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  1. Ohh good! I just saw this, how cool! I have not played ro for a long time, recently I played again, and I was wondering, is there no option to move using WASD keys? I congratulate you man keep it up! and the NPC bookmark in the 2nd video I really liked too. is there any other progress so far?
  2. Wow! Is loog amazing! suggestion: could those light lines be a little shorter?
  3. Hi! Thats effect is put in the {} on the item db file. I don't remember the effect number right now. That effect is a skill of soul linker class i think.
  4. Hello, thanks for sharing this contribution friend. I wanted to know what the npc script is so that I can open that window and see all the hairstyles as in the image?
  5. Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. Well, a few months ago a virus has gotten into my pc, so the antivirus has deleted many projects. I recently decided to start over with my projects. Now I find this little detail that I can not solve... Here I show the problem, Take a look under his head As you will see, there is a transparent line that surrounds the head allowing you to see through the body (it seems that your head is higher than the sprite of the body but it is not, the height is fine) and I do not understand why this happens ... Any suggestion? Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, well I can see that there are 3 options: 1- It is an effect, each effect has a number, you will have to find out what it is and put it in item db between the {}, {}, {} for example there is an item that has an effect that sakura leaves fall. this item: 20285,C_Blossom_Fluttering,Costume Dancing Fallen Sakura,4,0,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,4096,,1,1,1331,{ hateffect HAT_EF_BLOSSOM_FLUTTERING,true; },{},{ hateffect HAT_EF_BLOSSOM_FLUTTERING,false; } 2-get the sprites from somewhere, and build it yourself. Editing those wings that have animation in each profile with more than 1 frame, (which I have not yet discovered how to do it from 0). 3- create those effects or sprites yourself and put everything together. I hope it helped you greetings.
  7. Hola a todos, disculpen he estado inactivo bastante tiempo, tube un problema debido a un virus que entro en mi pc, entonces el antivirus me borro muchas cosas, y entre ellas mis proyectos... la verdad estaba frustrado... hace poco tiempo volvi a retomar RO, estoy haciendo todo otra vez. Por suerte he recuperado la montura Nube, ahora solo me queda rehacer y configurar la Luna . Saludos English-- Hello everyone, sorry I have been inactive for a long time, I had a problem due to a virus that entered my pc, so the antivirus deleted many things, and among them my projects ... the truth was I was frustrated ... a short time ago I returned to return to RO, I am doing everything again. Luckily I have recovered the CLOUD mount, now I only have to remake and configure the MOON. Regards
  8. Kof mobs¡ where? can you show any picture?
  9. Hola a todos!, despues de un tiempo he decidido hacer una montura para GM ya que son los unicos que no he visto que tengan uno. Obiamente es personalizado, espero que les guste!. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ English Hello everyone, after a while I decided to make a mount for GM because they are the only ones I have not seen that have one. Obviously it is personalized, I hope you like it!. Personalmente no me comvencio del todo la montura de la GM femenina, ya que su postura no coincide perfectamente con los perfiles, es decir la manera o la pose en la que esta sentada... me gustaria modificarle o crear otro cuerpo con una pose distinta pero no tengo mucho talento en el pixel art, si alguien desea ayudarme bienvenido sea! Tambien quisiera modificarle el radio o el tamaño de la sombra de bajo de sus monturas para que se vean acorde a la dimension de la misma, pero nose donde es que se configura, alguna sugerencia? Tengo otros detalles y proyectos en mente tambien que me gustaria hacer y compartir, pero necesito una mano jeje. Saludos! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English Personally I do not fully commend the female GM's mount, since her posture does not perfectly match the profiles, that is, the way or the pose she is sitting in ... I would like to modify her or create another body with a different pose but I do not have much talent in pixel art, if someone wants to help me, be welcome! I would also like to modify the radius or size of the bass shadow of their frames so that they look according to the size of the frame, but I do not know where it is configured, any suggestions? I have other details and projects in mind too that I would like to do and share, but I need a hand hehe. Regards!
  10. Hello friends, I want to increase the size of the shadow in the NPC like the monster Evil cloud hermit. How can I edit that in the act? Thank's.
  11. I already did but... 2017-05-17aRagexeRE_patched.exe ANYBODY CAN HELP ME? Step by step please?... There are things I do not understand much...
  12. could you tell me which files to update please? I still do not understand at all, maybe I'm missing something
  13. Hi man, How did you make the exe work??
  14. the old client is work 2015-11-04aRagexe but I don't see any change or new like the 1rst post
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