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  1. Good Morning. I am using this npc from warp on my server. And the people here at Rathena have kindly helped me configure it to block access to the MVP maps. I've even set up a message that the character can not go to the MVP maps. Except that somehow at this point he saved the map he tried to go as the last map the player was on. And it is only the player to choose to visit the last map to teleport to the prohibited map. I know I could remove the Travel function for the last map .. however I'd like to somehow sort this out another way. Can anyone help? Thanks for helping. //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Warper //===== By: ================================================== //= Euphy //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.5 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= A complete - but very condensed - warper script. //= Some coordinates written by Tekno-Kanix and ToastOfDoom. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 Initial script. //= 1.1 Added missing duplicates and fixed coordinates. //= 1.2 Added new episodes and simplified functions. //= 1.3 Added Renewal checks and Instances menu. //= Aligned coordinates with @go. //= 1.4 Added new Guild Dungeons. //= 1.4a Slight edits. //= 1.4b Added Wolfchev's Laboratory warp. //= 1.5 Added Lasagna and other Instances and settings //============================================================ - script Warper -1,{ function Go; function Disp; function Pick; function Restrict; // -------------------------------------------------- // Main Menu: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Último Mapa ^0000FF["+lastwarp$+"]^000000",-, " ~ Cidades",Towns, " ~ Campos",Fields, " ~ Cavernas",Dungeons, " ~ Castelos",Castles, " ~ Nível Spot",Nivel_Spot, " ~ Instâncias",Instances, " ~ Áreas Especiais",Special; if (lastwarp$ == "") message strcharinfo(0),"Você ainda não foi em nenhum mapa."; else warp lastwarp$,lastwarpx,lastwarpy; end; // ------------------- Functions ------------------- // * Go("<map>",<x>,<y>); // ~ Warps directly to a map. // // * Disp("<Menu Option>",<first option>,<last option>); // * Pick("<map_prefix>"{,<index offset>}); // ~ Dynamic menu and map selection (auto-numbered). // // * Disp("<Option 1>:<Option 2>:<etc.>"); // * Pick("","<map1>","<map2>","<etc.>"); // ~ Manual menu and map selection (listed). // // * Restrict("<RE | Pre-RE>"{,<menu option numbers>}); // ~ Only allows map for Renewal or Pre-Renewal modes. // If menu option numbers are given, only those maps // will be restricted (i.e. not for "Go"). // // Other notes: // ~ Array @c[] holds all (x,y) coordinates. // ~ Use @c[2] EXCEPT when maps begin dynamically // at 0: use @c[0] and Pick() offset 1. // -------------------------------------------------- function Go { set lastwarp$, getarg(0); set lastwarpx, getarg(1,0); set lastwarpy, getarg(2,0); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize(.random_coordinates$);[email protected]++){ if(lastwarp$ == .random_coordinates$[[email protected]] && getarg(3,0) != 1){ set lastwarpx, 0; set lastwarpy, 0; } } for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize(.blocked_maps$);[email protected]++){ if(lastwarp$ == .blocked_maps$[[email protected]]){ mes .block_message$; end; } } warp getarg(0),lastwarpx,lastwarpy; end; } function Disp { if (getargcount() < 3) set @menu$, getarg(0); else { set @menu$,""; for (set [email protected],getarg(1); [email protected]<=getarg(2); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set @menu$, @menu$+getarg(0)+" "[email protected]+":"; } return; } function Pick { set [email protected]_block,@warp_block; set @warp_block,0; set [email protected], select(@menu$); if (getarg(0) == "") { set [email protected], [email protected]; set [email protected]$, getarg([email protected]); } else { set [email protected], [email protected](1,0); set [email protected]$, getarg(0)+(([email protected]<10)?"0":"")[email protected]; } if ([email protected]_block & (1<<[email protected])) { message strcharinfo(0),"Este mapa não está habilitado no "+((checkre(0))?"":"Pre-")+"Renewal."; end; } set [email protected], @c[[email protected]*2]; set [email protected], @c[[email protected]*2+1]; deletearray @c[0],getarraysize(@c); Go([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]); } function Restrict { if ((getarg(0) == "RE" && !checkre(0)) || (getarg(0) == "Pre-RE" && checkre(0))) { if (getarg(1,0)) { set @warp_block,0; for (set [email protected],1; [email protected]<getargcount(); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set @warp_block, @warp_block | (1<<getarg([email protected])); } else { message strcharinfo(0),"Este mapa não está habilitado no "+((checkre(0))?"":"Pre-")+"Renewal."; end; } } return; } // -------------------------------------------------- Towns: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Prontera",T1, "Alberta",T2, "Aldebaran",T3, "Amatsu",T4, "Ayothaya",T5, "Brasilis",T6, "Comodo",T7, "Dewata",T8, "Eclage",T9, "Einbech",T10, "Einbroch",T11, "El Dicastes",T12, "Geffen",T13, "Gonryun",T14, "Hugel",T15, "Izlude",T16, "Jawaii",T17, "Lasagna",T18, "Lighthalzen",T19, "Louyang",T20, "Lutie",T21, "Malangdo",T22, "Malaya",T23, "Manuk",T24, "Midgarts Expedition Camp",T25, "Mora",T26, "Morroc",T27, "Moscovia",T28, "Nameless Island",T29, "Niflheim",T30, "Payon",T31, "Rachel",T32, "Splendide",T33, "Thor Camp",T34, "Umbala",T35, "Veins",T36, "Yuno",T37; T1: Go("prontera",155,183); T2: Go("alberta",28,234); T3: Go("aldebaran",140,131); T4: Go("amatsu",198,84); T5: Go("ayothaya",208,166); T6: Restrict("RE"); Go("brasilis",196,217); T7: Go("comodo",209,143); T8: Restrict("RE"); Go("dewata",200,180); T9: Restrict("RE"); Go("ecl_in01",48,53); T10: Go("einbech",63,35); T11: Go("einbroch",64,200); T12: Restrict("RE"); Go("dicastes01",198,187); T13: Go("geffen",119,59); T14: Go("gonryun",160,120); T15: Go("hugel",96,145); T16: Go("izlude",128,(checkre(3)?146:114)); T17: Go("jawaii",251,132); T18: Restrict("RE"); Go("lasagna",193,182); T19: Go("lighthalzen",158,92); T20: Go("louyang",217,100); T21: Go("xmas",147,134); T22: Restrict("RE"); Go("malangdo",140,114); T23: Restrict("RE"); Go("malaya",231,200); T24: Go("manuk",282,138); T25: Go("mid_camp",210,288); T26: Restrict("RE"); Go("mora",55,146); T27: Go("morocc",156,93); T28: Go("moscovia",223,184); T29: Go("nameless_n",256,215); T30: Go("niflheim",202,174); T31: Go("payon",179,100); T32: Go("rachel",130,110); T33: Go("splendide",201,147); T34: Go("thor_camp",246,68); T35: Go("umbala",97,153); T36: Go("veins",216,123); T37: Go("yuno",157,51); // -------------------------------------------------- Fields: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Amatsu Fields",F1, "Ayothaya Fields",F2, "Bifrost Fields", F3, "Brasilis Fields",F4, "Comodo Fields",F5, "Dewata Fields",F6, "Eclage Fields",F7, "Einbroch Fields",F8, "El Dicastes Fields",F9, "Geffen Fields",F10, "Gonryun Fields",F11, "Hugel Fields",F12, "Lasagna Fields",F13, "Lighthalzen Fields",F14, "Louyang Field",F15, "Lutie Field",F16, "Malaya Fields",F17, "Manuk Fields",F18, "Mjolnir Fields",F19, "Moscovia Fields",F20, "Niflheim Fields",F21, "Payon Forests",F22, "Prontera Fields",F23, "Rachel Fields",F24, "Sograt Deserts",F25, "Splendide Fields",F26, "Umbala Fields",F27, "Veins Fields",F28, "Yuno Fields",F29; F1: setarray @c[2],190,197; Disp("Amatsu Field",1,1); Pick("ama_fild"); F2: setarray @c[2],173,134,212,150; Disp("Ayothaya Field",1,2); Pick("ayo_fild"); F3: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],193,220,220,187; Disp("Bifrost Field",1,2); Pick("bif_fild"); F4: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],74,32; Disp("Brasilis Field",1,1); Pick("bra_fild"); F5: Restrict("Pre-RE",5); setarray @c[2],180,178,231,160,191,172,228,194,224,203,190,223,234,177,194,175,172,172; Disp("Comodo Field",1,9); Pick("cmd_fild"); F6: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],371,212; Disp("Dewata Field",1,1); Pick("dew_fild"); F7: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],97,314; Disp("Eclage Field",1,1); Pick("ecl_fild"); F8: Restrict("Pre-RE",2,10); setarray @c[2],142,225,182,141,187,228,185,173,216,173,195,148,272,220,173,214,207,174,196,200; Disp("Einbroch Field",1,10); Pick("ein_fild"); F9: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],143,132,143,217; Disp("El Dicastes Field",1,2); Pick("dic_fild"); F10: Restrict("Pre-RE",13,15); setarray @c[0],46,199,213,204,195,212,257,192,188,171,166,263,248,158,195,191,186,183,221,117,178,218,136,328,240,181,235,235,211,185; Disp("Geffen Field",0,14); Pick("gef_fild",1); F11: setarray @c[2],220,227; Disp("Gonryun Field",1,1); Pick("gon_fild"); F12: Restrict("Pre-RE",3,7); setarray @c[2],268,101,222,193,232,185,252,189,196,106,216,220,227,197; Disp("Hugel Field",1,7); Pick("hu_fild"); F13: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],344,371,20,98; Disp("Lasagna Field",1,2); Pick("lasa_fild"); F14: setarray @c[2],240,179,185,235,240,226; Disp("Lighthalzen Field",1,3); Pick("lhz_fild"); F15: setarray @c[2],229,187; Disp("Louyang Field",1,1); Pick("lou_fild"); F16: setarray @c[2],115,145; Disp("Lutie Field",1,1); Pick("xmas_fild"); F17: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],40,272,207,180; Disp("Malaya Field",1,2); Pick("ma_fild"); F18: setarray @c[2],35,236,35,262,84,365; Disp("Manuk Field",1,3); Pick("man_fild"); F19: setarray @c[2],204,120,175,193,208,213,179,180,181,240,195,270,235,202,188,215,205,144,245,223,180,206,196,208; Disp("Mjolnir Field",1,12); Pick("mjolnir_"); F20: setarray @c[2],82,104,131,147; Disp("Moscovia Field",1,2); Pick("mosk_fild"); F21: setarray @c[2],215,229,167,234; Disp("Niflheim Field",1,2); Pick("nif_fild"); F22: Restrict("Pre-RE",5,11); setarray @c[2],158,206,151,219,205,148,186,247,134,204,193,235,200,177,137,189,201,224,160,205,194,150; Disp("Payon Forest",1,11); Pick("pay_fild"); F23: setarray @c[0],208,227,190,206,240,206,190,143,307,252,239,213,185,188,193,194,187,218,210,183,195,149,198,164; Disp("Prontera Field",0,11); Pick("prt_fild",1); F24: Restrict("Pre-RE",2,7,9,10,11,13); setarray @c[2],192,162,235,166,202,206,202,208,225,202,202,214,263,196,217,201,87,121,277,181,221,185,175,200,174,197; Disp("Rachel Field",1,13); Pick("ra_fild"); F25: if(.Satan_Morroc){ setarray @c[2],219,205,177,206,194,182,224,170,198,216,156,187,185,263,206,228,208,238,209,223,85,97,207,202,31,195,38,195; Disp("Sograt Desert 1:Sograt Desert 2:Sograt Desert 3:Sograt Desert 7:Sograt Desert 11:Sograt Desert 12:Sograt Desert 13:Sograt Desert 16:Sograt Desert 17:Sograt Desert 18:Sograt Desert 19:Sograt Desert 20:Sograt Desert 21:Sograt Desert 22"); Pick("","moc_fild01","moc_fild02","moc_fild03","moc_fild07","moc_fild11","moc_fild12","moc_fild13","moc_fild16","moc_fild17","moc_fild18","moc_fild19","moc_fild20","moc_fild21","moc_fild22"); }else{ setarray @c[2],219,205,177,206,194,182,146,297,204,197,275,302,224,170,139,123,101,110,341,39,198,216,156,187,185,263,223,222,170,257,206,228,208,238,209,223,85,97; Disp("Sograt Desert 1:Sograt Desert 2:Sograt Desert 3:Sograt Desert 4:Sograt Desert 5:Sograt Desert 6:Sograt Desert 7:Sograt Desert 8:Sograt Desert 9:Sograt Desert 10:Sograt Desert 11:Sograt Desert 12:Sograt Desert 13:Sograt Desert 14:Sograt Desert 15:Sograt Desert 16:Sograt Desert 17:Sograt Desert 18:Sograt Desert 19"); Pick("","moc_fild01","moc_fild02","moc_fild03","moc_fild04","moc_fild05","moc_fild06","moc_fild07","moc_fild08","moc_fild09","moc_fild10","moc_fild11","moc_fild12","moc_fild13","moc_fild14","moc_fild15","moc_fild16","moc_fild17","moc_fild18","moc_fild19"); } F26: setarray @c[2],175,186,236,184,188,204; Disp("Splendide Field",1,3); Pick("spl_fild"); F27: setarray @c[2],217,206,223,221,237,215,202,197; Disp("Umbala Field",1,4); Pick("um_fild"); F28: Restrict("Pre-RE",5); setarray @c[2],186,175,196,370,222,45,51,250,202,324,150,223,149,307; Disp("Veins Field",1,7); Pick("ve_fild"); F29: Restrict("Pre-RE",5,10); setarray @c[2],189,224,192,207,221,157,226,199,223,177,187,232,231,174,196,203,183,214,200,124,195,226,210,304; Disp("Yuno Field",1,12); Pick("yuno_fild"); // -------------------------------------------------- Dungeons: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Abyss Lakes",D1, "Amatsu Dungeon",D2, "Anthell",D3, "Ayothaya Dungeon",D4, "Beach Dungeon",D5, "Bifrost Tower",D41, "Bio Labs",D6, "Brasilis Dungeon",D7, "Byalan Dungeon",D8, "Clock Tower",D9, "Coal Mines",D10, "Culvert",D11, "Cursed Abbey",D12, "Dewata Dungeon",D13, "Einbroch Dungeon",D14, "Gefenia",D15, "Geffen Dungeon",D16, "Glast Heim",D17, "Gonryun Dungeon",D18, "Hidden Dungeon",D19, "Ice Dungeon",D20, "Juperos",D21, "Kiel Dungeon",D22, "Lasagna Dungeon",D23, "Louyang Dungeon",D24, "Magma Dungeon",D25, "Malangdo Dungeon",D26, "Moscovia Dungeon",D27, "Nidhogg's Dungeon",D28, "Odin Temple",D29, "Orc Dungeon",D30, "Payon Dungeon",D31, "Pyramids",D32, "Rachel Sanctuary",D33, "Scaraba Hole",D34, "Sphinx",D35, "Sunken Ship",D36, "Thanatos Tower",D37, "Thor Volcano",D38, "Toy Factory",D39, "Turtle Dungeon",D40, "Umbala Dungeon",D41; D1: setarray @c[2],261,272,275,270,116,27; Disp("Abyss Lakes",1,3); Pick("abyss_"); D2: setarray @c[2],228,11,34,41,119,14; Disp("Amatsu Dungeon",1,3); Pick("ama_dun"); D3: setarray @c[2],35,262,168,170; Disp("Anthell",1,2); Pick("anthell"); D4: setarray @c[2],275,19,24,26; Disp("Ancient Shrine Maze:Inside Ancient Shrine"); Pick("ayo_dun"); D5: setarray @c[2],266,67,255,244,23,260; Disp("Beach Dungeon",1,3); Pick("","beach_dun","beach_dun2","beach_dun3"); D6: Restrict("RE",4); setarray @c[2],150,288,150,18,140,134,244,52; Disp("Bio Lab",1,4); Pick("lhz_dun"); D7: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],87,47,262,262; Disp("Brasilis Dungeon",1,2); Pick("bra_dun"); D8: Restrict("RE",6); setarray @c[0],168,168,253,252,236,204,32,63,26,27,141,187; Disp("Byalan Dungeon",1,6); Pick("iz_dun",1); D9: setarray @c[2],199,159,148,283,65,147,56,155,297,25,127,169,277,178,268,74; Disp("Clock Tower 1:Clock Tower 2:Clock Tower 3:Clock Tower 4:Basement 1:Basement 2:Basement 3:Basement 4"); Pick("","c_tower1","c_tower2","c_tower3","c_tower4","alde_dun01","alde_dun02","alde_dun03","alde_dun04"); D10: setarray @c[2],52,17,381,343,302,262; Disp("Coal Mines",1,3); Pick("mjo_dun"); D11: setarray @c[2],131,247,19,19,180,169,100,92; Disp("Culvert",1,4); Pick("","prt_sewb1","prt_sewb2","prt_sewb3","prt_sewb4"); D12: setarray @c[2],51,14,150,11,120,10; Disp("Cursed Abbey",1,3); Pick("abbey"); D13: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],285,160,299,29; Disp("Dewata Dungeon",1,2); Pick("dew_dun"); D14: setarray @c[2],22,14,292,290; Disp("Einbroch Dungeon",1,2); Pick("ein_dun"); D15: setarray @c[2],40,103,203,34,266,168,130,272; Disp("Gefenia",1,4); Pick("gefenia",0); D16: setarray @c[0],104,99,115,236,106,132,203,200; Disp("Geffen Dungeon",1,4); Pick("gef_dun",1); D17: setarray @c[2],370,304,199,29,104,25,150,15,157,287,147,15,258,255,108,291,171,283,68,277,156,7,12,7,133,271,224,274,14,70,150,14; Disp("Entrance:Castle 1:Castle 2:Chivalry 1:Chivalry 2:Churchyard:Culvert 1:Culvert 2:Culvert 3:Culvert 4:St. Abbey:Staircase Dungeon:Underground Cave 1:Underground Cave 2:Underground Prison 1:Underground Prison 2"); Pick("","glast_01","gl_cas01","gl_cas02","gl_knt01","gl_knt02","gl_chyard","gl_sew01","gl_sew02","gl_sew03","gl_sew04","gl_church","gl_step","gl_dun01","gl_dun02","gl_prison","gl_prison1"); D18: setarray @c[2],153,53,28,113,68,16; Disp("Gonryun Dungeon",1,3); Pick("gon_dun"); D19: setarray @c[2],176,7,93,20,23,8; Disp("Hidden Dungeon",1,3); Pick("prt_maze"); D20: setarray @c[2],157,14,151,155,149,22,33,158; Disp("Ice Dungeon",1,4); Pick("ice_dun"); D21: setarray @c[2],140,51,53,247,37,63,150,285; Disp("Entrance:Juperos 1:Juperos 2:Core"); Pick("","jupe_cave","juperos_01","juperos_02","jupe_core"); D22: setarray @c[2],28,226,41,198; Disp("Kiel Dungeon",1,2); Pick("kh_dun"); D23: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],24,143,22,171,190,18; Disp("Lasagna Dungeon",1,3); Pick("lasa_dun"); D24: setarray @c[2],218,196,282,20,165,38; Disp("The Royal Tomb:Inside the Royal Tomb:Suei Long Gon"); Pick("lou_dun"); D25: setarray @c[2],126,68,47,30; Disp("Magma Dungeon",1,2); Pick("mag_dun"); D26: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],33,230; Disp("Malangdo Dungeon",1,1); Pick("mal_dun"); D27: setarray @c[2],189,48,165,30,32,135; Disp("Moscovia Dungeon",1,3); Pick("mosk_dun"); D28: setarray @c[2],61,239,60,271; Disp("Nidhogg's Dungeon",1,2); Pick("nyd_dun"); D29: setarray @c[2],298,167,224,149,266,280; Disp("Odin Temple",1,3); Pick("odin_tem"); D30: setarray @c[2],32,170,21,185; Disp("Orc Dungeon",1,2); Pick("orcsdun"); D31: setarray @c[0],21,183,19,33,19,63,155,159,201,204; Disp("Payon Dungeon",1,5); Pick("pay_dun",1); D32: Restrict("RE",7,8); setarray @c[2],192,9,10,192,100,92,181,11,94,96,192,8,94,96,192,8; Disp("Pyramids 1:Pyramids 2:Pyramids 3:Pyramids 4:Basement 1:Basement 2:Basement 1 - Nightmare Mode:Basement 2 - Nightmare Mode"); Pick("","moc_pryd01","moc_pryd02","moc_pryd03","moc_pryd04","moc_pryd05","moc_pryd06","moc_prydn1","moc_prydn2"); D33: setarray @c[2],140,11,32,21,8,149,204,218,150,9; Disp("Rachel Sanctuary",1,5); Pick("ra_san"); D34: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],364,44,101,141; Disp("Scaraba Hole",1,2); Pick("dic_dun"); D35: setarray @c[2],288,9,149,81,210,54,10,222,100,99; Disp("Sphinx",1,5); Pick("","in_sphinx1","in_sphinx2","in_sphinx3","in_sphinx4","in_sphinx5"); D36: setarray @c[2],69,24,102,27; Disp("Sunken Ship",1,2); Pick("treasure"); D37: setarray @c[2],150,39,150,136,220,158,59,143,62,11,89,221,35,166,93,148,29,107,159,138,19,20,130,52; Disp("Thanatos Tower",1,12); Pick("tha_t"); D38: setarray @c[2],21,228,75,205,34,272; Disp("Thor Volcano",1,3); Pick("thor_v"); D39: setarray @c[2],205,15,129,133; Disp("Toy Factory",1,2); Pick("xmas_dun"); D40: setarray @c[2],154,49,148,261,132,189,100,192; Disp("Entrance:Turtle Dungeon 1:Turtle Dungeon 2:Turtle Dungeon 3"); Pick("tur_dun"); D41: Restrict("Pre-RE",1,2); setarray @c[2],42,31,48,30,204,78; Disp("Carpenter's Shop in the Tree:Passage to a Foreign World:Hvergermil's Fountain"); Pick("","um_dun01","um_dun02","yggdrasil01"); D42: Restrict("RE"); setarray @c[2],57,13,64,88,45,14,26,23; Disp("Bifrost Tower",1,4); Pick("ecl_tdun"); // -------------------------------------------------- Castles: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Aldebaran Castles",C1, "Geffen Castles",C2, "Payon Castles",C3, "Prontera Castles",C4, "Arunafeltz Castles",C5, "Schwaltzvalt Castles",C6; C1: setarray @c[2],48,83,95,249,142,85,239,242,264,90; Disp("Neuschwanstein:Hohenschwangau:Nuenberg:Wuerzburg:Rothenburg"); Pick("","alde_gld","alde_gld","alde_gld","alde_gld","alde_gld"); C2: setarray @c[2],214,75,308,240,143,240,193,278,305,87; Disp("Repherion:Eeyolbriggar:Yesnelph:Bergel:Mersetzdeitz"); Pick("","gef_fild13","gef_fild13","gef_fild13","gef_fild13","gef_fild13"); C3: setarray @c[2],121,233,295,116,317,293,140,160,204,266; Disp("Bright Arbor:Scarlet Palace:Holy Shadow:Sacred Altar:Bamboo Grove Hill"); Pick("","pay_gld","pay_gld","pay_gld","pay_gld","pay_gld"); C4: setarray @c[2],134,65,240,128,153,137,111,240,208,240; Disp("Kriemhild:Swanhild:Fadhgridh:Skoegul:Gondul"); Pick("","prt_gld","prt_gld","prt_gld","prt_gld","prt_gld"); C5: setarray @c[2],158,272,83,47,68,155,299,345,292,107; Disp("Mardol:Cyr:Horn:Gefn:Banadis"); Pick("","aru_gld","aru_gld","aru_gld","aru_gld","aru_gld"); C6: setarray @c[2],293,100,288,252,97,196,137,90,71,315; Disp("Himinn:Andlangr:Viblainn:Hljod:Skidbladnir"); Pick("","sch_gld","sch_gld","sch_gld","sch_gld","sch_gld"); // -------------------------------------------------- Nivel_Spot: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "1 ~ 20",G1, "20 ~ 40",G2, "40 ~ 70",G3, "70 ~ 90",G4, "90 ~ 100",G5, "100 ~ 110",G6, "110 ~ 120",G7, "120 ~ 130",G8, "130 ~ 150",G9, "150 ~ 160",G10; G1: Go("prt_fild06",191,180); G2: Go("pay_dun00",20,182); G3: Go("orcsdun01",33,165); G4: Go("gl_church",156,9); G5: Go("ice_dun01",157,22); G6: Go("ve_fild03",351,219); G7: Go("juperos_01",54,254); G8: Go("ra_san01",140,20); G9: Go("dic_dun01",36,213); G10: Go("ecl_tdun01",61,17); // -------------------------------------------------- Instances: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Bakonawa Lake",I1, "Bangungot Hospital 2F",I2, "Buwaya Cave",I3, "Eclage Interior",I4, "Endless Tower",I5, "Faceworms Nest",I6, "Geffen Magic Tournament",I7, "Hazy Forest",I8, "Horror Toy Factory",I9, "Malangdo Culvert",I10, "Nidhoggur's Nest",I11, "Octopus Cave",I12, "Old Glast Heim",I13, "Orc's Memory",I14, "Sarah and Fenrir",I15, "Sara Memory",I16, "Sealed Shrine",I17, "Wolfchev's Laboratory",I18, "Charleston Crisis",I19; I1: Restrict("RE"); Go("ma_scene01",172,175,1); I2: Restrict("RE"); Go("ma_dun01",151,8,1); I3: Restrict("RE"); Go("ma_fild02",316,317,1); I4: Restrict("RE"); Go("ecl_hub01",129,12,1); I5: Go("e_tower",72,112,1); I6: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",85,64,1); I7: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",94,141,1); I8: Restrict("RE"); Go("bif_fild01",161,334,1); I9: Restrict("RE"); Go("xmas",234,298,1); I10: Restrict("RE"); Go("mal_in01",164,21,1); I11: Go("nyd_dun02",95,193,1); I12: Restrict("RE"); Go("mal_dun01",152,230,1); I13: Restrict("RE"); Go("glast_01",204,268,1); I14: Go("gef_fild10",240,198,1); I15: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",92,141,1); I16: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",133,108,1); I17: Go("monk_test",306,143,1); I18: Restrict("RE"); Go("lhz_dun04",148,269,1); I19: Restrict("RE"); Go("verus04",78,120); // -------------------------------------------------- Special: // -------------------------------------------------- menu "Auction Hall",S1, "Battlegrounds",S2, "Casino",S3, "Dimensional Rift",S4, "Eden Group Headquarters",S5, "Gonryun Arena",S6, "Izlude Arena",S7, "Monster Race Arena",S8, "Turbo Track",S9; S1: Go("auction_01",22,68,1); S2: Go("bat_room",154,150,1); S3: Go("cmd_in02",179,129,1); S4: Restrict("RE"); Go("dali",113,82,1); S5: Restrict("RE"); Go("moc_para01",31,14,1); S6: Go("gon_test",48,10,1); S7: Go("arena_room",100,88,1); S8: Go("p_track01",62,41,1); S9: Go("turbo_room",99,114,1); OnInit: .Satan_Morroc = 1; // 0 will enable moc_fild 4,5,6,8,9,10,14,15 wjile disable moc_fild 20,21,22 Default is 1 //Warp the player to random Coordinates in the map . setarray .random_coordinates$,""; // Example: setarray .random$,"prontera","Alberta",Aldebaran"; //Block map from the warper . setarray .blocked_maps$,"mjolnir_04","ra_fild02","ra_fild03","ra_fild04","ra_fild05","ve_fild02","moc_pryd06","yuno_fild05","abbey03","abbey03","lou_dun03","prt_maze03","prt_sewb4","abbey02","xmas_dun02","yuno_fild03","abyss_03","pay_fild04","gld_dun02","gef_dun02","gef_dun01","treasure02","pay_fild11","in_sphinx5","pay_dun04","tur_dun04","lhz_dun02","gld_dun04","pay_fild04","mosk_dun03","xmas_fild01","ice_dun03","kh_dun02","ayo_dun02","anthell02","gld_dun03","anthell01","gef_fild14","gef_fild02","gef_fild10", "moc_pryd04","moc_fild17","gl_cas02","gef_dun03","ein_dun02","ra_san05","ama_dun03","moc_fild21","moc_fild22","niflheim","gef_dun03","gl_chyard","gon_dun03","beach_dun","odin_tem03","odin_tem02","jupe_core","mosk_dun03","lhz_dun03","lhz_dun04"; // Example: setarray .blocked_maps$,"prontera","Alberta",Aldebaran"; .block_message$ = "^FF0000Eu não consigo te teleportar para mapas de MVPs!!!^000000"; }
  2. Tassadar

    giveitem command in event

    Thanks, I'll test it. In this way you did only appear a chest and when someone kills the chest receives the prize and is teleported out? OnDevilDead3: .mob--; if ( .mob == 25 || .mob == 5 ) announce "Devil Square : "+ .mob +" monsters remaining in the final round.", bc_map; else if ( .mob <= 0 ) { announce "Devil Square : CONGRATULATIONS. You can open a treasure chest as a reward.", bc_map; goto OnDevil4; } end; I can not leave it like this? OnTreasureDead: .mob--; getitem 501,1; //This is the reward announce "Devil Square : "+ strcharinfo(0) +" has opened the Treasure Chest at Devil Square.", bc_all; if ( .mob <= 0 ) goto OnStopEvent; end thanks for helping.
  3. Tassadar

    giveitem command in event

    Good Morning. I would like to know how to give items to the participants of this event. I'm afraid to use the giveitem command and it will reward the whole server. How do I hold the giveitem at the participants? Is it beyond this prize to draw a special item for one participant only? Randomly? //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Devil Square //===== By: ================================================== //= Kirlein, Stillhard (translation), AnnieRuru (rewrite) //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= Devil Square, based on the event in MU Online. //= Defeat three waves of monsters for treasure. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 First version, edited. [Euphy] //============================================================ prontera,138,224,5 script Devil Square Guardian#1 406,{ set [email protected]_level, 99; // GM level required to start/stop the event mes "[Devil Square Guardian]"; mes "This is the entrance to ^FF0000Devil Square^000000."; mes "If you fail or die, the door will close and you must wait until the event starts again to re-enter."; next; switch(select("Enter.:Information.:" + ((getgmlevel() >= [email protected]_level) ? "GM Menu." : "") + ":Cancel.")) { case 1: if (.start != 1) { // registration period mes "[Devil Square Guardian]"; mes "Devil Square is now closed."; mes "It will open at these times:"; mes "00:15 , 02:15 , 04:15 , 06:15"; // display your times here mes "08:15 , 10:15 , 12:15 , 14:15"; mes "16:15 , 18:15 , 20:15 , 22:15"; close; } if (BaseLevel < 70 || Zeny < 500000) { // requirements mes "[Devil Square Guardian]"; mes "You do not meet the requirements to enter Devil Square."; mes " "; mes "Requirements:"; mes " - Base Level 70"; mes " - Registration fee 500,000z"; close; } Zeny -= 20000; announce strcharinfo(0)+" has entered Devil Square.", bc_npc; percentheal 100,100; warp "ordeal_1-1",183,182; close; case 2: mes "[Devil Square Guardian]"; mes "Inside, you will encounter 3 waves of monsters. The monsters will grow stronger with each wave."; next; mes "[Devil Square Guardian]"; mes "If you defeat all the enemies, you will be given the opportunity to open 10 Treasure Chests with items, equipment, and rare cards inside!"; close; case 3: mes "[Devil Square Guardian]"; switch (.start) { // event states case 0: mes "Devil Square has not yet started."; break; case 1: mes "Devil Square is currently accepting participants."; break; case 2: mes "Devil Square Event is currently running on Round "+ .round +" with "+ .mob +" monsters remaining."; break; } next; switch(select("Start event.:Stop event.:Cancel.")) { case 1: mes "[Devil Square Guardian]"; if (.start) mes "Devil Square has already started."; else { mes "Starting Devil Square..."; donpcevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnStartEvent"; } close; case 2: mes "[Devil Square Guardian]"; if (!.start) mes "Devil Square has not yet started."; else { mes "Stopping Devil Square..."; donpcevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnStopEvent"; } close; case 3: break; } break; case 4: break; } mes "[Devil Square Guardian]"; mes "Farewell."; close; OnStartEvent: OnClock0015: OnClock0215: OnClock0415: OnClock0615: OnClock0815: OnClock1015: OnClock1215: OnClock1415: OnClock1615: OnClock1815: OnClock2015: OnClock2215: .start = 1; disablenpc "ord11-12"; //from npc/warps/pvp.txt disablenpc "Devil Square Guardian#2"; mapannounce "ordeal_1-1","Devil Square is now closed.", bc_map; getmapxy [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], UNITTYPE_NPC; mapwarp "ordeal_1-1", [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected]; killmonsterall "ordeal_1-1"; announce "Devil Square is OPEN. The event will begin in 5 minutes.", bc_all; sleep 60000; announce "Devil Square will begin in 4 minutes.", bc_all; sleep 60000; announce "Devil Square will begin in 3 minutes.", bc_all; sleep 60000; announce "Devil Square will begin in 2 minutes.", bc_all; sleep 60000; announce "Devil Square will begin in 1 minute.", bc_all; sleep 60000; announce "Devil Square has STARTED!", bc_all; if ( !getmapusers("ordeal_1-1") ) goto OnStopEvent; .start = 2; .round = 1; .mob = 75; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] SOLDIER SKELETON",1028,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] ORC ARCHER",1189,15,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] SANDMAN",1165,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] ARCHER SKELETON",1016,15,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] MINOROUS",1149,15,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] REQUIEM",1164,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead"; end; OnDevilDead: .mob--; if ( .mob == 25 || .mob == 5 ) announce "Devil Square : "+ .mob +" monsters remaining in round 1.", bc_map; else if ( .mob <= 0 ) { announce "Devil Square is entering round 2...", bc_map; goto OnDevil2; } end; OnDevil2: .round = 2; .mob = 70; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] GARGOYLE",1253,15,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead2"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] ALARM",1193,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead2"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] HIGH ORC",1213,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead2"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] INJUSTICE",1257,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead2"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] MIMIC",1191,15,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead2"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] WRAITH",1192,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead2"; end; OnDevilDead2: .mob--; if ( .mob == 25 || .mob == 5 ) announce "Devil Square : "+ .mob +" monsters remaining in round 2.", bc_map; else if ( .mob <= 0 ) { announce "Devil Square is entering round 3...", bc_map; goto OnDevil3; } end; OnDevil3: .round = 3; .mob = 58; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] ANOLIAN",1206,15,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead3"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] WANDERER",1208,15,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead3"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] DEVIRUCHI",1109,10,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead3"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] JOKER",1131,15,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead3"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] MOONLIGHT",1150,2,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead3"; areamonster "ordeal_1-1",183,182,246,244,"[DS] DARK ILLUSION",1302,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDevilDead3"; end; OnDevilDead3: .mob--; if ( .mob == 25 || .mob == 5 ) announce "Devil Square : "+ .mob +" monsters remaining in the final round.", bc_map; else if ( .mob <= 0 ) { announce "Devil Square : CONGRATULATIONS. These 10 Treasure Chests are yours.", bc_map; goto OnDevil4; } end; OnDevil4: .round = 4; .mob = 10; monster "ordeal_1-1",231,250,"Treasure Chest",1324,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; monster "ordeal_1-1",234,247,"Treasure Chest",1328,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; monster "ordeal_1-1",237,244,"Treasure Chest",1332,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; monster "ordeal_1-1",240,241,"Treasure Chest",1336,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; monster "ordeal_1-1",243,238,"Treasure Chest",1340,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; monster "ordeal_1-1",246,235,"Treasure Chest",1344,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; monster "ordeal_1-1",249,232,"Treasure Chest",1348,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; monster "ordeal_1-1",252,229,"Treasure Chest",1352,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; monster "ordeal_1-1",249,241,"Treasure Chest",1356,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; monster "ordeal_1-1",240,249,"Treasure Chest",1360,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnTreasureDead"; end; OnTreasureDead: .mob--; announce "Devil Square : "+ strcharinfo(0) +" has opened the Treasure Chest at Devil Square.", bc_all; if ( .mob <= 0 ) goto OnStopEvent; end; OnStopEvent: killmonsterall "ordeal_1-1"; enablenpc "ord11-12"; //from npc/warps/pvp.txt enablenpc "Devil Square Guardian#2"; .start = .round = .mob = 0; end; } ordeal_1-1,246,245,7 script Devil Square Guardian#2 406,{ mes "[Exit]"; mes "Farewell."; close2; warp "SavePoint",0,0; end; } ordeal_1-1 mapflag nowarp ordeal_1-1 mapflag nowarpto ordeal_1-1 mapflag noteleport ordeal_1-1 mapflag monster_noteleport ordeal_1-1 mapflag nosave SavePoint ordeal_1-1 mapflag nomemo ordeal_1-1 mapflag nobranch ordeal_1-1 mapflag nopenalty ordeal_1-1 mapflag noicewall Thanks for the help.
  4. Tassadar

    Utility: Lucky Roulette Prize Changer

    Good night. Does anyone know how to put the Bonus Prize?
  5. Tassadar


    Thank you very much.
  6. Tassadar


    it was amazing. Thank you very much. I finally got it. Could you tell me where I find a list of these parameters? From what list did you get the bAspd ... bMatk ???
  7. Tassadar

    restrict use to only once.

    Which is correct? dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 10!,0xff0000"; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 10!",0xff0000;
  8. Tassadar

    restrict use to only once.

    Thank you very much. It helped a lot. It has like this dispbottom to appear of another color for the character. But still in the chat??
  9. Tassadar

    restrict use to only once.

    Good afternoon. How to prevent this NPC from giving the boxes twice? The first time the character arrives at level 10 and the second time after being reborn? I know it is possible to create a variable for each level .. but I have seen somewhere that it is ideal not to load the personages of variables. That this could overload the server. Note. I wish it was once per character. // ============== Credit ===================== // Scripted by WhiteEagle // =============== For ======================= // Delphin Project // =========================================== - script Levelupbox -1,{ OnPCBaseLvUpEvent: set [email protected]$,501; // Level 1 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 2 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 3 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 4 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 5 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 6 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 7 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 8 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 9 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 10 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 11 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 12 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 13 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 14 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,501; // Level 15 with Item "Red Potion"; set [email protected]$,71; // Specialeffect Spiral White balls set [email protected]$,72; // Specialeffect Bigger Spiral White balls set [email protected]$,73; // Specialeffect Blue/White Small Aura if(BaseLevel == 10) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 10!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 20) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 20!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 30) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 30!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 40) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 40!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 50) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 50!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 60) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 60!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 70) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 70!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 80) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 80!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 90) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 90!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 100) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 100!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 110) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 110!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 120) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 120!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 130) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 130!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 140) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 140!"; end; } if(BaseLevel == 150) { specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]$; specialeffect2 [email protected]; getitem [email protected]$,1; dispbottom "Congratulation "+strcharinfo(0)+" to level 150!"; end; } } Thanks in advance;
  10. Tassadar

    bMaxHPrate x getrefine

    tks.. for all. bonus is missing on all these items ??? 24208,S_Expert_Shoes,Expert Shadow Shoes,12,20,,100,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,524288,,150:175,1,,{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,1; },{},{} 24209,S_Expert_Shield,Expert Shadow Shield,12,0,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,262144,,150:175,1,,{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,(getrefine()/4); },{},{} 24210,S_Beginner_Shoes,Beginner Shadow Shoes,12,20,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,524288,,1:49,1,,{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,getrefine(); },{},{} 24211,S_Beginner_Shield,Beginner Shadow Shield,12,0,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,262144,,1:49,1,,{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,getrefine(); },{},{} 24212,S_Rookie_Shoes,Rookie Shadow Shoes,12,0,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,524288,,50:99,1,,{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,(getrefine()/2); },{},{} 24213,S_Rookie_Shield,Rookie Shadow Shield,12,0,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,262144,,50:99,1,,{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,(getrefine()/2); },{},{} 24214,S_Advanced_Shoes,Advanced Shadow Shoes,12,20,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,524288,,100:149,1,,{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,(getrefine()/3); },{},{} 24215,S_Advanced_Shield,Advanced Shadow Shield,12,0,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,262144,,100:149,1,,{ bonus2 bExpAddRace,RC_All,(getrefine()/3); },{},{}
  11. Tassadar


    Gold night. I see the command @charinfo in some servers. I need this. I m may pay. If it, please, pm me. @charinfo: Show in chat window: Caracter lvl:175/50 Def:91,6 Aspd: 191,5 <- 1 descimal Resistences, Matck. Atack And others caracters bonuses and penalty. Tks for help me.
  12. Tassadar

    Item X or Item Y receive item Z

    I got it. Thank you all.
  13. Tassadar

    Item X or Item Y receive item Z

    Tks. Thank you. I'll test.
  14. Tassadar

    Item X or Item Y receive item Z

    And how do I delete one item or the other? if (countitem(6223)>=25 || countitem(6224)>=25){ delitem 6223,25; || delitem 6224,25; getitem 674,1; It's correct?
  15. Good night I've been seeing some npcs but I do not find any that do what I need. Emistry has some npcs that almost do what I want. I need an npc that exchanges X item or Y item for Z item: Quest: 5 Fabre Card or 5 Poring Card per 1 Old Album card The question here is the "or", I know how to do 5X + 5Y = Z, what I need is 5X or 5Y = Z Thank you very much in advance.