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  1. Be more specific. Use item X -> open a select equipment window -> slot occupied? then what?
  2. Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Open rAthena.sln at the emulator folder Build> Build solution (first time) Build> Rebuild solution after.
  3. Chun3

    Ragnarok Traffic

    Hi!, just a few questions about ragnarok traffic: how many players a link of 1mb/s can handle? for calculus base. many hosters have a mensal traffic, like 1TB. how a server generate that traffic? ex: if i upload a npc, it will count? a sql query count? a player costs how much per time of the bandwith? if any1 have anything, or a link that can provide something related i will be grateful, thanks!
  4. Hi, someone has the Pure Patcher ( ) with the .ini files?, i would like to use on my server. Thanks!
  5. I like this classic patch so much! Someone could help me configure the files for my server? just a little guide, what to put on WebDeny file? i'm not getting here. Why there is no more pure patcher anymore?
  6. Chun3


    skill.c case WZ_WATERBALL: skill_addtimerskill(src,tick+125,target->id,0,0,skl->skill_id,skl->skill_lv,skl->type-1,skl->flag);
  7. Chun3

    Menu's size.

    It is the client, something diff related. not the setup. i changed to 2012 client. thx!
  8. >
  9. *rentitem <item id>,<time>;
  10. Oh i see, thanks! i thought it was a variable from bought_x functions.
  11. i was trying to see if land protector cancels pneuma, but it doesn't, then it would be eeasy to cast a little land protector at the ganbatein area then use the normal skill to fix. no sucess. if someone knows, it will help. this is a bug.
  12. - shop custom_seller2 -1,501:-1 prontera,155,148,3 script Poring Seller 476,{ mes "I will sell you items for " + getitemname(.CoinID) + "."; callshop "custom_seller2",1; npcshopattach "custom_seller2"; end; OnBuyItem: mes ""+.Price[[email protected]]+""; mes ""[email protected]_nameid[[email protected]]+""; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.customs); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(@bought_nameid); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if(@bought_nameid[[email protected]]==.customs[[email protected]]) { if(checkweight(@bought_nameid[[email protected]],@bought_quantity[[email protected]])) { if(countitem(.CoinID) >= .Price[[email protected]]*@bought_quantity[[email protected]]) { delitem .CoinID,.Price[[email protected]]*@bought_quantity[[email protected]]; getitem @bought_nameid[[email protected]],@bought_quantity[[email protected]]; } else dispbottom "You don't have enough "+getitemname(.CoinID)+" to purchase that item."; } else dispbottom "Purchasing these items will put you over the weight limit!"; } } } deletearray @bought_quantity, getarraysize(@bought_quantity); deletearray @bought_nameid, getarraysize(@bought_nameid); close; OnInit: setarray .customs[0],12028,607,678;// Enter the ID of customs here setarray .Price[0],10,3,5; // Price for each custom is set to 20 coins set .CoinID,7539; // Enter the ID of the coin here. npcshopitem "custom_seller2",0,0; // Don't touch any coding beyond here for(set .i,0; .customs[.i]; set .i,.i+1) npcshopadditem "custom_seller2",.customs[.i],.Price[.i]; end; } My question is: this line mes ""[email protected]_nameid[[email protected]]+""; shows the correct name when a item is bought this line mes ""+.Price[[email protected]]+""; doesn't show the right price. its always Price[0] why? isn't [email protected] supossed to be a npc variable after the bought?