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  1. Is there a way to increase the kill limit count on announcement? Right now the max is only "Beyond Godlike (10)" Is it possible to make it count more than 10? so everyone still know their streak count
  2. Thanks Functor. Currently using 16GB RAM on my server, isn't that enough for around 100 players on same map? or are you referring to the player's pc ram?
  3. Thanks but tried both suggestions and it's not working
  4. Hi guys im getting this client crash error [FAIL] savedata\MiniPartyInfo.lua [2984 ms] Also found one in rA but no answer Does anyone know how to fix this? Using 20180620 client
  5. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to make this work. I need to allow a sniper's Sharp Shoot skill to friendly fire his/her teammate without dealing damage onto his teammates but deal damage to the targeted enemies within the cells where the arrow bounces Been trying to look for answer across the board and found none. Hope someone can help. Appreciate it in advance, thanks!
  6. Anyone here who was able to do it on Sharp Shooting? Can't find an answer on any of the threads created.
  7. Also looking for answer to this: 07# [FAIL] savedata\MiniPartyInfo.lua [1125 ms] 16# [FAIL] savedata\MiniPartyInfo.lua [1188 ms] This is from the crash log. TIA
  8. Already tested and it worked
  9. Did it work? is it still required to diff the src?
  10. Awesome! I'll test this @Mael thank you!
  11. Can you share how you fixed this? @ScarrFace
  12. Thank you @Haruka Mayumi Testing this again. EDIT: This solution worked!
  13. Hello guys, I was just wondering is this the official mechanics for hiding? Because right now with rAthena, you can dispel a player who is HIDING. Is there a way to change this so that, HIDDEN players cannot be dispelled? Thanks
  14. Thanks @Haruka Mayumi Testing the above. Will get back to this Edit: The above worked! Thank you
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