any solution ? already tested the client in pc its working 100%
  10. if you want a cheaper one then go to lowendtalk but you will have to setup the server by your self
  11. Obiwan

    VPS Support

    yes that is possible u can use 1 login 2 char and 2 map so only 1 account for 2 server and u can also use it as a proxy server if you have many vps u can make a proxy server
  12. change the debug to release
  13. Hi can someone share to me a database with 4 slot all equips and weapon thanks
  14. make sure na na compiled mo ung server using your client version and check the packet_db.txt
  15. A Wedding script like official + GM Control