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  1. Gerzzie

    DarkRO - The Last Jedi

    I'm currently looking for a Job Sprite Creator and a who has a ability to reproduce DarkRO Skills for Jedi , Padawan , Sith.
  2. Gerzzie

    Release: Custom Aura Mod [Zephyrus' @aura]

    Does this work on Latest rAthena? I need it
  3. You must apply this diff patch by Lemongrass for you to get it working. It's not implemented on Latest rAthena
  4. Gerzzie

    Problem with etc Skill

    Find conf/groups.conf Find : - all_skill: true Replace : + all_skill: false Then @reloadatcommand.
  5. Gerzzie

    Can't find the Regular chat

    Click the second icon on your upper right. You'll need to check the Regular Chat on your list
  6. Gerzzie

    casting time at cooldown delay issues

    Magkaiba ang Skill Delay and Item Delay para sa item delay Find : db/pre-re/item_delay.txt <-- if Pre - Renewal db/re/item_delay.txt <-- if Renewal
  7. Gerzzie

    casting time at cooldown delay issues

    Yeap Source Section. go to conf/battle/skill.conf Find : Change dex scale from 150 to 0 para kahit walang dex no cast. Make sure to @reloadbattleconf
  8. Gerzzie

    casting time at cooldown delay issues

    Go to your Trunk Folder and look for src/config/renewal.h Kung Renewal ka then Cast time lang gusto mong baguhin
  9. Gerzzie

    Tulong para sa GM Commands

    Trunk : trunk/npc/custom/(filename).txt Ex : trunk/npc/custom/shower.txt In - game : @loadnpc npc/custom/(filename).txt Ex: @loadnpc npc/custom/shower.txt
  10. Gerzzie

    3rd Job Suit Item Custom

    Or you could just replace the new sprite names to the old sprite names. If you're not using 3rd job on your server.
  11. Gerzzie

    Latest Application to diff clients

    Use Secrets NEMO Diff
  12. Gerzzie

    Star Emperor/Soul Reaper Issues

    rAthena doesn't released it yet?
  13. Gerzzie

    Woe Controller same user IP

    - // Combine values as needed (e.g. 1|8 = 1+8 = 9). - set .Options, 1|8; Have you tried removing number : 8 + // Combine values as needed (e.g. 1|8 = 1+8 = 9). + set .Options, 1; only