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  1. Thanks emistry, i will check it again.. nb; work as what i want
  2. so, i must set to be 1 or how? because i want make equipment drop at 80% for normal monster and 10% for card for mvp equipment drop at 10% and 0.01% for card.
  3. first this is my drop.conf i got problem when i using command @mi mvp_name monster the description seen for equipment and card is same as normal monster (40%) when i edited at "item_drop_add_min" into 1 the value when using command @mi still the same (40%) is it okay or not? how to make it different for normal monster and MVP/boss monster equipment or card drop when using command @mi sorry if i'm wrong and sorry for my bad english. Thanks.
  4. Hi, i'm need 3rd job aura files fo client 2012. because i'm using custom aura for client 2010 not working at client 2012 Thanks
  5. you can get it from here http://svn6.assembla.com/svn/ClientSide/Lua_Project/lubs/
  6. no just char_athena.conf it's save all your character build and position.
  7. your server\conf\char_athena.conf look at autosave_time: 60 change the value become what you want
  8. please check your paket db at clientinfo.xml
  9. i don't want to disable default agit_controller. so how to disable agit_controller at your script.
  10. hi Euphy, i want to use your WOE Script, but i want to use Agit_controller from rathena, How to disable it at your script Thanks.
  11. Thanks, The script work good now
  12. Hi everyone i'm needed help to fix my script. This script for summon monster and the summon monster battle each other. here my script base on GM command, @summon must be like this @summon[space]monster_name[space]duration so when i'm called summon monster with this script, the monster just hold with my char for 1 minutes. so how to add duration time to atcommand "@summon " + .monsterid; Thanks
  13. @Neblim Thanks your guide work for me
  14. need help, i'm using this script, but when my character killed MVP, my name character doesn't put into MVP rank. is it needed another function? * Already found the function script.
  15. hendra814

    Mvp Rank

    how to use this script work? because when my char killed MVP monster, my name character doesn't put into MVP rank * Already found the function script.
  16. this is i want to share some items database, where rathena doesn't have it at itemdb.txt
  17. i'm already got the map. Thanks. case closed
  18. http://supportmii.com/ro1/Clients/ http://xp-dev.com/svn/kei-clientside/Clients/RagexeRE/2012/
  19. what client version support for lua file SVN 226? because i'm already tested with 2012-04-10aRagexeRE.exe client windows doesn't appear. with client 2012-06-05aRagexeRE.exe need system/iteminfo.lub
  20. Hi, i'm looking for prontera candy map. anyone who's have it please share it to me. thanks.
  21. Yes, you must do that, actually just replace your accessoryid.lua, accname.lua, jobname.lua and npcidentity.lua with newer lua files. don't replace it all, because make client error. after replace with newer lua files, compile into lub files.
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