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  1. Ahura Mazda

    Browedit 2.0 - a new revision by Borf

    I wonder if there is an error-free version of BrowEdit today. I have been trying to use this tool for a few months, but I can not because this error always appears: Browedit.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module. I have already tried using windows 7, 8 and now 10. I think I am within the parameters of use. I also changed the notebook twice and still the error persists. Anyway ... If there is any solution to my problem and someone can help, I will be very grateful. Thank you in advance for the answer.
  2. Ahura Mazda

    Kuroyukihime Wings

  3. Ahura Mazda

    Count to a Million

  4. Ahura Mazda

    [Source] Ragnarok 2: The gate of the World

    Hello ilovechii, if not bother much would you consertasse link the source code. Thank you very much! Att.
  5. Ahura Mazda

    Count to a Million

  6. Ahura Mazda

    Episode 15.2 Memory Record (Sakray Server)

    @ williamII I would like to thank you for the answer. Just download and used your second suggestion: http://www.nickyzai.com/?p=kro. Everything here worked properly, just could not log in because the site pages confuse everyone. I will continue trying to create my account on kro. More for now I'll use its mechanisms. Anyway thanks for responddoer my question helped me a lot. xD Att.
  7. Ahura Mazda

    Episode 15.2 Memory Record (Sakray Server)

    Hello Mr. Ziu! I wonder if you could post the installer to download Korean Ragnarok. I've tried several times, but could not. I would love if you actually stand on its blog the installer so that we might also check the news personally. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you in advance! Att.
  8. Hello my name is Maycon I was very surprised with this powerful tool! You could create a tutorial step-by-step of how to use it? You could also put it for download here at rAthena and add a simple tutorial on how to aim and use 100% of their performance. Thank you! Sorry my bad english. Att: Maycon