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  1. this is the best idea emistry! btw how to make the messenger of npc became yellow ? it is possible ?
  2. 2018-06-21 sire. do i need newer than that for red aura?
  3. Hi rAthena! i have question about the newest aura which same aura with 3rd jobs but red one, u know what i mean? level 185 update has red aura right? i succesfully edit my max level in my own server from 175 to 185 and when i edit 185 it has red aura, but when i edit it to 260 the aura back to the bored color (yellow) my question is, any idea about this ? can i just replace or switch the name betwen red aura file and yellow aura file or some shit please tell me something master of rAthena!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
  4. oh i was just miss a few think, actually this script is working perfectly on current svn. now is working fine thx
  5. this is what was i looking for long time, but i getting this error please help me!
  6. the red circle should be "Total : Cash" i have no idea how to fix this i even update my msgstringtable.txt and didn changes anything. someone help please?
  7. someone can tell me where is this map or what is map name in this picture please i cant sleep till found up this map please
  8. I want make a weapon like infiltrator as example become level 5! actually i want increase the level of weapon. if weapon level 3 has 5 atk bonuses and weapon level 4 has 7 atk bonus i want add another level which is level 5 or more has bonus atk 10 or higher. and it only upgradeable with another stone not oridecon. is that possible ? dont gave a links because i've try every guides and they are old version which cannot used on latest SVN (2018)
  9. i've edit that line even on src path src/map/battle.c aura_lv but still nothing happend. my friend have server with latest svn and he made his own server has 255 max level with aura! but he keep secret from me then if i want it i shall pay em please someone tell me what i should to do @@' or any trick to make aura on max level edited (255) ?
  10. I want to make an custom jobs. any guides? specialy with picture not an old guide! they no longer supported on latest svn rathena. dont give a links bcoz there no guide but older guide BIG THANKS BEFORE
  11. battle.conf or client.conf? bcoz i never editing the battle.conf before. and if right i shall try it. mybe it works. let me know which line should i editing?
  12. I've create my own server and i want to make it different from everyone! my problem is "Aura at max level". we know as default, aura will appear at level 99 and 175. but my server max level is 260 (source & client edited) my question is. how the hell do i make it come true? bcoz every guides or asks about it on rathena forums never solved. you guys know there big update on rAthena which they increase the max level as officialy to 185 as base and 65 as job. the logic is, why they can moved the aura appear from 175 to 185? with any Ragexe? i think the problem is just in src files guys! come one i've search so many about "aura not shown" or something but nothing solved since people posted 2011 till 2017 i cant find something helpful. because the guide i've reading we should edit both of src and conf file (conf/battle/client.conf) but when i edit conf file there nothing happend. or this is just secret from developer? why they keep silent about it? this will help many people they will apprecieted. SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH I DIDN USE TRANSLATE
  13. sire alayne, sorry to say this but dont you even check ur latest git of YProject? mybe you've been added some missing of maps in last time but i think you dont check em for ur own eyes. there still many missing maps! you can compare between clientmap/data/texture (bmp files) and maps gnd,rsw files there very clearly different. example! in clientmap texture has completed of "ars_dun" from 01 to 40. now lets see in gnd,rsw files? i dont even see ars_dun01 and many more. so please check em. PLEASE SAFE THE DAY! Note: sorry for freaking RIP english i dont use translate anyway
  14. Glad to heard that. cant wait for the updates. hopely