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  1. Happy Birthday Puffy!!!

  2. Yes, I failed and didn't use the MySQL file you guys provided... I used my hand dandy converter which lead to CaSe sENsTiVe erRor. It's all fixed now, sorry for the panic mode :S --- Actually, when a new account is created the hash code is all in caps. It needs to be in lower case to be read by rathena? How can I get around this? in fluxcp server.php? 'NoCase' => false, Fixed... lols
  3. My server is having problems connecting after md5 is enabled. I coverted my passwords over to md5, used fluxcp to test it, works like a charm! When I go and run my SVN I get this lovely message... [Error]: Can not connect to login-server. [Error]: The server communication passwords (default s1/p1) are probably invalid. [Error]: Also, please make sure your login db has the correct communication username/passwords and the gender of the account is S. [Error]: The communication passwords are set in map_athena.conf and char_athena.conf What needs to be configured other than login_athena.conf file? Do I need to configure "//bind_ip:" on char_athena, map_athena and login_athena? Also should I be configuring subnet_athena.conf? Covert my passwords over just in the database, correct? Leave rathena txt passwords in plaintext? What am I over looking? login_athena.conf // Store passwords as MD5 hashes instead of plaintext ? // NOTE: Will not work with clients that use <passwordencrypt> use_MD5_passwords: yes
  4. Thanks, very nice suggetions! I have yet to have experience with XFCE, LXDE and Fluxbox. I actually got inspired by one of your videos on YouTube, and I really liked idea of it. I got a ton of ideas from this. Also, I really don't recommend running environments on a VPS at all really. The key factor of security and memory loss on a low budget server, like we're talking about.
  5. Wow, very nice guide. Should mention something about CHMOD file permissions? Also you don't need all the MySQL privileges for FluxCP. GRANT SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE,CREATE,ALTER,DROP,CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES ON `rathena4444_rag`.* TO 'rathena4444'@'';
  6. Just digging up old threads. I found this guide to be helpful and resolved my issue. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34588/how-do-i-change-the-number-of-open-files-limit-in-linux Thanks Gepard xD
  7. You have to go in your MySQL database and change the item number to 10.
  8. Feel free to post if you run into any problems.
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