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  1. Then the fault is on my side, maybe you be nice to link me up where you downloaded the clients?
  2. change your clientinfo to since you're connecting to your local server
  3. As he said use the bonus script to add the HP. and use OnLoadMapEvent for specific maps to remove bonus_script_clear script command. go read the script command bonus_script "{bonus bMaxHP,500000;}",86400000,0,0;
  4. Both potion creation / 3rd job food creation have both failing chances.
  5. Try not creating with a user with _M / _F and start with that first.
  6. Tested both 2018-06-21 / 2018-06-21aRE Client. An error always appear that the client is not compatible. Is there something wrong from my installation or the client is just wrong. I made sure the client date match
  7. It's still nonexistent in rathena, only the job sprite support is available. It shouldn't be a problem even if you don't remove it at the moment
  8. prontera,1,1,1 script exchanger 123,{ for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.possible_trade); [email protected]++){ if(countitem(.possible_trade[[email protected]]) >= .trade_amount[[email protected]]){ [email protected]$ += .trade_amount[[email protected]] + " - " + getitemname(.possible_trade[[email protected]]) + ":"; [email protected] += 1; } else { [email protected]$ += "^d3d3d3You lack " + getitemname(.possible_trade[[email protected]]) + "^000000" + ":"; } } if([email protected] == 0){ mes "- You don't have any possible items to trade. -"; close; } [email protected] = select([email protected]$) - 1; if(countitem(.possible_trade[[email protected]]) < .trade_amount[[email protected]]){ mes "- You lack "+getitemname(.possible_trade[[email protected]])+" for trading."; close; } mes "Are you sure you want to trade your "+.trade_amount[[email protected]]+" "+getitemname(.possible_trade[[email protected]])+"?"; next; if(select("Yes:No") == 2) end; delitem .possible_trade[[email protected]],.trade_amount[[email protected]]; getitem .reward_item,1; end; OnInit: setarray .possible_trade,501,502,503; // Item ID To Exchange setarray .trade_amount,5,5,10; // Amount To Exchange .reward_item = 607; // Item Reward for Exchanging end; } Just change the ID in possible trade and the reward item for each trade. You can also add possible id to trade in the array
  9. Try changing your msgstringtable
  10. I think you're talking about this.
  11. enable the dynamic mob in the conf
  12. I think its somewhere in the client conf aura_lvl
  13. Editing the aura in battle.conf should be sufficient and there is 185/65 update in rathena, and this aura is hardcoded in the client.
  14. except for the zeny requirement everything else should be in the channels.conf
  15. The default rA already has a 16.1 episode.