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  1. opa @pueblodefairy this number is automatic .. it informs the player how many days he still has to pick up the items .. for example: If you set up your Attendance from May 1st until May 31st. And the player will enter on the 20th .. he will see the number 11. Which means that the player will only get 11 prizes before the current month ends. It is.
  2. good night. I'm using the new custom storage system. wanted to know if there is a way to create a storage only for equipment, or just for usable items or etc. Tks for help.
  3. Sader. thanks for the tip. I think you did not understand. My question is about programming logic. I start with an if. if #ticket> = 10 speech is over. then I continue the if: getitem Sect is variable by +1. my question is where to set the variable to 0 for the first time and prevent looping from set to 0 and +1.
  4. Good night. I would like to know where I set the variable for the first time for my npc give the item only 10 times. I made it this far .. but now I was lost. prontera,152,167,4 script [Tickets VIP] 63,{ if(#ticket >= 10) { mes "^ FF0000 Enjoy our free VIP week! ^ 000000"; close; } mes "^ FF0000Welcome to the HonorBR ^ 000000 Server"; mes "==========================="; mes "I'll give you one"; mes "^0000FF Ticket de VIP^000000 (id: 35250)."; getitem 35250,1; set #ticket, #ticket +1; next; mes "We hope you enjoy our"; mes "free VIP week. Any questions are just"; mes "ask there in our Discord!"; close; } Sorry for the simplicity of my npc .. I'm still learning. Thank you for your attention.
  5. Good night people. I have a question: How do I make a npc put a slot in an item? I know the structure is simple it swaps the version without a slot for a slot. delitem 5022.1; // Helm_Of_Sun getitem 5353.1; // Helm_Of_Sun_ The question is whether the item already has a letter or spell. How do I keep the state they were in. for example: delitem 1119; // Tsurugi [1] with a card and an enchantment getitem 1120; // Tsurugi [2] with the same card and with the same spell I know it's possible .. because at a Bro event this was done. Thanks in advance for your support.
  6. You can show me how I use? Where in npc I did put all npnwalktos?
  7. Good night.. I need to make a simple modification to a npc I already have, but I do not know if this is possible. I need an npc shop item to be walking in the middle of prontera. shop custom_seller21 -1,673:1000000 // Create our dummy shop. prontera,150,150,4 script [Máquina Cartas] 564,{ // This code runs when the user clicks our npc. mes "[^FF2400Cuidado^000000] Escolha um item!"; // Let the user know about our shop. callshop "custom_seller21",1; // Summon our dummy shop filled with custom items. npcshopattach "custom_seller21"; // Attach the shop to this npc. end; // This code runs when a user purchases an item from out shop. OnBuyItem: [email protected] = getarraysize(.customs); // Get the number of customs we're adding. [email protected]_len = getarraysize(@bought_nameid); // Get the number of purchased items. for( set @i, 0; @i < [email protected]; set @i, @i+1 ) { for( set @d,0; @d < [email protected]_len; set @d, @d+1 ) { if( @bought_nameid[@d] == .customs[@i] ) { // Check if the purchased item equals our custom item. if( countitem(.CoinID) >= .Price[@i] * @bought_quantity[@d] ) { // Check if the user has the correct funds. delitem .CoinID,.Price[@i]*@bought_quantity[@d]; getitem @bought_nameid[@d],@bought_quantity[@d]; } } } } deletearray @bought_quantity, getarraysize(@bought_quantity); // Remove the array. deletearray @bought_nameid, getarraysize(@bought_nameid); // Remove the array. close; // This code runs first. When the server is started. OnInit: setarray .customs[0],4035,4060,4063; // An array of out custom items. set .CoinID,1226; // ID da Moeda em uso. setarray .Price[0],500,500,500; // The amount of coins needed for our items. (For example: Item 12103 = 20 coins) npcshopitem "custom_seller21",0,0; // Remove all items from our dummy shop. for( set [email protected], 0; .customs[[email protected]]; set [email protected], [email protected]+1 ) // Loop through our custom items. npcshopadditem "custom_seller10",.customs[[email protected]],.Price[[email protected]]; // Add our custom items to the cleared dummy shop. end; } If it is possible could someone show me how to do it? If it is possible to do this I can put the sprite of a monster that he will walk? I thank you for your help.
  8. Congratulations on the job. I'll download and use it.
  9. Hello guys. I would like to know if there is any item sprite with this inventory drawing: If so, could you please tell me the ID. Q. = If you have someone good at editing item thumbnails please call me in private. Tks for all.
  10. Friends wanted to know if it exists in the emulator R-athena or in some npc custom some system where the player invokes a monster and this monster attacks the mobs of the game. Dividing XP with the monster invoked. I need an item, or several items where the player clicks twice and a monster is summoned for x minutes, and fight together as a player. In the game as I recall it has the pets, which can be enabled to help the player, mercenaries, hums and plants of the alchemists. What I want is something different: Usable item that invokes a fabre for example, not only the default mobs pets .. but any monster, and the monster helps the player to kill the mobs alone, for x minutes, without the player controlling itself, as if it were an escort of the Bosses. If this exists on the server, please tell me why I need this much. If it does not exist, contact me so we can do it together. Of course I will pay for the service. Thanks.
  11. Pessoal queria saber se exite no emulador R-athena ou em algum npc custom algum sistema onde o jogador invoca um monstro e esse monstro ataca os mobs do jogo. Dividindo XP com o monstro invocado. eu preciso de um item, ou diversos itens onde o jogador clica duas vezes e um monstro é invocado por x minutos, e luta em conjunto como jogador. No jogo pelo que eu lembro tem os pets, que podem ser habilitados para ajudar o jogador, os mercenários, os humunculos e as plantas dos alquimistas. O que eu quero é algo diferente: Item usável que invoca um fabre por exemplo, não só os mobs pets padrão.. mas qualquer monstro, e o monstro ajuda o player a matar os mobs sozinho, por x minutos, sem que o jogador fique controlando, como se fosse uma escolta dos Bosses. Se existe isso no server, por favor, me indiquem pois preciso muito disso. Se não existir, entrem em contato comigo para podermos fazer isso juntos. (Claro vou pagar pelo serviço.) Valeu.
  12. tks for help. I will test. a question to change to 1 hour I have to change here to 1? If so how do I switch to 30 minutes? again. tks for help.
  13. Good afternoon. I looked for something like this in the forum but did not find it. I need a npc that every two hours take the list of the characters online and make a draw between them and give an item to a winner. It's also important to make an announcement for everyone on the server: Jonny won the lucky draw. Thank you for your help. Portuguese version: