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  1. Gerzzie

    Refine Rate

    I would like to ask some database expert here. I'll just leave the description here. I would be glad if someone could help me! Thank you in advance rAthenians
  2. Reduce some weights on your ITEM. Best solution.
  3. It simply allows you to have another source of additional status on your equipment but thru misc tab. I'll configure Blue Charm Stone Item ID# 7428 to add Allstat + 100 on your character whenever it's on your inventory.
  4. Hi. Messaged you on Skype. I would like to avail a Gepard Shield 3.0

  5. I'm currently looking for a Job Sprite Creator and a who has a ability to reproduce DarkRO Skills for Jedi , Padawan , Sith.
  6. Does this work on Latest rAthena? I need it
  7. You must apply this diff patch by Lemongrass for you to get it working. It's not implemented on Latest rAthena
  8. Find conf/groups.conf Find : - all_skill: true Replace : + all_skill: false Then @reloadatcommand.
  9. Click the second icon on your upper right. You'll need to check the Regular Chat on your list
  10. Magkaiba ang Skill Delay and Item Delay para sa item delay Find : db/pre-re/item_delay.txt <-- if Pre - Renewal db/re/item_delay.txt <-- if Renewal
  11. Yeap Source Section. go to conf/battle/skill.conf Find : Change dex scale from 150 to 0 para kahit walang dex no cast. Make sure to @reloadbattleconf
  12. Go to your Trunk Folder and look for src/config/renewal.h Kung Renewal ka then Cast time lang gusto mong baguhin