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  1. Tassadar

    Draw an online player.

    tks for help. I will test. a question to change to 1 hour I have to change here to 1? If so how do I switch to 30 minutes? again. tks for help.
  2. Tassadar

    Draw an online player.

    Good afternoon. I looked for something like this in the forum but did not find it. I need a npc that every two hours take the list of the characters online and make a draw between them and give an item to a winner. It's also important to make an announcement for everyone on the server: Jonny won the lucky draw. Thank you for your help. Portuguese version:
  3. Tassadar

    Itens do Bro faltando no item_db

    Eu sei disso. A maioria dos jogadores brasileiros pedem os itens do Bro. Sei que é complicado. Mas estou disposto a pagar pela informação. Meus players estão realmente kitando por não conseguirem fazer seus combos o.p.
  4. Fala galera. estou precisando dos itens do Bro que não existem no Rathena. As linhas do item_db e item_combo_db; No meu servidor eu uso a descrição em PT-Br do Bro. Se alguém tiver os itens, estou disposto a conseguir os mesmos. Podemos trocar ou mesmo estou disposto a comprar caso você tenha feito o seu. [-]15206 - Armadura Tatenashi[1] [-]15254 - Vestido Abissal [1] [-]15238 - Cota do Dragão maligno [-]18563 - Tiara dos Corações-Alados [1] [-]18793 - Magician's Night Cap [-]19163 - Boneca da Succubus [-]19252 - Orelhas de Kardui [-]19268 - Halito de verme com rosto [-]19296 - Chapéu Chique com Pena [1] [-]19263 - Elmo do Xogunato [-]19300 - Quepe do cão mandante[1] [-]19316 - Capuz do Esquilo [1] [-]19318 - Rosário da Guarda Real [-]20904 - Bata de Etran[1] [-]28502 - Lenço Infame [-]28438 - Pó de fada [-]28505 - Anel do Capiroto [-]28517 - Anel do rei Abissal [-]28598 - Fragmento de Chip [1] [-]28411 - Brincos de esmeralda [1] [-]28513 - Celine's Brooch [1] [-]32237 - Celine's Brooch [1] [-]28507 - Magician's Gloves [1] [-]28430 - Arch Bishop Ring [1] [-]28484 - Rebellion's Scarf [1] [-]28517 - Anel do Rei Abissal [1] [-]28944 - Escudo de Sleiporing[1] tem mais um monte desses itens que os jogadores pedem e não temos no Rathena. Estou atrás de todos. Valeu Galera
  5. Tassadar

    item_cash_db does not show last tab

    Can you explain how to fill in the fields correctly?
  6. Tassadar

    problem with Itemshop, does not work´s

    In the image shows that the item is right. my client is new and my R-athena too. I need to verify why npc does not sell with the item.
  7. Good morning everyone. I am using this npc on my server. thank you @n0tttt !!! But when I choose the option to buy item 7720. (Golden Coin) npc returns an error saying that I do not have enough cash points. Could someone take a look and if possible test to see if I did something wrong? prontera,169,179,1 script Hefesto 813,{ mes "Bem Vindo; mes "Hoje estamos vendendo diversos Conjuntos de Itens Especiais."; next; mes "Como você prefere pagar?"; switch(select("Pontos de Voto","Rops","Moedas Douradas","Sair")) { case 1: callshop "shop1",1; end; case 2: callshop "shop2",1; end; case 3: callshop "shop3",1; end; case 4: close; } } - pointshop shop1 -1,#VOTEPOINTS,15110:100,20732:60 - cashshop shop2 -1,15110:10000,20732:6000 - itemshop shop3 -1,7720,15110:500,20732:300 I used the <TABs> correctly. I do not know what the problem might be. My client is new: #ifndef PACKETVER /// Do NOT edit this line! To set your client version, please do this instead: /// In Windows: Add this line in your src\custom\defines_pre.hpp file: #define PACKETVER YYYYMMDD /// In Linux: The same as above or run the following command: ./configure --enable-packetver=YYYYMMDD #define PACKETVER 20180620 #endif #ifndef PACKETVER_RE /// From this point on only kRO RE clients are supported #if PACKETVER > 20151104 #define PACKETVER_RE #endif #endif Something's missing? I've seen the npcs that put the separate price items like this: // This code runs first. When the server is started. OnInit: setarray .customs[0],7179,6665,16683,17441,12549,12103,12912,12412,12411,12105,18550,2423,22014,15041,6230,6234,6228,6232,13710,7620,7619,6240,6241,6226,6225,6438,6439,12436,12437,12475; // An array of out custom items. set .CoinID,7720; // ID da Moeda em uso. setarray .Price[0],5,50,100,300,10,35,70,100,150,20,120,250,300,250,100,100,200,200,50,5,5,7,7,10,10,15,15,2,2,2; // The amount of coins needed for our items. (For example: Item 12103 = 20 coins) npcshopitem "custom_seller2",0,0; // Remove all items from our dummy shop. for( set [email protected], 0; .customs[[email protected]]; set [email protected], [email protected]+1 ) // Loop through our custom items. npcshopadditem "custom_seller2",.customs[[email protected]],.Price[[email protected]]; // Add our custom items to the cleared dummy shop. end; } But I need it to be like stores because there are many items to add and in two lines it gets tricky to find and modify some item. In time have problems if I duplicate an npc? Changing only the name and name of the stores? The variables that start with @ in an npc, can not give problems in another npc with the variable of the same name ???
  8. Tassadar

    itemshop and pointshop in same npc

    Thank you n0tttt.
  9. Tassadar

    itemshop and pointshop in same npc

    Does npc work? Is anything missing in Case 1? on the pointshop, how does the "discount" flag work?
  10. Tassadar

    itemshop and pointshop in same npc

    yes that way I already use. Tks. I need the way I said: Hello player! Would you like to buy with Cash or Items? Menu: Cash, Currency, Exit case1: open shop1 case2: open shop2 case3: close - shop1 cashshop 1234,100,1525,110 - Shop2 itemshop 7720,1,1234,20,1525,25 it has to be simple so that there are no mistakes.
  11. good afternoon; I am trying to create a shopping npc that uses items and rops at the same time, using the itemshop system and pointshop, however I have seen in several npcs several variables to use the system. I need one simple thing: The NPC asks if the player wants to buy with Rops or with Item. once chosen in the menu, npc opens the corresponding sale. Only that. I've already seen: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/sample/npc_dynamic_shop.txt I've also seen: https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2504-multi-currency-shop/ But what I need is a simpler npc. Well as I will put many items the system put the id on one line and the price on another gets very complicated. Can someone help me?
  12. Good night; My Rops Store is set up and it works, but on the last tab, no matter what I put on it, it does not show any items. // Cash Shop Database // Contains the items sold in the ingame cash shop. // // Structure of Database: // Type,ItemID,Price // // Type: // 0: New // 1: Hot // 2: Limited // 3: Rental // 4: Gear // 5: Buff // 6: Heal // 7: Other // 8: Sale // // Price: // Item cost, in cash points (#CASHPOINTS). 0,7179,200 // Proof of Donation (Ticket VIP 24h) 0,17441,10000 // Caixa de Rédeas Permanentes 0,20311,3000 // 0,19602,3000 // // ---------- 1 Elmos --------- 1,18821,3000 // Rainbow Feather Deco [1] Item ID# 18821 1,5490,10000 // 1,18858,5000 // Pink Angeling Bubble [0] ID# 18858 1,18657,7000 // Pegasus Wing Ears [0] Item ID# 18657 // ---------- 2 Equipamentos ------ 2,2383,9000 // Brynhild [0] [Body] Item ID# 2383 2,15041,9000 // Boitata Armor [1] [Body] Item ID# 15041 // ---------- 3 Aluguel ------- 3,16683,3000 // Caixa de Rédeas 30 Dias // ---------- 4 Armas --- 4,13071,2000 // Adaga aprimorada 4,18112,2000 // Arco Aprimorado 4,21000,2000 // Espada de duas mãos Aprimorada // ---------- 5 Buffs --------- 5,12202,500 // Comida FOR + 10 5,12203,500 // Comida AGI + 10 5,12207,500 // Comida VIT + 10 5,12204,500 // Comida INT + 10 // ---------- 6 Consumíveis --- 6,12412,200 // Chicle de Bola (200% 15 min) 6,12264,100 // Chiclete (50% 30 min) // ---------- 7 Outros -------- 7,6230,1000 // Pergaminho de Arma +7 7,6228,3000 // Pergaminho de Arma +9 // ---------- 8 Especiais não funciona --- 8,1185,4000 // Pedra do Sábio 8,1136,200 // Proof of Donation (Ticket VIP 24h) Does anyone know how to solve it? Do you have a maximum limit of items that we can put in the store?
  13. Tassadar

    remove @effect in character

    Good night. A [gm] from my server was testing various visual items and some of them put this @effect in the character and I did not find it in the official documentation, nor here in the forum as it does to remove an already applied effect on a character. I thank the attention.
  14. Good Morning. I am using this npc from warp on my server. And the people here at Rathena have kindly helped me configure it to block access to the MVP maps. I've even set up a message that the character can not go to the MVP maps. Except that somehow at this point he saved the map he tried to go as the last map the player was on. And it is only the player to choose to visit the last map to teleport to the prohibited map. I know I could remove the Travel function for the last map .. however I'd like to somehow sort this out another way. Can anyone help? Thanks for helping. //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Warper //===== By: ================================================== //= Euphy //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.5 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= A complete - but very condensed - warper script. //= Some coordinates written by Tekno-Kanix and ToastOfDoom. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 Initial script. //= 1.1 Added missing duplicates and fixed coordinates. //= 1.2 Added new episodes and simplified functions. //= 1.3 Added Renewal checks and Instances menu. //= Aligned coordinates with @go. //= 1.4 Added new Guild Dungeons. //= 1.4a Slight edits. //= 1.4b Added Wolfchev's Laboratory warp. //= 1.5 Added Lasagna and other Instances and settings //============================================================ - script Warper -1,{ function Go; function Disp; function Pick; function Restrict; // -------------------------------------------------- // Main Menu: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Último Mapa ^0000FF["+lastwarp$+"]^000000",-, " ~ Cidades",Towns, " ~ Campos",Fields, " ~ Cavernas",Dungeons, " ~ Castelos",Castles, " ~ Nível Spot",Nivel_Spot, " ~ Instâncias",Instances, " ~ Áreas Especiais",Special; if (lastwarp$ == "") message strcharinfo(0),"Você ainda não foi em nenhum mapa."; else warp lastwarp$,lastwarpx,lastwarpy; end; // ------------------- Functions ------------------- // * Go("<map>",<x>,<y>); // ~ Warps directly to a map. // // * Disp("<Menu Option>",<first option>,<last option>); // * Pick("<map_prefix>"{,<index offset>}); // ~ Dynamic menu and map selection (auto-numbered). // // * Disp("<Option 1>:<Option 2>:<etc.>"); // * Pick("","<map1>","<map2>","<etc.>"); // ~ Manual menu and map selection (listed). // // * Restrict("<RE | Pre-RE>"{,<menu option numbers>}); // ~ Only allows map for Renewal or Pre-Renewal modes. // If menu option numbers are given, only those maps // will be restricted (i.e. not for "Go"). // // Other notes: // ~ Array @c[] holds all (x,y) coordinates. // ~ Use @c[2] EXCEPT when maps begin dynamically // at 0: use @c[0] and Pick() offset 1. // -------------------------------------------------- function Go { set lastwarp$, getarg(0); set lastwarpx, getarg(1,0); set lastwarpy, getarg(2,0); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize(.random_coordinates$);[email protected]++){ if(lastwarp$ == .random_coordinates$[[email protected]] && getarg(3,0) != 1){ set lastwarpx, 0; set lastwarpy, 0; } } for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize(.blocked_maps$);[email protected]++){ if(lastwarp$ == .blocked_maps$[[email protected]]){ mes .block_message$; end; } } warp getarg(0),lastwarpx,lastwarpy; end; } function Disp { if (getargcount() < 3) set @menu$, getarg(0); else { set @menu$,""; for (set [email protected],getarg(1); [email protected]<=getarg(2); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set @menu$, @menu$+getarg(0)+" "[email protected]+":"; } return; } function Pick { set [email protected]_block,@warp_block; set @warp_block,0; set [email protected], select(@menu$); if (getarg(0) == "") { set [email protected], [email protected]; set [email protected]$, getarg([email protected]); } else { set [email protected], [email protected](1,0); set [email protected]$, getarg(0)+(([email protected]<10)?"0":"")[email protected]; } if ([email protected]_block & (1<<[email protected])) { message strcharinfo(0),"Este mapa não está habilitado no "+((checkre(0))?"":"Pre-")+"Renewal."; end; } set [email protected], @c[[email protected]*2]; set [email protected], @c[[email protected]*2+1]; deletearray @c[0],getarraysize(@c); Go([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]); } function Restrict { if ((getarg(0) == "RE" && !checkre(0)) || (getarg(0) == "Pre-RE" && checkre(0))) { if (getarg(1,0)) { set @warp_block,0; for (set [email protected],1; [email protected]<getargcount(); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set @warp_block, @warp_block | (1<<getarg([email protected])); } else { message strcharinfo(0),"Este mapa não está habilitado no "+((checkre(0))?"":"Pre-")+"Renewal."; end; } } return; } // -------------------------------------------------- Towns: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Prontera",T1, "Alberta",T2, "Aldebaran",T3, "Amatsu",T4, "Ayothaya",T5, "Brasilis",T6, "Comodo",T7, "Dewata",T8, "Eclage",T9, "Einbech",T10, "Einbroch",T11, "El Dicastes",T12, "Geffen",T13, "Gonryun",T14, "Hugel",T15, "Izlude",T16, "Jawaii",T17, "Lasagna",T18, "Lighthalzen",T19, "Louyang",T20, "Lutie",T21, "Malangdo",T22, "Malaya",T23, "Manuk",T24, "Midgarts Expedition Camp",T25, "Mora",T26, "Morroc",T27, "Moscovia",T28, "Nameless Island",T29, "Niflheim",T30, "Payon",T31, "Rachel",T32, "Splendide",T33, "Thor Camp",T34, "Umbala",T35, "Veins",T36, "Yuno",T37; T1: Go("prontera",155,183); T2: Go("alberta",28,234); T3: Go("aldebaran",140,131); T4: Go("amatsu",198,84); T5: Go("ayothaya",208,166); T6: Restrict("RE"); Go("brasilis",196,217); T7: Go("comodo",209,143); T8: Restrict("RE"); Go("dewata",200,180); T9: Restrict("RE"); Go("ecl_in01",48,53); T10: Go("einbech",63,35); T11: Go("einbroch",64,200); T12: Restrict("RE"); Go("dicastes01",198,187); T13: Go("geffen",119,59); T14: Go("gonryun",160,120); T15: Go("hugel",96,145); T16: Go("izlude",128,(checkre(3)?146:114)); T17: Go("jawaii",251,132); T18: Restrict("RE"); Go("lasagna",193,182); T19: Go("lighthalzen",158,92); T20: Go("louyang",217,100); T21: Go("xmas",147,134); T22: Restrict("RE"); Go("malangdo",140,114); T23: Restrict("RE"); Go("malaya",231,200); T24: Go("manuk",282,138); T25: Go("mid_camp",210,288); T26: Restrict("RE"); Go("mora",55,146); T27: Go("morocc",156,93); T28: Go("moscovia",223,184); T29: Go("nameless_n",256,215); T30: Go("niflheim",202,174); T31: Go("payon",179,100); T32: Go("rachel",130,110); T33: Go("splendide",201,147); T34: Go("thor_camp",246,68); T35: Go("umbala",97,153); T36: Go("veins",216,123); T37: Go("yuno",157,51); // -------------------------------------------------- Fields: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Amatsu Fields",F1, "Ayothaya Fields",F2, "Bifrost Fields", F3, "Brasilis Fields",F4, "Comodo Fields",F5, "Dewata Fields",F6, "Eclage Fields",F7, "Einbroch Fields",F8, "El Dicastes Fields",F9, "Geffen Fields",F10, "Gonryun Fields",F11, "Hugel Fields",F12, "Lasagna Fields",F13, "Lighthalzen Fields",F14, "Louyang Field",F15, "Lutie Field",F16, "Malaya Fields",F17, "Manuk Fields",F18, "Mjolnir Fields",F19, "Moscovia Fields",F20, "Niflheim Fields",F21, "Payon Forests",F22, "Prontera Fields",F23, "Rachel Fields",F24, "Sograt Deserts",F25, "Splendide Fields",F26, "Umbala Fields",F27, "Veins Fields",F28, "Yuno Fields",F29; F1: setarray @c[2],190,197; Disp("Amatsu Field",1,1); Pick("ama_fild"); F2: setarray @c[2],173,134,212,150; Disp("Ayothaya Field",1,2); Pick("ayo_fild"); F3: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],193,220,220,187; Disp("Bifrost Field",1,2); Pick("bif_fild"); F4: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],74,32; Disp("Brasilis Field",1,1); Pick("bra_fild"); F5: Restrict("Pre-RE",5); setarray @c[2],180,178,231,160,191,172,228,194,224,203,190,223,234,177,194,175,172,172; Disp("Comodo Field",1,9); Pick("cmd_fild"); F6: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],371,212; Disp("Dewata Field",1,1); Pick("dew_fild"); F7: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],97,314; Disp("Eclage Field",1,1); Pick("ecl_fild"); F8: Restrict("Pre-RE",2,10); setarray @c[2],142,225,182,141,187,228,185,173,216,173,195,148,272,220,173,214,207,174,196,200; Disp("Einbroch Field",1,10); Pick("ein_fild"); F9: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],143,132,143,217; Disp("El Dicastes Field",1,2); Pick("dic_fild"); F10: Restrict("Pre-RE",13,15); setarray @c[0],46,199,213,204,195,212,257,192,188,171,166,263,248,158,195,191,186,183,221,117,178,218,136,328,240,181,235,235,211,185; Disp("Geffen Field",0,14); Pick("gef_fild",1); F11: setarray @c[2],220,227; Disp("Gonryun Field",1,1); Pick("gon_fild"); F12: Restrict("Pre-RE",3,7); setarray @c[2],268,101,222,193,232,185,252,189,196,106,216,220,227,197; Disp("Hugel Field",1,7); Pick("hu_fild"); F13: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],344,371,20,98; Disp("Lasagna Field",1,2); Pick("lasa_fild"); F14: setarray @c[2],240,179,185,235,240,226; Disp("Lighthalzen Field",1,3); Pick("lhz_fild"); F15: setarray @c[2],229,187; Disp("Louyang Field",1,1); Pick("lou_fild"); F16: setarray @c[2],115,145; Disp("Lutie Field",1,1); Pick("xmas_fild"); F17: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],40,272,207,180; Disp("Malaya Field",1,2); Pick("ma_fild"); F18: setarray @c[2],35,236,35,262,84,365; Disp("Manuk Field",1,3); Pick("man_fild"); F19: setarray @c[2],204,120,175,193,208,213,179,180,181,240,195,270,235,202,188,215,205,144,245,223,180,206,196,208; Disp("Mjolnir Field",1,12); Pick("mjolnir_"); F20: setarray @c[2],82,104,131,147; Disp("Moscovia Field",1,2); Pick("mosk_fild"); F21: setarray @c[2],215,229,167,234; Disp("Niflheim Field",1,2); Pick("nif_fild"); F22: Restrict("Pre-RE",5,11); setarray @c[2],158,206,151,219,205,148,186,247,134,204,193,235,200,177,137,189,201,224,160,205,194,150; Disp("Payon Forest",1,11); Pick("pay_fild"); F23: setarray @c[0],208,227,190,206,240,206,190,143,307,252,239,213,185,188,193,194,187,218,210,183,195,149,198,164; Disp("Prontera Field",0,11); Pick("prt_fild",1); F24: Restrict("Pre-RE",2,7,9,10,11,13); setarray @c[2],192,162,235,166,202,206,202,208,225,202,202,214,263,196,217,201,87,121,277,181,221,185,175,200,174,197; Disp("Rachel Field",1,13); Pick("ra_fild"); F25: if(.Satan_Morroc){ setarray @c[2],219,205,177,206,194,182,224,170,198,216,156,187,185,263,206,228,208,238,209,223,85,97,207,202,31,195,38,195; Disp("Sograt Desert 1:Sograt Desert 2:Sograt Desert 3:Sograt Desert 7:Sograt Desert 11:Sograt Desert 12:Sograt Desert 13:Sograt Desert 16:Sograt Desert 17:Sograt Desert 18:Sograt Desert 19:Sograt Desert 20:Sograt Desert 21:Sograt Desert 22"); Pick("","moc_fild01","moc_fild02","moc_fild03","moc_fild07","moc_fild11","moc_fild12","moc_fild13","moc_fild16","moc_fild17","moc_fild18","moc_fild19","moc_fild20","moc_fild21","moc_fild22"); }else{ setarray @c[2],219,205,177,206,194,182,146,297,204,197,275,302,224,170,139,123,101,110,341,39,198,216,156,187,185,263,223,222,170,257,206,228,208,238,209,223,85,97; Disp("Sograt Desert 1:Sograt Desert 2:Sograt Desert 3:Sograt Desert 4:Sograt Desert 5:Sograt Desert 6:Sograt Desert 7:Sograt Desert 8:Sograt Desert 9:Sograt Desert 10:Sograt Desert 11:Sograt Desert 12:Sograt Desert 13:Sograt Desert 14:Sograt Desert 15:Sograt Desert 16:Sograt Desert 17:Sograt Desert 18:Sograt Desert 19"); Pick("","moc_fild01","moc_fild02","moc_fild03","moc_fild04","moc_fild05","moc_fild06","moc_fild07","moc_fild08","moc_fild09","moc_fild10","moc_fild11","moc_fild12","moc_fild13","moc_fild14","moc_fild15","moc_fild16","moc_fild17","moc_fild18","moc_fild19"); } F26: setarray @c[2],175,186,236,184,188,204; Disp("Splendide Field",1,3); Pick("spl_fild"); F27: setarray @c[2],217,206,223,221,237,215,202,197; Disp("Umbala Field",1,4); Pick("um_fild"); F28: Restrict("Pre-RE",5); setarray @c[2],186,175,196,370,222,45,51,250,202,324,150,223,149,307; Disp("Veins Field",1,7); Pick("ve_fild"); F29: Restrict("Pre-RE",5,10); setarray @c[2],189,224,192,207,221,157,226,199,223,177,187,232,231,174,196,203,183,214,200,124,195,226,210,304; Disp("Yuno Field",1,12); Pick("yuno_fild"); // -------------------------------------------------- Dungeons: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Abyss Lakes",D1, "Amatsu Dungeon",D2, "Anthell",D3, "Ayothaya Dungeon",D4, "Beach Dungeon",D5, "Bifrost Tower",D41, "Bio Labs",D6, "Brasilis Dungeon",D7, "Byalan Dungeon",D8, "Clock Tower",D9, "Coal Mines",D10, "Culvert",D11, "Cursed Abbey",D12, "Dewata Dungeon",D13, "Einbroch Dungeon",D14, "Gefenia",D15, "Geffen Dungeon",D16, "Glast Heim",D17, "Gonryun Dungeon",D18, "Hidden Dungeon",D19, "Ice Dungeon",D20, "Juperos",D21, "Kiel Dungeon",D22, "Lasagna Dungeon",D23, "Louyang Dungeon",D24, "Magma Dungeon",D25, "Malangdo Dungeon",D26, "Moscovia Dungeon",D27, "Nidhogg's Dungeon",D28, "Odin Temple",D29, "Orc Dungeon",D30, "Payon Dungeon",D31, "Pyramids",D32, "Rachel Sanctuary",D33, "Scaraba Hole",D34, "Sphinx",D35, "Sunken Ship",D36, "Thanatos Tower",D37, "Thor Volcano",D38, "Toy Factory",D39, "Turtle Dungeon",D40, "Umbala Dungeon",D41; D1: setarray @c[2],261,272,275,270,116,27; Disp("Abyss Lakes",1,3); Pick("abyss_"); D2: setarray @c[2],228,11,34,41,119,14; Disp("Amatsu Dungeon",1,3); Pick("ama_dun"); D3: setarray @c[2],35,262,168,170; Disp("Anthell",1,2); Pick("anthell"); D4: setarray @c[2],275,19,24,26; Disp("Ancient Shrine Maze:Inside Ancient Shrine"); Pick("ayo_dun"); D5: setarray @c[2],266,67,255,244,23,260; Disp("Beach Dungeon",1,3); Pick("","beach_dun","beach_dun2","beach_dun3"); D6: Restrict("RE",4); setarray @c[2],150,288,150,18,140,134,244,52; Disp("Bio Lab",1,4); Pick("lhz_dun"); D7: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],87,47,262,262; Disp("Brasilis Dungeon",1,2); Pick("bra_dun"); D8: Restrict("RE",6); setarray @c[0],168,168,253,252,236,204,32,63,26,27,141,187; Disp("Byalan Dungeon",1,6); Pick("iz_dun",1); D9: setarray @c[2],199,159,148,283,65,147,56,155,297,25,127,169,277,178,268,74; Disp("Clock Tower 1:Clock Tower 2:Clock Tower 3:Clock Tower 4:Basement 1:Basement 2:Basement 3:Basement 4"); Pick("","c_tower1","c_tower2","c_tower3","c_tower4","alde_dun01","alde_dun02","alde_dun03","alde_dun04"); D10: setarray @c[2],52,17,381,343,302,262; Disp("Coal Mines",1,3); Pick("mjo_dun"); D11: setarray @c[2],131,247,19,19,180,169,100,92; Disp("Culvert",1,4); Pick("","prt_sewb1","prt_sewb2","prt_sewb3","prt_sewb4"); D12: setarray @c[2],51,14,150,11,120,10; Disp("Cursed Abbey",1,3); Pick("abbey"); D13: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],285,160,299,29; Disp("Dewata Dungeon",1,2); Pick("dew_dun"); D14: setarray @c[2],22,14,292,290; Disp("Einbroch Dungeon",1,2); Pick("ein_dun"); D15: setarray @c[2],40,103,203,34,266,168,130,272; Disp("Gefenia",1,4); Pick("gefenia",0); D16: setarray @c[0],104,99,115,236,106,132,203,200; Disp("Geffen Dungeon",1,4); Pick("gef_dun",1); D17: setarray @c[2],370,304,199,29,104,25,150,15,157,287,147,15,258,255,108,291,171,283,68,277,156,7,12,7,133,271,224,274,14,70,150,14; Disp("Entrance:Castle 1:Castle 2:Chivalry 1:Chivalry 2:Churchyard:Culvert 1:Culvert 2:Culvert 3:Culvert 4:St. Abbey:Staircase Dungeon:Underground Cave 1:Underground Cave 2:Underground Prison 1:Underground Prison 2"); Pick("","glast_01","gl_cas01","gl_cas02","gl_knt01","gl_knt02","gl_chyard","gl_sew01","gl_sew02","gl_sew03","gl_sew04","gl_church","gl_step","gl_dun01","gl_dun02","gl_prison","gl_prison1"); D18: setarray @c[2],153,53,28,113,68,16; Disp("Gonryun Dungeon",1,3); Pick("gon_dun"); D19: setarray @c[2],176,7,93,20,23,8; Disp("Hidden Dungeon",1,3); Pick("prt_maze"); D20: setarray @c[2],157,14,151,155,149,22,33,158; Disp("Ice Dungeon",1,4); Pick("ice_dun"); D21: setarray @c[2],140,51,53,247,37,63,150,285; Disp("Entrance:Juperos 1:Juperos 2:Core"); Pick("","jupe_cave","juperos_01","juperos_02","jupe_core"); D22: setarray @c[2],28,226,41,198; Disp("Kiel Dungeon",1,2); Pick("kh_dun"); D23: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],24,143,22,171,190,18; Disp("Lasagna Dungeon",1,3); Pick("lasa_dun"); D24: setarray @c[2],218,196,282,20,165,38; Disp("The Royal Tomb:Inside the Royal Tomb:Suei Long Gon"); Pick("lou_dun"); D25: setarray @c[2],126,68,47,30; Disp("Magma Dungeon",1,2); Pick("mag_dun"); D26: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],33,230; Disp("Malangdo Dungeon",1,1); Pick("mal_dun"); D27: setarray @c[2],189,48,165,30,32,135; Disp("Moscovia Dungeon",1,3); Pick("mosk_dun"); D28: setarray @c[2],61,239,60,271; Disp("Nidhogg's Dungeon",1,2); Pick("nyd_dun"); D29: setarray @c[2],298,167,224,149,266,280; Disp("Odin Temple",1,3); Pick("odin_tem"); D30: setarray @c[2],32,170,21,185; Disp("Orc Dungeon",1,2); Pick("orcsdun"); D31: setarray @c[0],21,183,19,33,19,63,155,159,201,204; Disp("Payon Dungeon",1,5); Pick("pay_dun",1); D32: Restrict("RE",7,8); setarray @c[2],192,9,10,192,100,92,181,11,94,96,192,8,94,96,192,8; Disp("Pyramids 1:Pyramids 2:Pyramids 3:Pyramids 4:Basement 1:Basement 2:Basement 1 - Nightmare Mode:Basement 2 - Nightmare Mode"); Pick("","moc_pryd01","moc_pryd02","moc_pryd03","moc_pryd04","moc_pryd05","moc_pryd06","moc_prydn1","moc_prydn2"); D33: setarray @c[2],140,11,32,21,8,149,204,218,150,9; Disp("Rachel Sanctuary",1,5); Pick("ra_san"); D34: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],364,44,101,141; Disp("Scaraba Hole",1,2); Pick("dic_dun"); D35: setarray @c[2],288,9,149,81,210,54,10,222,100,99; Disp("Sphinx",1,5); Pick("","in_sphinx1","in_sphinx2","in_sphinx3","in_sphinx4","in_sphinx5"); D36: setarray @c[2],69,24,102,27; Disp("Sunken Ship",1,2); Pick("treasure"); D37: setarray @c[2],150,39,150,136,220,158,59,143,62,11,89,221,35,166,93,148,29,107,159,138,19,20,130,52; Disp("Thanatos Tower",1,12); Pick("tha_t"); D38: setarray @c[2],21,228,75,205,34,272; Disp("Thor Volcano",1,3); Pick("thor_v"); D39: setarray @c[2],205,15,129,133; Disp("Toy Factory",1,2); Pick("xmas_dun"); D40: setarray @c[2],154,49,148,261,132,189,100,192; Disp("Entrance:Turtle Dungeon 1:Turtle Dungeon 2:Turtle Dungeon 3"); Pick("tur_dun"); D41: Restrict("Pre-RE",1,2); setarray @c[2],42,31,48,30,204,78; Disp("Carpenter's Shop in the Tree:Passage to a Foreign World:Hvergermil's Fountain"); Pick("","um_dun01","um_dun02","yggdrasil01"); D42: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],57,13,64,88,45,14,26,23; Disp("Bifrost Tower",1,4); Pick("ecl_tdun"); // -------------------------------------------------- Castles: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Aldebaran Castles",C1, "Geffen Castles",C2, "Payon Castles",C3, "Prontera Castles",C4, "Arunafeltz Castles",C5, "Schwaltzvalt Castles",C6; C1: setarray @c[2],48,83,95,249,142,85,239,242,264,90; Disp("Neuschwanstein:Hohenschwangau:Nuenberg:Wuerzburg:Rothenburg"); Pick("","alde_gld","alde_gld","alde_gld","alde_gld","alde_gld"); C2: setarray @c[2],214,75,308,240,143,240,193,278,305,87; Disp("Repherion:Eeyolbriggar:Yesnelph:Bergel:Mersetzdeitz"); Pick("","gef_fild13","gef_fild13","gef_fild13","gef_fild13","gef_fild13"); C3: setarray @c[2],121,233,295,116,317,293,140,160,204,266; Disp("Bright Arbor:Scarlet Palace:Holy Shadow:Sacred Altar:Bamboo Grove Hill"); Pick("","pay_gld","pay_gld","pay_gld","pay_gld","pay_gld"); C4: setarray @c[2],134,65,240,128,153,137,111,240,208,240; Disp("Kriemhild:Swanhild:Fadhgridh:Skoegul:Gondul"); Pick("","prt_gld","prt_gld","prt_gld","prt_gld","prt_gld"); C5: setarray @c[2],158,272,83,47,68,155,299,345,292,107; Disp("Mardol:Cyr:Horn:Gefn:Banadis"); Pick("","aru_gld","aru_gld","aru_gld","aru_gld","aru_gld"); C6: setarray @c[2],293,100,288,252,97,196,137,90,71,315; Disp("Himinn:Andlangr:Viblainn:Hljod:Skidbladnir"); Pick("","sch_gld","sch_gld","sch_gld","sch_gld","sch_gld"); // -------------------------------------------------- Nivel_Spot: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "1 ~ 20",G1, "20 ~ 40",G2, "40 ~ 70",G3, "70 ~ 90",G4, "90 ~ 100",G5, "100 ~ 110",G6, "110 ~ 120",G7, "120 ~ 130",G8, "130 ~ 150",G9, "150 ~ 160",G10; G1: Go("prt_fild06",191,180); G2: Go("pay_dun00",20,182); G3: Go("orcsdun01",33,165); G4: Go("gl_church",156,9); G5: Go("ice_dun01",157,22); G6: Go("ve_fild03",351,219); G7: Go("juperos_01",54,254); G8: Go("ra_san01",140,20); G9: Go("dic_dun01",36,213); G10: Go("ecl_tdun01",61,17); // -------------------------------------------------- Instances: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Bakonawa Lake",I1, "Bangungot Hospital 2F",I2, "Buwaya Cave",I3, "Eclage Interior",I4, "Endless Tower",I5, "Faceworms Nest",I6, "Geffen Magic Tournament",I7, "Hazy Forest",I8, "Horror Toy Factory",I9, "Malangdo Culvert",I10, "Nidhoggur's Nest",I11, "Octopus Cave",I12, "Old Glast Heim",I13, "Orc's Memory",I14, "Sarah and Fenrir",I15, "Sara Memory",I16, "Sealed Shrine",I17, "Wolfchev's Laboratory",I18, "Charleston Crisis",I19; I1: Restrict("RE"); Go("ma_scene01",172,175,1); I2: Restrict("RE"); Go("ma_dun01",151,8,1); I3: Restrict("RE"); Go("ma_fild02",316,317,1); I4: Restrict("RE"); Go("ecl_hub01",129,12,1); I5: Go("e_tower",72,112,1); I6: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",85,64,1); I7: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",94,141,1); I8: Restrict("RE"); Go("bif_fild01",161,334,1); I9: Restrict("RE"); Go("xmas",234,298,1); I10: Restrict("RE"); Go("mal_in01",164,21,1); I11: Go("nyd_dun02",95,193,1); I12: Restrict("RE"); Go("mal_dun01",152,230,1); I13: Restrict("RE"); Go("glast_01",204,268,1); I14: Go("gef_fild10",240,198,1); I15: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",92,141,1); I16: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",133,108,1); I17: Go("monk_test",306,143,1); I18: Restrict("RE"); Go("lhz_dun04",148,269,1); I19: Restrict("RE"); Go("verus04",78,120); // -------------------------------------------------- Special: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Auction Hall",S1, "Battlegrounds",S2, "Casino",S3, "Dimensional Rift",S4, "Eden Group Headquarters",S5, "Gonryun Arena",S6, "Izlude Arena",S7, "Monster Race Arena",S8, "Turbo Track",S9; S1: Go("auction_01",22,68,1); S2: Go("bat_room",154,150,1); S3: Go("cmd_in02",179,129,1); S4: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",113,82,1); S5: Restrict("RE"); Go("moc_para01",31,14,1); S6: Go("gon_test",48,10,1); S7: Go("arena_room",100,88,1); S8: Go("p_track01",62,41,1); S9: Go("turbo_room",99,114,1); OnInit: .Satan_Morroc = 1; // 0 will enable moc_fild 4,5,6,8,9,10,14,15 wjile disable moc_fild 20,21,22 Default is 1 //Warp the player to random Coordinates in the map . setarray .random_coordinates$,""; // Example: setarray .random$,"prontera","Alberta",Aldebaran"; //Block map from the warper . setarray .blocked_maps$,"mjolnir_04","ra_fild02","ra_fild03","ra_fild04","ra_fild05","ve_fild02","moc_pryd06","yuno_fild05","abbey03","abbey03","lou_dun03","prt_maze03","prt_sewb4","abbey02","xmas_dun02","yuno_fild03","abyss_03","pay_fild04","gld_dun02","gef_dun02","gef_dun01","treasure02","pay_fild11","in_sphinx5","pay_dun04","tur_dun04","lhz_dun02","gld_dun04","pay_fild04","mosk_dun03","xmas_fild01","ice_dun03","kh_dun02","ayo_dun02","anthell02","gld_dun03","anthell01","gef_fild14","gef_fild02","gef_fild10", "moc_pryd04","moc_fild17","gl_cas02","gef_dun03","ein_dun02","ra_san05","ama_dun03","moc_fild21","moc_fild22","niflheim","gef_dun03","gl_chyard","gon_dun03","beach_dun","odin_tem03","odin_tem02","jupe_core","mosk_dun03","lhz_dun03","lhz_dun04"; // Example: setarray .blocked_maps$,"prontera","Alberta",Aldebaran"; .block_message$ = "^FF0000Eu não consigo te teleportar para mapas de MVPs!!!^000000"; }