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  1. UP! Does anyone still have the sprites?
  2. great professional. Ffiendly and super attentive, i recommend.
  3. Greetings, i have a question. the reflector shield is not reflecting anything, is it any bugs or tweaks i should make? i thank everyone
  4. Greetings, @Secrets work in hercules yet?
  5. Hello everyone, Previously I had a commit link of modifications made at the time of pre-renewall to renewall. Does anyone have this link to share?
  6. [Error]: script_rid2sd: fatal error ! player not attached! [Debug]: Function: setarray (8 parameters): [Debug]: Data: variable name='.sc_effect' index=0 [Debug]: Data: variable name='SC_INCREASEAGI' index=0 [Debug]: Data: number value=30 [Debug]: Data: number value=115 [Debug]: Data: number value=35 [Debug]: Data: number value=29 [Debug]: Data: number value=40 [Debug]: Data: number value=41 [Debug]: Source (NPC): Buffer at prontera (157,162) @edit Fixed
  7. Dont work clients 2017+ (new party interface)
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