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  1. have tried and not working is there any chance to make it work without doing @reload script?
  2. Im just wondering how to make it work for my Happy Hour rates as i included it in the script but monster are getting doubled. mob_count_rate: 200
  3. could it be the vps server ram also? as my PC itself got 32gb ram
  4. yes but even my own character, just out of nowhere it will randomly disconnect someone, is there something in configuration for this? I even encounter that i just logged in the suddenly i got that message
  5. this is what is happening random players keeps having now logging out message and would disconnect them but is upsetting them as I have hourly reward points. What should be changed?
  6. hi i'm here again i just got a warning when compiling my server below is the screen shot. What should I do with this i'm no expert.
  7. have tried but keeps getting invalid item #1
  8. when i do map it's saying given to 0 players even if i have 2 players standing beside me. and if i want to give to everyone including vendors i just need to remove && !checkvending([email protected]$[[email protected]])
  9. Hi Everyone, I would like to why the @giveitem command is not working properly for example "@giveitem 909 1 map" not everyone in the map is able to get the item what I encounter is only few of the people receive the item but not everyone.
  10. how can i fix this guys? up...
  11. Hi everyone, I am just wondering what is wrong with my script below as sometime randomly i get stuck at without a chance of inputting number or when someone just pressed enter and not inputting number. Below is my script. vip_lounge,157,139,4 script Potion Converter 100,{ mes "Hi! I can convert your potions to your choice."; mes "Select which item you want to exchange."; next; switch(select("Segen White Potion 2x->Segen Blue Potion 1x:Segen Blue Potion 2x->Segen White Potion 1x:Siege White Potion 2x->Siege Blue Potion1x:Siege Blue Potion2x->Siege White Potion1x:Close")) { mes "How much?"; input [email protected]; case 1: if(countitem(11503) >= [email protected]) { delitem 11503, [email protected]; getitem 11504, [email protected]/2; } else if (([email protected]) > 50){ mes "Hmmmm... it seems you are overweight"; } else if(countitem(11503) < [email protected]) { mes "Sorry You don't have the required item!"; } close; break; case 2: if(countitem(11504) >= [email protected]) { delitem 11504, [email protected]; getitem 11503, [email protected]/2; } else if (([email protected]) > 50){ mes "Hmmmm... it seems you are overweight"; } else if(countitem(11504) < [email protected]) { mes "Sorry You don't have the required item!"; } close; break; case 3: if(countitem(32007) >= [email protected]) { delitem 32007, [email protected]; getitem 32008, [email protected]/2; } else if (([email protected]) > 50){ mes "Hmmmm... it seems you are overweight"; } else if(countitem(32007) < [email protected]) { mes "Sorry You don't have the required item!"; } close; break; case 4: if(countitem(32008) >= [email protected]) { delitem 32008, [email protected]; getitem 32007, [email protected]/2; } else if (([email protected]) > 50){ mes "Hmmmm... it seems you are overweight"; } else if(countitem(32008) < [email protected]) { mes "Sorry You don't have the required item!"; } close; break; case 5: close; } OnInit: waitingroom "Convert pots here",0; }
  12. Hi guys so i have the below script and i want to add a 3min grace period time or leeway time so that a player can do character select without resetting the hourly counter. - script hourlypoints3 -1,{ OnPointGet: //Check for idle. while(checkvending() >= 1) { if( [email protected]$ == "" ) { dispbottom set( [email protected]$, "The hourly points event stopped because you were vending, chatting, or idle!" ); set @hourly_points_timer, 0; } sleep2 .delay; } @consecutive_timer++; [email protected]_string$ = Time2Str( @consecutive_timer * ( .timer / 1000 ) ); dispbottom "You received "+.points+" Free Point(s) by staying ingame for 1 hour."; #HourlyRewards = #HourlyRewards + .points; dispbottom "Current Balance = "+#HourlyRewards+" Free Point(s)"; @consecutive_bonus++; //Check for consecutive timer. if(@consecutive_bonus == .cdelay) { @consecutive_bonus = 0; #HourlyRewards = #HourlyRewards + .cpoints; dispbottom "You receive a bonus "+.cpoints+" Free Point(s) by playing for minimum 3 hours consecutively!!!"; dispbottom "Current Balance = "+#HourlyRewards+" Free Point(s)"; } OnPCLoginEvent: addtimer .timer,"hourlypoints3::OnPointGet"; @hourly_points_timer = gettimetick(2) + ( .timer / 1000 ); end; OnCheck: message strcharinfo(0),@hourly_points_timer ? Time2Str( @hourly_points_timer )+" Remaining.":"Something went wrong relog!"; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "check","hourlypoints3::OnCheck"; //@check to view time till next point. .timer = 1000*60*60; //Timer in milliseconds. ( Default: 1000*60*60 [ = 1 Hour ] ) .cdelay = 3; //Delay before receiving the consecutive bonus. ( Default: 3 [ { ~ 3 Hours } *Using default timer ] ) .cpoints = 10; //Points gained for consecutive time online. ( Default: 10 ) .points = 1; //Normal points gained. ( Default: 1 ) }
  13. I was wondering if it will be possible to limit number of certain job at woe ie. knight should be not more 10 per guild.
  14. I checked everything seems fine i just don't know now why all that will log in will have the same issue This ID is expired (2)
  15. Hi guys, so everyone trying to login the server gets this error This ID is expired. (2). Anyone knows the root cause and how to mend it? What are the steps i need to do.
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