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  1. How to avoid this error when compiling? OS: Ubuntu 17.10 It does not change anything, but I'd like to avoid the error. Thanks.
  2. Can anybody help me to setup a proxy server? I pay in paypal. Thank you!
  3. I'm trying diff the hexed: 2017-06-14bRagexeRE But some diffs are not working. ERROR: Failed in Step 1 - No Packet Key Patterns matched Packet First Key Encryption Packet Second Key Encryption Packet Third Key Encryption These are applied, but in-game are still visible Hide Achievement Button Hide BG Button Hide Booking Button Hide Quest Button how to solve this? Thanks guys.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm really needing the poring race running, in the latest version of rathena. Anyone have and could you help me? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to record in the picklog the sending player and the receiving player on the same line. Sorry my bad English. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, Could someone help me convert this command to the latest version of rathena? Index: src/map/script.c /* =============================================================== * +-> [Carlos H] * -> getstorageitem(<item_id>,<quant>{,"<name>"}); --------------------------------------------------------------- */ BUILDIN_FUNC(getstorageitem){ TBL_PC * sd = ((script_hasdata(st,4)) ? map_nick2sd(script_getstr(st,4)):script_rid2sd(st)); struct script_data* data; struct item_data * item_data; struct item item_tmp; int nameid = 0, amount = script_getnum(st,3),x = 0; data = script_getdata(st,2); get_val(st,data); if( data_isstring(data) ){ const char * nameitem = conv_str(st,data); if( (item_data = itemdb_searchname(nameitem)) != NULL ) nameid = item_data->nameid; }else if( (item_data = itemdb_exists(conv_num(st,data))) != NULL ) nameid = item_data->nameid; if( nameid && sd ){ sd->state.storage_flag = 1; memset(&item_tmp,0,sizeof(item_tmp)); item_tmp.nameid = nameid; item_tmp.identify = 1; if( !itemdb_isstackable2(item_data) && amount ) for( ; x < amount; x++ ) storage_additem(sd,&item_tmp,amount); else storage_additem(sd,&item_tmp,amount); storage_storageclose(sd); script_pushint(st,amount); }else script_pushint(st,0); return 0; } Index: src/map/storage.c int storage_additem(struct map_session_data* sd, struct item* item_data, int amount) Index: src/map/storage.h int storage_additem(struct map_session_data* sd, struct item* item_data, int amount); Sorry my bad English. Thank you.
  7. Hi guys, Does anyone have a change in source to add items directly to storage? Ex: getitemstorage? Sorry my bad English. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know how to increase the maximum time in rentitem command? I put 90 days = 129,600 minutes, the emulator changed to 58,017 minutes. Thanks.
  9. Bom dia, Estou com um problema que não sei resolver, já tentei tudo, desde alterar o langtype até efetuar o diff milhares de vezes e o problema persiste. Hexeds testados: 2013-08-07a 2014-02-05b 2014-03-05b Se eu estiver com uma arma equipada consigo visualizar a descrição de helms, armaduras e etc, mas se eu tentar visualizar a descrição de outra arma o Hexed crasha, o mesmo ocorre com um helm ou armadura, se eu estiver com o item equipado e tentar visualizar um item que equipa no mesmo lugar o Hexed Crasha. Alguém já passou por isso e sabe como resolver ? Obrigado. Atenciosamente,
  10. Compiled: PRE-RE Since revision 11825 to the basic damage of the Assassin Cross greatly nerfed, only that class. I have the last revision of the assassin cross and damage continues below normal, after implanting the new system Class Bonus (30 December). Revision 11824 is normal. How to fix it? Thanks !
  11. I would like to take a doubt, I always compiled using ./configure --disable-64bit ... You currently recommend compiling in 64bits or 32bits like I'm doing? Thanks !
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