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  1. WOW......... im just an newbies that know nothing about script after seeing this reply my brain was like 'knowledge installed' i pretty much understand the logic and story of ur script emistry THANKS A LOT I LOVE YA.................
  2. omg emistry reply me like a dream come true.. anyways im an newbie sire what can i do is just edit an work script can u please make for me a simple one so i can edit it easly and understanding slowly but actually that ur reply is quite guides but i still get lil bit confused im so sorry for bothering u thanks before mr.emistry im ur fan btw
  3. Hi, rAthena. how can i make a npc that can display an menu and each menu choosen will bring player to another npc what i try to say is npc with option and when we select one of menu it will switch to another npc example : warper another example : player talk to NPC1, npc give sum dialogue and display next selection menu and when player choose an menu called warper then player will automaticaly talk to NPC warper. which warper,txt is different file and location from NPC1.txt somebody can help me please? big regard thanks a lot for who ever master of script of rAthena.
  4. i have same problem. 2020 no one care about this? seriously men? cmon now
  5. awasome knowledge maping RO u have here but i still wandering how to fix the bright object in browedit after planting light and calculating light all of object became bright as golden treasure and this is weird as hell in game
  6. woaw dis is what i really need was like answear from heaven god bless u sire, btw where can i get browedit2 link me please
  7. all of the object are bright shining like dis. how to fix it? thx
  8. excuse me rA, im newbie here about using browedit i want make my own map but when im almost finish i have 1 issue which make me frustated ive done with my own map creating but when i want to use light edit my map goes like dis see? all object like bright lightning even in game any solution how to?
  9. this is the best idea emistry! btw how to make the messenger of npc became yellow ? it is possible ?
  10. 2018-06-21 sire. do i need newer than that for red aura?
  11. Hi rAthena! i have question about the newest aura which same aura with 3rd jobs but red one, u know what i mean? level 185 update has red aura right? i succesfully edit my max level in my own server from 175 to 185 and when i edit 185 it has red aura, but when i edit it to 260 the aura back to the bored color (yellow) my question is, any idea about this ? can i just replace or switch the name betwen red aura file and yellow aura file or some shit please tell me something master of rAthena!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
  12. oh i was just miss a few think, actually this script is working perfectly on current svn. now is working fine thx
  13. this is what was i looking for long time, but i getting this error please help me!
  14. the red circle should be "Total : Cash" i have no idea how to fix this i even update my msgstringtable.txt and didn changes anything. someone help please?
  15. someone can tell me where is this map or what is map name in this picture please i cant sleep till found up this map please
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