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  1. TheKingDino's post in Pre-Re Homunculus not working was marked as the answer   
    Extremely stupid oversight by me. I just didn't have the proper packver defined.

    I'll leave this up in case anyone encounters the same issue.

    Added in src/custom/defines_pre.hpp
  2. TheKingDino's post in How to keep chars on specific map and delete the rest? was marked as the answer   
    This request is kind of confusing. Do you want the player's characters to be deleted(outside Prontera)? Or do you just want all the NPCs?

    There is a way to do both. You may want a way to automate it if you're deleting a lot of characters. But there's a column named "last_map" within your char table. You could hit the last_map button above it and it'll sort the rows then manually delete every character that isn't on "prontera"
  3. TheKingDino's post in Using "bAddClass,Class_All" instead of "bAtkRate"? was marked as the answer   
    They are done this way because that's how the damage is calculated in official renewal. You can use bAtkRate,n;. It's a bonus that works. But it is unofficial.
  4. TheKingDino's post in Eden gives only Base Level EXP no job exp was marked as the answer   
    Depends on which level range script you are looking at.

    26-40.txt does grant job experience. While 41-55,txt does not. For two examples. Found in npc/re/quests/eden

    Found in 41-55.txt
    setarray [email protected][0],9600,7200,15750,7875,11100,8550,17100,9000,12300,9900,20250,10350,13800,11025,22500,11250; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<16; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if (checkquest([email protected],HUNTING) == 2) { mes "[Mission Board]"; mes "You have completed the mission."; mes "Here is your reward."; erasequest 12088; erasequest [email protected]; specialeffect2 EF_STEAL; getexp [email protected][[email protected]],0; // <--- HERE close; } You could simply change it to something like this:
    getexp [email protected][[email protected]],2000; And although different quests from this level range will have their base exp dependent on the Array #. Each one of these will always grant 2,000 job exp this way.

    To go through them all you can always search "getexp" and change any of the ,0; to your desired job experience.
  5. TheKingDino's post in how to add max weight was marked as the answer   
    It is working. That's the default. The value isn't literally interpreted as 20000 weight.  I've never messed with the weight values in the job_db but I would recommend trying to multiple the value by 10 or something and see what that does. I'm not sure if it'll effect the max base weight or the Str stat scaling of max weight instead.

    So something like
    // Novice 0, 200000,0

    If it works then you'd have to change every single class's weight in the job_db, though. Which seems like a bad way to go about it.
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