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  1. Ohh. Okay so i'll just stick to the classic interface instead Thank you!
  2. They've created a custom semi transparent signboard? Btw thanks for this!
  3. Does anybody know how to make this work like this? Thank you in advance! I've seen this waitingroom on Ragnarok is Life ImmortalsRO
  4. Undiffed Client : 2018-06-21aRagexeRE.exe. 4144's NEMO :
  5. @Functor Offers this mod as well. You'll just need to ask him.
  6. There are some files that are missing here : data.rar SP_SOUL.tga
  7. You can find it here.
  8. Gerzzie

    cpanel web

    You can download it here. Put the FluxCP Theme on your theme folder. or rename the existing Default to Default1 and put this folder named Default
  9. First locate gepard_shield.conf on your rAthena folder. conf/gepard_shield.conf Replace : - gepard_shield_enabled: yes + gepard_shield_enabled: no replace "Mss32.dll" by original file located on your Ragnarok Folder
  10. If you want to use Lelouch's script you can change 0 to BL_PC
  11. Here use mine :
  12. Here's my modified version of a Healer with your request on it. If you have existing Healer that you want to use you just need to add the Following : Link :
  13. Yes. I've imported some Renewal Costume on my Pre - Renewal item_db.txt