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  1. I only got it with woff2 @Edit I might as well get it with OTF too xD
  2. @Ai4rei Does css not support custom web fonts?
  3. Acho que ele quer em pt-br... se for não tem, só tem no bRO, porém sabe como é o bRO...
  4. interessante, vou dar uma olhadinha, de monstro eu tenho script que faz isso xD
  5. https://github.com/SoulBlaker/scripts_test/tree/master/DeathArena
  6. This one is free yes, I created it in mid 2008~10 I am the owner, git: https://github.com/SoulBlaker/ it's mine, it's an old script and I have to thank people for updating it and giving more life to things that are about 10 years old. SoulBlaker = sbk_ it's me free and thanks @IsabelaFernandez for recycling, "I say new features in something that should be dead", continues congratulations.
  7. well the problem is in the source, follow the link of the report below and a temporary solution for those who are facing the same problem: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/5256
  8. Tem files do brAthena que estão praticamente 90% com o código original, alias vi bastantes que só muda a quantidade de mes já que o pessoal costuma colocar tudo em uma linha e deixar o próprio npc fazer as break lines.
  9. Well I don't know if it's a problem in the source, because there is no way to attack without the shift pressed, even giving / ns does not work. Example the game's standard dueling system does not allow attacking without the shift being pressed: It was tested with hexed from 2018 and 2019 and in both this problem occurs, in 2017 it does not. Thanks to everyone who collaborates.
  10. SBK_


    I took a look at hercules I saw that there are packages for RO Zero that can remove effects, it will be if in our emulator there is nothing to remove effects or at least reset to zero?
  11. I believe not, AI is part of the client anyone can change and use as they wish.
  12. Solved (luafiles514/skillinfo/skilltreeview.lub)
  13. Well I'm having a problem with the skills tab, it doesn't translate accordingly. If I put Langtype 0 in Korean, does anyone know what it could be?
  14. Po mano, falou sucesso ?, obrigado por fazer parte dessa nossa comunidade e sinta-se livre para retornar quando quiser ?
  15. It's the most recent rAthena, when I see it right there.
  16. 103/5000 well, i'm having a problem and already tried to download several and not fixed, i have the following problems: If anyone can help me thank you very much ^ _ ^
  17. Add after: at->sd->state.block_action &= ~PCBLOCK_IMMUNE;
  18. I also thought about it, but I saw that there are some servers that break this rule.
  19. Well, I'm using Thor Patcher, and the same in the notice box is using MSI 7, I do not even have it installed, I discovered this when trying to use CSS with the default browser set to Chrome, Edge and even Internet Explorer 9 (I use Windows 10), does anyone know why, thank you?
  20. Não sei se aparece em inglês não, mais acho que seria koreano, é a multi linguagem do seu windows.
  21. Se você estiver usando algum módulo bancário, esses da GAS Tecnologia, desinstale.
  22. I had this problem too, I tested everything right really at the time he loads the character and he will pass on the information, he would end the coin he would lose this information.
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