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  1. Can you improve the 10 seconds like counting downwards 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1? if the mobs/player hits you again it will count again for 10 seconds. Thanks
  2. It works now. Thank you very much!
  3. I have a problem says "Failed to communicate with server" This is my config [Config:Main] RootURL='' RemoteConfigFile='main.ini' TimeOut=0 StatusFile='server.dat' DefaultGRF='server.grf' ClientEXE='game.exe' ClientParameter='-1sak1' //When patcher unable to connect webserver, //should the patcher allow player start the game anyways? FinishOnConnectionFailure=false [Config:Window] Style='none' //This allows the player drag the window by background DragHandling=true //Background can be either jpg or bmp, in later case //the top-left pixel is chosen as transparent color. Background='images/bg.bmp' FadeOnDrag=true [Config:BGM] File='' Loop=true Volume=5 Directory= [Config:Misc] Title='Thor Patcher' HideProgressBarWhenFinish=true [ProgressBar:bar1] Width=342 Height=10 Left=23 Top=486 FrontImage= BackImage= Hook='ProgressChange' [Label:Status] AutoResize = false Width=369 Height= Left=15 Top=498 Alignment='center' FontColor=$000000 FontName = '' FontSize = Text='' Hook='StatusChange' [NoticeBox:Box0] Width=347 Height=250 Left=21 Top=217 URL='' [Button:Start] Default='images/start1.png' OnHover='images/start2.png' OnDown='images/start3.png' Left=383 Top=211 //Hook is used for default buttons, //do not use this on custom buttons! Hook='Start' [Button:Exit] Default='images/Exit1.png' OnHover='images/Exit2.png' OnDown='images/Exit3.png' Left=383 Top=244 Hook='Exit' [Button:Cancel] Default='images/Exit1.png' OnHover='images/Exit2.png' OnDown='images/Exit3.png' Left=383 Top=211 Hook='Cancel' //[Button:Extra] // // // // Mode - mode for button // 1 = open URL // 2 = Launch file/program // 3 = Message box //Mode= // Action - depend on what you set in the Mod, this may vary // ex. Mode = 1 , Action='' //Action= This is the main on web //Thor Patcher remote config file [Main] //Allow patching or not? allow=true //Should patcher ignore everything else and finish patch immediately? Force_Start=false //if not, what message should appear? policy_msg=Server is taking a nap. //file_url - patch files should ALL put here. // This config entry will override the one in embed config. // o HTTP: // // o FTP: // // o With <Username> [Password] [Port] // ftp://username:[email protected]:port/dir/ // o Note: username is required if want put password, otherwise everything is optional. file_url= [Patch] //use CheckSum tool, hash for client & patcher // used to make sure exe is up to date // (leave empty to disable this feature) ClientSum= PatcherSum= //This is compressed file for patcher & client update // To make these work, ClientSum and/or PatcherSum can't be empty // Note: these files should put same place as patch file (file_url in internal config) //Relative address, not FULL URL! ClientPath= PatcherPath= // Patch list file PatchList=plist.txt [Stars] // Shining o.O (Anyways, its for start button clones) // Since orignal client has check sum.. why not for clones? XD //How many? (it should same as amount of start button clone, but of course it's your choice) clients=0 // _sum - checksum, use CheckSum tool. //client1_sum= // _Name - Filename of exe //client1_Name= // _Path - Path for file [Compressed] //client1_Path= [Misc] //Set a limit for fragment, when reach this limit, patcher will ask user to defrag FragmentLimit=50 This is the path of web files Did you find the possible problem guys? Thanks for the help!
  4. Is it possible to host the thor patcher on vps centos? Anyone can help me?
  5. You dont have to worry. I found the stable hercules emulator that support 2017 client.
  6. Fixed! Thank you guys for the 2017 client!
  7. Fixed! See the image below! Next. The only problem is the itemInfo_Sak.lub. Do you have translated in english?
  8. Fixed. Here another problem after character creation then click login the error says "Failed to Connect to Server" I dont have any error from the login, char, map.
  9. Hello Will,

    Was just researching things about the byte v4p addon. Nakita ko yung post mo na you solved the cash point system. Do you still remember how did you fix it? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks

  10. It works now. Here another disconnecting error on character creation with the packet im using Hercules emulator. [Error]: chr->parse_char: Received unknown packet 0xa39 from ip ''! Dis connecting!
  11. Yes! Im using that patches but still having the same problem with this updated full kro from here
  12. Anyone can provide the list of patch from NEMO patcher? I got this error!
  13. I just want to ask everyone here if this client is compatible for latest Hercules? Thanks!
  14. GM Will

    FluxCP Help

    I need to find the location of this code to align the image. Check the image below! Thank you
  15. Anong maganda na RO hosting ngayon na meron anti ddos? Thanks