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  1. im sorry for not pm you, asked some questions on the original topic and got no response so i thought you werent active, it wasnt via gm command it was normaly with a shadow chasser, its working now, i dont know what fixed it, still get the error but not in game thank you
  2. Hi im looking to make a custom item that when its used makes pasive mobs agressive for certain time, its there something like that?
  3. ambas estan en el foro en ingles y funcionan bien, mada el error que te dan y yo te ayudo a resolverlo
  4. have the same problem, did you find a solution?
  5. hey i tried to add llchrisll invasion to my server but keep geting error [Error]: get_val_: fatal error ! player not attached! [Debug]: Source (NPC): MobInvaInit (invisible/not on a map) [Warning]: script:get_val: cannot access player variable 'InvaKill', defaulting to 0 this its the script i've been trying to use hope someone can help me mob_inva.txt
  6. its there a way to get the city selected randomly?, each time i restart the server its the same city
  7. i think i wasnt clear, i want that all mobs drop an item, lets say poring coin, but if the mob its an mvp it has drop rate o 30 just for the poring coin and keep the normal rates for all the other drops
  8. Its there a way to add dropto all mobs with drop rates that dependon mob type, for exemple, if the mob its normal 10%, if its miniboss 20% and mvp 30%? also it would be great if it could be taken by autoloot
  9. its not created by script, it happens when you kill anithing, i inicially thought it was becouse i had drop rates higher than 100 but i cheked and everiyhing has max drop rate of 100
  10. Hey I keep having an issue with autoloot, ido not have iddle or distance activate ut still dropping some items to the floor with autoloot 100 active, its there anything i can do to fix it?
  11. I got this working i hpe you like them, it includes magical and phisycall doram set Second Job set Third Job set [First Class set] + [Second Class set] + [Thrid Class set]All Stat + 10, MaxHP + 5%, MaxSP + 5%.Ignore defense and magic defense of normal monsters by 50%. item_combo_db.txt item_db.txt
  12. i only found tickets from +1 to +9 and +11 so i made the ones from 12 to +20 and +10
  13. I modified the one that comes with rathena up to +20 i hope you can use it ticket_refiner.txt item_db.txt iteminfo.lua
  14. hey im trying to acces to this instance but keep getting [Error]: buildin_instance_npcname: Invalid instance NPC (instance_id: 0, NPC name: "Skia#skia01".) [Debug]: Source (NPC): Nyhill#nihil01 at [email protected] (103,17) any ideas? attatched the script im using,its the same on rathenas git RitualOfBlessing.txt
  15. does anybody has the maps that i have to add to the client for this? i added everithing but doesnt warp me