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  1. your ID using GM default account at sclientinfo try remove this part at your sclientinfo <admin>2000000</admin>
  2. found this guide, maybe this can help you [Tutorial] Multi Servers - Installation Support - rAthena
  3. found this page, but some link and image can't be opened. DUAL SERVER - General Support - rAthena
  4. try check at this page, [questio] about dual server - Client-side Support - rAthena
  5. found it at this page insert this sql script into your sql database ALTER TABLE `char` ADD `pvp_kill` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `fame`;
  6. check in the npc script are there have sql script, if exist run it at your sql database.
  7. maybe as comparation you can check 3ceam project at this link https://sourceforge.net/p/v1-3ceam/code/HEAD/tree/
  8. not working using lastest rathena and this one too
  9. go to your database sql, and do step import rathena SQL files to rathena & rathena_logs databases: See video time-line: 06:16 for your web.sql
  10. sorry, is that error for web server? and are you already import web.sql script into your database?
  11. ok, sorry didn't see in the first post, but try change this into localhost
  12. i think you miss this part Double click on s1 and change it to username then hit enter ( we put the userid: username in rathena/conf/import-tmpl/char_conf.txt and map_conf.txt make sure you use the same one you put in these files ) Double click on p1 and change it to password then hit enter ( we put the passwd: password in rathena/conf/import-tmpl/char_conf.txt and map_conf.txt make sure you use the same one you put in these files ) because in your login database it's empty
  13. nevermind, already fix all the issue. i'm delete all lua files with error from data folder and my custom grf file.
  14. i can open the client with new recomended option - addtional client validation (recomended) - always load Korea ExternalSetting lua files (recomended)but this error still appear, even already using default chris translation project for 20220330 client (using read data folder) and this error when using read GRF this is how i get client data and system folder for this issue - run client generator - press 1 for renewal - choose 10 for 20220330 client - proceed the request is it already correct?
  15. Yes i'm sure using chris nemo profile, i'm using this profile and my KRo always update.
  16. I'm Sorry, it's 2022 client. already used chris translation project, but still got that error.
  17. Hi all, i want ask you about 2022 client, i'm used 2022-03-30_Ragexe_1648440293 client already patch using nemo with this option and here the issue and then client closed, can someone tell me how to fix this issue, is this related with nemo patch option or i miss with lua files? because already try with client and additional files from chris translation files, the issue not solve.
  18. Please share link download for 2002 client, because on Nemo link i can't find the download link.
  19. try change prontera map name into pvpmap name.
  20. try change the script into this OnPCDieEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) == "pvpamap" ) { warp "prontera",0,0; } end; }
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